Our Police Protectors
History of New York Police
Chapter 11, Part 5

By Holice and Debbie


Salaries of Officers and Members of the Force:





Inspectors, each



Surgeons, each



Captains, each



Sergeants, each



Patrolmen, each



Doormen, each



Superintendent, Police Telegraph



Telegraph Operators, each



Telegraph Lineman


Total Police Force, two thousand six hundred, and seventy-four: total Special Police, one hundred and fifty-eight. Grand total of all branches, two thousand eight hundred and sixty.


Location of Station Houses and names of Captains:

First precinct

54 New Street

Captain, Ira S. Garland

Second Precinct

49 Beekman Street

Captain, Morris De Camp

Third Precinct

160 Chambers Street

Captain, Charles Ulman

Fourth Precinct

9 Oak Street

Captain, Anthony J. Allaire

Fifth Precinct

49 Leonard Street

Captain, Jeremiah Petty

Sixth Precinct

9 Franklin Street

Captain, John Jourdan

Seventh Precinct

247 Madison Street

Captain, Jacob B. Warlow

Eighth Precinct

128 Prince Street

Captain, Nathaniel R. Mills

Ninth Precinct

94 Charles Street

Captain, George Washburne

Tenth Precinct

Eldridge Street near Broome

Captain, John J. Ward

Eleventh Precinct

Union Market

Captain, John F. Dickson

Twelfth Precinct

126th Street, near 3rd. Avenue

Captain, James Z. Bogart

Thirteenth Precinct

Attorney St., near Delancey

Captain, Theron R. Bennett

Fourteenth Precinct

53 Spring Street

Captain, Edward Walsh

Fifteenth Precinct

221 Mercer Street

Captain, Henry Hedden

Sixteenth Precinct

230 W. 20th. Street

Captain, John J. Williamson

Seventeenth Precinct

75 First Avenue

Captain, John J. Mount

Eighteenth Precinct

163 E. 22nd. Street

Captain, John Cameron

Nineteenth Precinct

118 E. 59th. Street

Captain, Henry Hutchings

Twentieth Precinct

351 W. 25th Street

Captain, Charles W. Caffrey

Twenty-first Precinct

120 E. 35th St.

Captain, Thomas Thorne

Twenty-second Precinct

545 W. 47th Street

Captain Johannes C. Slott

Twenty-third Precinct

86th Street, corner 4th Avenue

Captain, Jedediah W. Hartt

Twenty-fourth Precinct

Police Steamboat

Captain, James Todd

Twenty-fifth Precinct

300 Mulberry Street

Captain, Theron S. Copeland

Twenty-sixth Precinct

City Hall, Basement

Captain, James Greer

Twenty-seventh Precinct

99 Liberty Street

Captain, Francis C. Speight

Twenty-eighth Precinct

550 Greenwich Street

Captain, Thomas Steers

Twenty-ninth Precinct

34 E. 29th Street

Acting Captain, Henry Burden

Thirtieth Precinct


Captain, Thaddeus Davis

Thirty-first Precinct

Broadway, near 86th. Street

Captain, John Helme

Thirty-second Precinct

152nd ST., corner 10th Avenue

Captain, Alanson S. Wilson

Sanitary Squad


Captain, Bowen G. Lord

Captains, thirty-four; Sergeants, one hundred and thirty-two; Patrolmen, one thousand nine hundred and twenty-one; Doormen, seventy-three. Total, 2,159.



Police and Justice Court Districts:

First District

First, Second, third and Fifth Wards

Second District

Fourth, Sixth and fourteenth Wards

Third District

Eighth and Ninth Wards

Fourth District

Tenth, Fifteenth and Seventeenth Wards

Fifth District

Seventh, Eleventh and Thirteenth Wards

Sixth District

Eighteenth and Twenty-first Wards

Seventh District

Nineteenth and Twenty-second Wards

Eighth District

Sixteenth and Twentieth Wards

Ninth District

Twelfth Ward


The Police Force for the year ending 1869 consisted of the following: Captains, thirty-four; Sergeants, one hundred and thirty-one; Patrolmen, one thousand nine hundred and ninety-five; Doormen, seventy. Total, two thousand two hundred and thirty.

Amount of money lost, one million five hundred and twenty-one thousand nine hundred and forty dollars and eighty cents. Amount recovered, one million one hundred and thirty-seven thousand and twenty-eight dollars and sixty-five cents. Total loss, three hundred and eighty-four thousand nine hundred and twelve dollars, and three cents. Amount of money taken from lodgers, and restored to them, five hundred and forty-five thousand and fifty-six dollars and eighty-seven cents.

Lost children: males, three thousand seven hundred and twenty-five; females, two thousand one hundred and ninety-eight . Total, five thousand nine hundred and twenty-three.


Lodgers accommodated


Buildings found open and secured


Accidents reported and person assisted


Fires Reported


Animals found astray, and restored to their owners




Our Police Protectors, History of the New York Police, Published for the benefit of the Police Pension Fund, by Augustine Costello, Published by Author, 1885.

Transcribed by Holice B. Young

HTML by Debbie

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