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BARTHOLOMEW. The surname Bartholomew was derived from the ancient Hebrew or Syriac personal name, Bartholmai, modified in Greek and roman spelling. Like the other names of Christ's apostles, Bartholomew came into use as a baptismal name in every Christian country, even before the use of surnames. The Bartholomew family in England appears to date back to the origin of the use of surnames. The ancient coat-of-arms: Argent a chevron engrailed between three lions rampant sable. John, Robert, and Richard Bartholomew were living about 1550 in Warborough, Oxfordshire, England. Robert and Richard were brothers, and from the fact that John's son was overseer of Richard's will it is inferred that John was a brother also. They were land owners, church wardens, and men of consequence. They frequently used the term "alias Martyn," after Bartholomew, presumably having adopted the name of a paternal ancestor, as was frequently the case, to secure an inheritance.

(I) John Bartholomew, mentioned above, lived at Warborough, Oxfordshire, England. He married there, November 22, 1551, Alice Scutter, his second wife.

(II) John (2), son of John (1) Bartholomew, married, in Warborough, November 6, 1652, Margaret Joyes. He was made overseer of his uncle Richard's estate in 1577. His four sons apparently all settled in the neighboring towns of Oxford and Burford. Children: 1. John, baptized June 19, 1556. 2. & 3. Rowland and Richard, (twins) December 5, 1561. 4. William, mentioned below.

(III) William, son of John (2) Bartholomew, was baptized in Warborough, February 7, 1567, and buried May 6, 1634. He settled in Burford, where he was a mercer, a dealer in silks and woolens. He married Friswilde, daughter of William Metcalfe, mayor of New Woodstock, a neighboring town. she was buried in Fulbrooke, December 10, 1657. Children: 1. Mary. 2. John. 3. William, born 1602, mentioned below. 4. Henry, born 1606-07, came to New England. 5. Richard, supposed to have died in London or on a return trip from London to Massachusetts. 6. Francis, baptized in Burford, February 13, 1613-14. 7. Thomas, baptized June 30, 1616. 8. Abraham. 9. Sarah, baptized April 14, 1623.

(IV) William (2), son of William (1) Bartholomew, was born in Burford, England, 1602-03. He had a good education. He went to London and married Anna, sister of Robert Lord, who has afterwards his next neighbor, in Ipswich, Massachusetts. Before September, 1634, he had entertained the famous Mrs. Anna Hutchinson at his London house. On September 18, 1634, he arrived at Boston in the ship "Griffin," in the same company with Anne Hutchinson, Rev. John Lothrop, and others. He was admitted a freeman march 4, 1634-35, and at the same time was given permission to trade with vessels at Ipswich, where he settled. He received several grants of land there in 1635, and was deputy to the general court several years; was often on the jury; was commissioner, town clerk, assessor, selectman, county treasurer, and often on important committees. He removed to Boston about 1660, and in 1662 was overseer of the mill of William Brown, of Boston. He was called a merchant, of Boston. He died in Charlestown, at the home of Jacob Green, January 18, 1680-81. His grave is in the Phipps Street cemetery, Charlestown, near that of John Harvard. His wife, Anna, died there January 298, 1682-83 (gravestone). Children: 1. Mary. 2. Joseph. 3. William, mentioned below.

