The Pioneer History of
 Orleans County, NY


Online Edition by Holice & Deb



The origin of this book is briefly this: The Orleans County Pioneer association had collected a volume in manuscript of local history of many of its members, written by themselves, which they desired to have published.

Some difficulty existed in getting out the work by the Association, and the author was requested by many of his friends to get up a book on his own account, which should contain the substance of the histories referred to, and such other matter connected with the Pioneer History of Orleans county, as might be of general interest to readers.

The author has used the records of the association, taking some histories of Pioneers in full, we written by themselves; and extracting and condensing from other such parts as he thought of more general interest, and as his space would allow.

To those who have so kindly aided him by such information as they possessed, he returns his sincerest thanks, particularly to Messrs. Asa Sanford, Matthew Gregory and Hon. Robert Anderson, for their generous contributions of material for this book.

The character of this book being local, many names of persons, and events of private history have been introduced, of little interest perhaps out of the families and neighborhoods of the parties; but with these the author has endeavored to collect and preserve the memory of such events of a more public character, as marked the progress of settlement of this portion of the Holland Purchase, and as may be worthy of remembrance.

For this purpose O'Reilly's Sketches of Rochester, Turner's History of Phelps and Gorham's Purchase, and of the Holland Purchase, and French's Gazetteer of New York, have been consulted, and such extracts and compilations made as could be found there.

It has been an object, kept in view, to collect as much personal reminiscences as possible, for the gratification of the older inhabitants of Orleans County, for which the book was more particularly designed.

Errors in dates, events, names, and narratives, no doubt may be found in the work. Such errors are unavoidable in giving details of statements of aged people, often conflicting in their character, and the intelligent reader may sometimes regret that he finds no notice hereof facts and incidents in the Pioneer History of this region of country, which he may deem of more importance then much of the matter the book contains. Some such facts and incidents may not have come to the notice of the author, and he has been compelled to omit much matter of interest, lest his work should be too large, beyond the plan proposed.

Much as apology may seem to be needed, the author has little to make, more than to say he is not a professional book maker, and has no hope of founding a literary reputation on this work. He has little fear therefore of critics, and will be happy, if by this labor he has pleased the old settlers of Orleans County and done his part to save from oblivion, good matter for history, fast passing away; for in the beautiful language of Whittier---

"Still from the hurrying train of life; fly backward far and fast,
the mile stones of the fathers,--the landmarks of the past."

The Pioneer History of Orleans County, NY, By Arad Thomas


Transcribed by Holice B. Young

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