Our Police Protectors
History of New York Police
Letter to A. E. Costello, Esq.

By Holice and Debbie


       A. E. Costello, Esq.

Dear Sir:

It is due to you that the Board of Police Commissioners should give an expression of their appreciation of your services to the department as author and publisher of the volume, "Our Police Protectors". The book we are free to say, reflects credit upon you and on the department. It's literary and artistic merits above should demand for it a large sales, when, however, ----- is added to these attractive features, the fact, that the book, "Our Police Protectors" is published, for the benefit of The Police Pension Fund, its financial success should not be a debatable question. It is to be hoped that the numbers of the force will aid you within the sphere of their duty in accomplishing this desired result.


S. B. Rinch(?)
John Mclilane(?)
John R. Voochig(?)
Fitz John Porter

Copyrighted 1884.

By A. E. Costello.



Our Police Protectors, History of the New York Police, Published for the benefit of the Police Pension Fund, by Augustine Costello, Published by Author, 1885.

Transcribed by Holice B. Young

HTML by Debbie

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