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(V) Lieutenant William (3), son of William (2) Bartholomew, was born Ipswich, in 1640-41, and died in the spring of 1697. He learned the trade of carpenter, and settled first in Roxbury, sold his land there in 1676-77 and removed to Deerfield, Massachusetts, where he bought the home lot of peter Woodward. At the time of the raid of the Indians on Hatfield, September 19, 1677, he was there with his family, and his daughter Abigail, aged four, was among the captives. She was taken to Canada, and ransomed eight months later. In 1679 he removed to Branford, Connecticut, where he was granted twenty acres of land, and where he built a saw mill. He kept an ordinary, or inn, also. he was highway surveyor and fence viewer. In 1687 the town of Woodstock requested him to build a mil in their town and offered him a grant of land. He was commissioned ensign of the New Roxbury Company, July 13, 1689 (later Woodstock), where he died. He married, December 17, 1663, Mary Johnson, born April 24, 1642, daughter of Captain Isaac and Elizabeth (Porter) Johnson, and granddaughter of John Johnson, who held the title of "Surveyor of all ye King's armies in America." Her father was killed in the Narraganset Fight, December 19, 1675, as he was leading his men over a fallen tree bridge into the enemy's fort. Children: 1. Isaac, born November 1, 1664, mentioned below. 2. William, October 16, 1666. 3. Mary, October 26, 1668. 4. Andrew, December 11, 1670. 5. Abigail, December 8, 1672. 6. Elizabeth, March 15, 1674-75. 7. John. 8. Joseph.

(VI) Isaac, son of William (3) Bartholomew, was born in Roxbury, Massachusetts, November 1, 1664, and died in North Branford, October 25, 1727. He went with his father to Woodstock in 1687, but moved to Branford, where he was living in 1697. He returned to Woodstock, but i1703 went back to Branford, where he died. The latter part of his life he lived in Stony River, near the line of Branford and East Haven. He was a farmer and a highly respected citizen. Isaac Bartholomew married Rebecca Frisbie, born in Branford, November 14, 1679, died May 18, 1738, daughter of John and Ruth (Bowers) Frisbie, and granddaughter of Edward Frisbie. Children: 1. William. 2. Mary. 3. Isaac, born November 18, 1699. 4. Rebecca, April 18, 1702. 5. Elizabeth, April 12, 1704. 6. Ebenezer, June 10, 1796. 7. Abraham, June 28, 1708, mentioned below. 8. Josiah, January 18, 1710-11. 9. Abigail. 10. Freelove. 12. Jerusha, January 13, 1722-23.

(VII) Abraham, son of Isaac Bartholomew, was born June 28, 1708, in Branford. He was a freeman April 29, 1740. He held many positions of trust in the town. In 1754 he bought large tracts of land in Farmington, Connecticut, and settled about a mile east of what is now Burlington Centre, where an old cellar hole still marks the place. Later to moved several miles south to the house known as Bar-tle-my Tavern, on the east side of the present toad from Bristol to Burlington, just south of the line between the two towns. He kept the first tavern in that section and also a general store. The first town elections of Bristol were held at his inn, and his son Jacob was first treasurer and collector. He married (first) June 18, 1730, Hannah, daughter of John and Hannah (Johnson) Page, granddaughter of George and Sarah (Linsley) Page. He married (second) Deborah ------, who married (second) April 9, 1778, Ichabod Stark. Children: 1. Hannah, born May 9, 1731. 2. Abraham, January 28, 1832-33, mentioned below. 3. Jacob, January 9, 1736-37. 4. Lydia, February 18, 1738-39. 5. Mary, July 19, 1741. 6. John, April 15, 1744.  7. Thankful, March 24, 1745. 8. Patience, May 19, 1748.

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(VIII) Abraham (2), son of Abraham (1) Bartholomew, was born January 28, 1732-33, in Branford, and died in 1776, in that part of Farmington, now Plainville. He was a farmer, and had from his father a farm in Burlington, Connecticut, but removed later to the farm on which he died. He married, in Farmington, Eunice Orvis, who died May 13, 1825, aged eighty-three, at the home of her daughter, Hannah Judd, in New Britain, Connecticut. Children: 1. Charles, born June 1, 1759. 2. Isaac, June 2, 1761, mentioned below. 3. Abraham, removed to New York. 4. Hannah, April 19, 1766. 5. Huldah. 6. Betsey. 7. Ichabod, February 11, 1772. 8. Jonathan, November 6, 1774. 9. Jesse, 1776.

