The Pioneer History of
 Orleans County, NY

Chapter XI
Railroads in Orleans County

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Medina And Darien -- Medina and Lake Ontario -- Rochester, Lockport, and Niagara Roads.

May 5, 1834, an Act of the Legislature was passed incorporating the Medina and Darien Railroad company, to construct a Railroad; and the road was built from Medina to Akron, in Erie County, twelve or fourteen miles, and fitted for cars, to be drawn by horses. It went into operation about 1836. After a short trail, it was found to be an unprofitable investment, the track was taken up, and the road discontinued.

This was the first Railroad incorporated to be made in this county.

In 1836, the Medina and Ontario Railroad company was incorporated by the Legislature, to construct a Railroad between Medina to Lake Ontario, at the mouth of Oak Orchard Creek. Nothing further was ever done towards opening this road.

The Rochester, Lockport and Niagara Falls Railroad Co. was organized December 10, 1850. It passes through the county near the Erie Canal on the south side. This road has since been consolidated in the New York Central Railroad, by which name it is now known, its original corporate name being dropped.

The construction of this Railroad has proved of immense benefit to Orleans County.

The Pioneer History of Orleans County, NY, By Arad Thomas


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