The Pioneer History of
 Orleans County, NY
Village of Hindsburgh

By Arad Thomas

Online Edition by Holice & Deb




Jacob Luttenton -- Jacob Hinds and Brothers -- First Warehouse --J abez Allison -- First Hotel.

Hindsburgh, a little village in the town of Murray, is situated on land which was first settled by Jacob Luttenton, who built the first house here. Mr. L. sold out to Jacob Hinds in 1829, and Mr. hinds commenced building up a village. Mr. Hinds built the first warehouse in 1830, and the first tavern in 1835.

He, in connexion wit his brother Joel, built the first store for selling dry goods and groceries, in 1835, opened it for trade in 1836.

In the year 1832, considerable trade having been established here, and the emigration to Kendall and other places north generally, making this its point of debarkation from the canal, the Hinds Brothers and their neighbors in public meeting resolved to call this place Hindsburgh, believing a small village would be here located.

The trade in produce proving good at Hindsburgh, Mr. W. Whitney, of Rochester, built another warehouse here in 1836.

Hindsburgh has always been a good place from which to ship the abundant crops of grain, apples, and farm produce raised in this neighborhood. As long as travel by passengers went by the canal, boats stopping here, with the help of local trade, made business lively.

Several grocery stores have been kept here, a number of mechanics maintained, and a large trade in dry goods sustained by the Hinds Brothers and others.

The death of Joel and Darius Hinds, the removal of their younger brother Franklin to Iowa, and the death of Jabez Allison, who was an early settler here, and who had dealt largely in produce, seemed to check the transaction of business, and for some time Hindsburgh has not increased in trade or population.

Mr. Allison was for many years a justice of the peace, and Supervisor of the town.

The Pioneer History of Orleans County, NY, By Arad Thomas


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