(IX) Captain Isaac Bartholomew, son of Abraham (2) Bartholomew, was born in Farmington, June 2, 1761, and died in Waddington, New York, February 11, 1841. He enlisted at Hartford under captain William Stanton, in Colonel Elisha Sheldon's Regiment, and served during the Revolution; was made corporal in 1782, also served in the War of 1812. About 1786 he removed to Connecticut. About 1876 he removed to Tinmoith, Vermont, and in 1801 to Waddington, New York. He was the first militia captain commissioned in St. Lawrence County, New York. He was a Whig in politics. He married, in 1784, Mrs. Lydia (Deming) Crampton, of Tinmouth, born in Saybrook, Connecticut, September 11, 1760, died June 20, 1835. Children: 1. Luman, born October 27, 1785. 2. Laura, January 27, 1787. 3. Polly, August 2, 1789. 4. Isaac, February 2, 1791. 5. Minerva, June 13, 1793. 6. Roswell, August 5, 1794, mentioned below. 8. Truman, March 20, 1797. 9. Julia, July 16, 1798. 10. Sally, May 20, 1800. 11. Charles Deming, January 19, 1806.

(X) Roswell, son of Captain Isaac Bartholomew, was born August 5, 1794, in Tinmouth, Vermont, and died December 7, 1874, at Morley, New York, near Canton, where he settled when a young man. He was a pioneer in that section. He married, May 23, 1821, Julia Ann Lee, born September 23, 1798, died December, 1876. Children: 1. Lydia D., born February 7, 1822, married Charles Norton. 2. George Henry, April 18, 1824, mentioned below. 3. Charles L., October 29, 1826. 4. Lenora L., August 31, 1829. 5. Nathaniel L., April 27, 1832. 6. Edward (Edgar S.?), January 19, 1837.

(XI) George Henry, son of Roswell Bartholomew, was born April 18, 1824, at Morley, new York, and died January 14, 1868. He had a common school education, and conducted a farm in Motley, where he died. He was a Republican in politics and a Universalist in religion. He married, May 27, 1850, Mary Belding, born January 20, 1831, in Brandon, Vermont, died February 16, 1899, daughter of Asa Belden. Children: 1. Emmett. 2. Charles Emery, born December 12, 1853, mentioned below. 3. Frederick L., February 17, 1857. 4. Bertha. 5. George.

(XII) Charles emery, son of George Henry Bartholomew, was born in Morley, New York, December 12, 1853. He was educated in the public schools of his native town, and engaged in farming when a young man. In August, 1888, he took a contract for furnishing building sand for the St. Lawrence Hospital, and has continued in the employ of that institution to the present time in various capacities. He had contracts for paying out the grounds and the landscape work, and in the construction of the various buildings. Since 1894 he has been in charge of the thousand-acre farm connected with the hospital. He married, December 25, 1875, Nettie, daughter of Arthur Serviss, of Nicholsville, New York. Children: 1. Mary, married Clark A. Briggs, farmer at St. Lawrence State Hospital. 2. Nettie. 3. Jennie I.

NEWELL. This is an old English family, and the name appears in several forms. Many branches of the family still spell it Newhall, while others have adopted the form used above. It was anciently seated in Cheshire, England, and was closely associated with events in the time of William the Conqueror. There were two immigrant brothers, Thomas and Anthony Newhall, who came very early to the Massachusetts Bay Colony, and both left numerous descendants.

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(I) Thomas Newhall, born in England, was later at Salem, in the colony of Massachusetts Bay, in the year 1630, and settled at Lynn, where he died May 25, 1674. His will bequeathed various parcels of real estate to his children, his lands being located at Rumney Marsh, Gaines Neck and Lynn. The estate was appraised at one hundred and seventy-nine pounds. His wife, Mary, died September 25, 1665. All his children except the first were born in this country. They were: 1. Susanna. 2. Thomas. 3. John. 4. Mary.

(II) Ensign Thomas (2), elder son of Thomas (1) and Mary Newhall, or Newell, was born about 1630, said to be the first white child in Lynn, and died April 2, 1687. His estate was valued at six hundred pounds, and was on the southern side of the common and on the highway leading southerly from Lynn. His military service is indicated by his title. He married, December 29, 1652, Elizabeth, daughter of Nicholas Porter. She was buried in Lynn, February 22, 1677. Children: 1. Thomas. 2. John. 3. Joseph. 4. Nathaniel. 5. Elizabeth, drown when three years old in a pit near her father's house. 6. Elisha. 7. Elizabeth. 8. Mary. 9. Samuel. 10. Rebecca.

