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  Suname First_Name Other_Name Date_of_Birth Date_of_Death  
  Bull John       Cemetery of the Evergreens
  Norton Zerah     1840 Elton Cemetery
  Brown Reuben     1819 Elton Cemetery
  Waterman Asa     1870 Freedom English Cemetery
  Luce William     February 27, 1867 Luce Hill Cemetery
  Luce Lydia     March 26, 1868 Luce Hill Cemetery
  Luce Elmer     June 5, 1866 Luce Hill Cemetery
  Hoyt Lydia Luce 1837 1899 Luce Hill Cemetery
  Hoyt Joseph   1831 1895 Luce Hill Cemetery
  Hoyt Frank   1868 1871 Luce Hill Cemetery
  Anderson Polly     December 23, 1813 Pickett Cemetery
  Pickett John     December 19, 1812 Pickett Cemetery
  Atkins Clarinda     December 20, 1815 Pickett Cemetery
  Cleland John Sr     February 16, 1827 Pickett Cemetery
  Clark Caleb     May 17, 1837 Pickett Cemetery
  Goodrich Zilphia     November 12, 1836 Richmond Cemetery
  Bakeman Daniel     1869 Sandusky Cemetery
  Sanford Lydia       Sixteenth Cemetery
  Sanford Lydia     June 3, 1857 Sixteenth Cemetery
  Sanford Joseph     Feb 12, 1869 Sixteenth Cemetery
  Sanford Herman     Jan 12, 1887 Sixteenth Cemetery
  Sanford Electa       Sixteenth Cemetery
  Sanders Mary       Sixteenth Cemetery
  Rockfeller Willie     Mar 5, 1868 Sixteenth Cemetery
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