Lamb, John - New York City

Created: Sunday, 26 January 2014

LAMB: - John Lamb was born in New York city, Jan. 1, 1735. In early life he was by turns an optician, a maker of mathematical instruments, and a liquor merchant. He entered the patriot army in 1775, participating in Montgomerys Canadian expedition in 1776, and receiving, at the battle of Quebec, wounds that led to his capture by the British. He was released in 1777, and upon his return to the colonies was made a major of artillery. Subsequently he was promoted to rank of colonel, and served actively until the close of the war. After one term in the New York Legislature he was, in 1789, appointed by Washington collector of customs for the port of New York, which office he held until his death. His life was written by Isaac Q. Leake in 1850. He died May 31, 1800.

SOURCE: Vol, X, No 3, July 1921 Genealogy: a journal of American ancestry