(III) John, second son of Thomas (2) and Elizabeth (Porter) Newell, was born December 14, 1655, in Lynn, where he died January 20, 1738. He was a bricklayer and mason, and was known as John Tertius, a distinguished man from an uncle and a second cousin, who was older. He conveyed real estate to his son Jacob, December 4, 1734, embodying various parcels, including a twenty-acre homestead. He married, June 18m, 1677m Esther Bartram, probably a daughter of William and Sarah Bartram, of Lynn, born April 3, 1658. Children: 1. Elizabeth. 2. Sarah (died young. 3. Jacob, (died young). 4. Sarah. 5. Jacob. 6. Mary and 7. Jonathan.

(IV) Jacob, second son of John and Esther (Bartram) Newell, and the only son to grow to maturity, was born March 27, 1686, in Lynn, and lived for a time in early life at Salem, where he sold land, November 19, 1711. About that time he returned to Lynn, where he died April 19, 1759. He was a cordwainer, or shoemaker, by occupation, and commanded a company of militia. He married (first), intentions published November 30, 1707, Abigail, daughter of George and Lydia Locker, of Salem. She died March 13, 1713, and he married (second) February 2, 1714, Hannah, daughter of Thomas and Hannah Chadwell, born August 4, 1689, in Lynn. The first wife was the mother of three children: 1. Locker. 2. George. 3. Abigail. Those of the second wife were: 4. Jacob. 5. Jonathan. 6. Moses. 7. Mary. 8. Esther. 9. Amos. 10. Nehemiah. 11. Jabez. 12. Nathan. 13. James.

(V) Moses, sixth son of Jacob Newell, and third son of his second wife, Hannah Chadwell, was born May 7, 1718, in Lynn, and died there about 1774. On January 7, 1744, he received an estate from his grandfather, Thomas Chadwell, by deed of gift. He married, February 6, 1740, Susanna, born October 29, 1717, in Lynn, daughter of Michael and Sarah Bowden. Michael Bowden was an innholder of that town. Children: 1. Michael, mentioned below. 2. Susanna. 3. Esther. 4. Sarah. 5. Mary. 6. Hannah. 7. Martha. 8. Lydia. 9. Moses. 10. Ruth. 11. Dorcas. 12. David.

(VI) Michael, eldest child of Moses and Susanna (Bowden) Newell, was born august 15, 1741, in Lynn, where his name appears under several forms, including Micah and Micajah. In the records of Lancaster, Massachusetts, he appears as Micah, and by that name we shall know him. Soon after his second marriage he removed to Worcester County, living successively in Boulton, Lancaster, and Leominister, dying in the latter town, September 18, 1812. He married (first) Susanna Hawkes and (second) in Lynn, July 11, 1705, Joanna, born November 28, 1742, died 1833, daughter of Jedediah and Hannah (Mansfield) Collins.

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(VII) Daniel, son of Micah and Joanna (Collins) Newell, was born April 22, 1771, in Lynn, died December 15, 1829, in Leominster, and was a small child when his parents removed to Worcester County. He married, April 27, 1793, Lettice Johnson, of Leominster, born February 8, 1773, daughter of Asa and Tamar (Whitcomb) Johnson. She survived him, and married (second) June 11, 1846, Merari Spalding, a prominent reside of Westminster, Massachusetts. Children, born in Leominster: 1. Merit, December 26, 1793, lived in Kirby, Vermont. 2. Lewis, January 31, 1796. 3. Hannah, died, aged six months. 4. Charlotte, May 14, 1799, became the wife of Porter Gibson. 5. Amos, January 29, 1801. 6. Asa Johnson, March 6, 1803, resided in Leominster. 7. Collins, mentioned below.

(VIII) Collins, youngest child of Daniel and Lettice (Johnson) Newell, was born May 21, 1805, in Leominster, and lived in that town and Northfield, Massachusetts. He married, January 12, 1825, Nancy, born February 21, 1808, in Leominster, died January 6, 1871, in Northfield, daughter of John and Sophia (Carter) Maynard.

(IX) William Augustus, only child of Collins and Nancy (Maynard) Newell, was born September 17, 1825, in Leominster, Massachusetts, died in Ogdensburg, New York, October 1, 1906. When eight years of age he removed with his parents to Northfield, Massachusetts, and there attended the common schools. He was a youth of considerable energy and ambition, and in 1852 removed to Ogdensburg, New York, where he entered the employ of the Lake Champlain & Ogdensburg Railroad; he had charge of the grain elevator, freight department and yards, and remained in this position a number of years. After leaving the railroad Mr. Newell was appointed deputy collector of customs, and held this position five or six years. He became a prominent citizen of Ogdensburg and served three or four years as alderman of the city. Politically Mr. Newell was a firm adherent of the Republican Party. He was a member of the Presbyterian church and acted as chairman of the board of trustees of the society. Mr. Newell married, January 10, 1852, Sarah A., born in Langdon, New Hampshire, October 13, 1829, died December 16, 1881, in Ogdensburg, New York, daughter of Moses and Sarah Miller. Children: 1. Edgar Allen. 2. Henry C., living in Ogdensburg. 3. Albert A., deceased. 4. William M., also deceased.

(X) Edgar Allen, eldest of the four sons of William Augustus and Sarah A. (Miller) Newell, was born May 10, 1853, in Ogdensburg, New York. He received his education in the public schools, and graduated from the academy at the age of sixteen years; he also took a course in a business college, and when he reached his majority began traveling for a New York advertising concern. Returning to Ogdensburg in 1877, he entered the employ of H. F. Lawrence, stationery and notions. A year later Mr. Lawrence died and Mr. Newell, in company with his father and Eugene smith, purchased the business, taking the firm name of Newell-Smith & Company; they met with [;easing success, and in three years' time Edgar A. Newell b ought out the interests of his partners and conducted the business on his own account until 1891, when the business became incorporated under the name of The Edgar A. Newell Company, with Mr. Newell as president and manager. He built up the business during his management from a small trade to a wholesale concern, doing an annual business of $300,000. Mr. Newell has been interest in many business projects in Ogdensburg, and is looked upon as one of its most progressive and enterprising citizens. 

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In 1906 he organized The Newell Manufacturing Company, successors to W. H. Linton Company, manufacturers of brass goods, and has two factories, one at Ogdensburg, and one at Prescott, Canada. Mr. Newell is president of both concerns. He is president of the Chamber of commerce of Ogdensburg, and president of Ogdensburg Loan & Savings Association; also a director in the National Bank of Ogdensburg, the Improvement Company of Ogdensburg, the Loan & Improvement Association of Buffalo, New York, also a director in many other companies. In politics Mr. Newell is a Republican, and he is actively interested in public welfare and improvements. He served his city four terms as mayor during 1889-90-923-94-97-98. He is now a member of the New York State commission of prisons, having been appointed to this office by Governor Hughes. He is vice-president of the Fair Association and trustee of Ogdensburg Club. He is a member of the Masonic Order, being a Knight Templar, member of the Mystic Shrine. He also belongs to the local lodge of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows. He is a regular attendant at the Baptist Church; a trustee of Union Mission, a non-sectarian church society, and president of the United Charities Association; he gives his liberal support to every worthy cause, but more particularly to matters advancing the interest of his native city.

Mr. Newell married, November 19, 1879, Addie Barbara Priest, of Potsdam, New York, born December 27, 1854, daughter of Captain Luther and Elizabeth F. (Rose) Priest, and a descendant of Degory or Dagory Priest, through the following: John Priest, of Woburn, who married Rachel Garfield, Daniel Priest and his wife, Elizabeth; John of Marlboro, and his wife, Mary; Jacob Priest, who married (first) Ann Jones, and (second) Sarah Longly; Frank Priest, who married Mary Wood; Captain Luther, father of Mrs. Newell,. Captain Luther Priest was born March 31, 1821, and served as Captain Company E, One Hundred and Sixth Regiment New York Volunteers, during the Civil War. He married (first) Barbara Rose, and (second) Elizabeth F. Rose. He died March 14, 1863, at Martinsburg, Virginia, and is buried at Parishville, New York; his first wife died March 27, 1849, and he married again, January 21, 1852. Edgar A. Newell and his wife became the parents of two sons: 1. Albert Priest, born January 3, 1882, in Ogdensburg; graduate of Williams College, class of 1906; has been admitted to the Bar of new York State, and is now an attorney in Kansas City, Missouri. 2. William Allan, born April 22, 1883, in Ogdensburg; graduate of Williams College, class of 1906; is treasurer, manger and joint owner with his father in the factories in Ogdensburg, New York, and Prescott, Canada. The brothers are both members of the Phi Delta Theta, Greek letter fraternity.

KIRK. The Kirk family of Pennsylvania is descended from Roger Kirk, of Scotch ancestry, who came as early as 1712 to East Nottingham, Chester County, Pennsylvania. He was a weaver by trade. He married Esther Richards. It is thought that others of the Kirk family came later from the north of Ireland with the great Scotch-Irish emigration.

(I) Firman Fields Kirk, of the old Pennsylvania family, was born in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. He was educated in the public schools. He engaged in the lumber business, and subsequently was in the hotel business at Dubois, Pennsylvania, and at Driftwood and Williamsport. He is now living at Cross Fork, Pennsylvania. He enlisted June 3, 1861, in Company C, First Rifles, Pennsylvania Reserves, and was discharged January 31, 1864; he re-enlisted as a veteran volunteer in Company C, One Hundred and Ninetieth Pennsylvania Regiment, and was discharged as sergeant of Company C, June 28th, 1865; they were known as the Pennsylvania Bucktails. Mr. Kirk is a member of the Grand Army of the Republic, and of Lodge No. 198, Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks. He married Ophelia A. Harrison. Children: 1. Fred S., born November 21, 1864. 2. Mathias H., August 16, 1866. 3. Carrie M., February 13, 1868. 4. William H., January 16, 1874. 5. Firman Roy, mentioned below.

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(II) Firman Roy, son of Firman fields Kirk, was born in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, October 1, 1877. He was educated in the public schools. He began his business career as shipping clerk in the Lycoming River Works at Williamsport, and after remaining two years with this company he became traveling representative of the P. J. Sorg Tobacco Company of Middleton, Ohio, in the central Pennsylvania district. In 1901 this concern was absorbed by the American Tobacco Company. Mr. Kirk continued with the new owners until 1905, when he entered the employ of A. G. Crooks & Company, of Malone, New York, as traveling salesman. On August 1, 1907, he became vice-president of the Symonds & Allison Company, wholesale dealers and manufacturers of the confectionery, succeeding Mr. A. C. Allison. In 1908 the name became the Kirk-Maher Company and Mr. Kirk has since been president of the concern, which has a large and flourishing business in this section of the country. He is president of Malone Board of Trade. He is a member of St. Mark's Protestant Episcopal Church, and is vestryman and treasurer. He is a member of Northern Constellation Lodge, No. 291, Free and Accepted Masons; Northern Constellation Chapter, No. 28, Royal Arch Masons; Franklin Commandery, No. 60, Knights Templar; Karnak Temple, Mystic Shrine, of Montreal, Canada; Williamsport Lodge, No. 198, Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks; Elm City Lodge, No. 411, Knight Pythias,. and of the Commercial Travelers' Association of the United States. In politics he is a Republican. Mr. Kirk married June 29, 1905, Elizabeth May, born November 16, 1883, daughter of A. G. Crooks, of Malone.


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