Franklin County, NY
1883 Military Pensioniers
Eg - Ga

Transcribed and submitted by John Austin

Name PO Address Reason for Pension Amount Date of Allowance Remarks

Eggleston, Alfred


gunshot wound left hand


Feb. 1878

enlisted in the 142nd NY Co. H

Eldred, Joseph

North Bangor

wounded left side


Aug. 1865

enlisted in the 106th NY Co. H in August 1862

Eldred, Julia A.




Dec. 1866

Henry Eldred of the 2nd VT Sharpshooters died at Petersburg, VA in 1864

Eldred, Lyndia


widow 1812


Jan. 1879

Loren Eldred served in Capt. Daniel Robinson's company of NY militia in 1814

Estabrooks, Asahel B.

East Constable

lost left arm above elbow


Mar. 1865

enlisted in the 142nd NY Co. H and was wounded by grapeshot in 1864

Farnsworth, Lucy


widow 1812


Jan. 1879

John Farnsworth served 5 months in Capt. Rufus Tilden's company of NY militia

Farr, Allen

Dickinson Center

lost part of 2nd finger on left hand


Jul. 1878

listed as "Fair" in original record. Enlisted in the 142nd NY Co. F in August 1862.

Ferris, Adelia




Jan. 1870

widow of Emery Ferris of the 11th NY Cav. who died of service- related causes in 1865

Finn, Edward J.

Fort Covington

gunshot wound right elbow


Nov. 1875

enlisted in the 106th NY Co. I in 1862

Finnegan, Michael

Franklin Falls

gunshot wound hips and abdomen


Sep. 1875

enlisted in the 118th NY Co. C in July 1862

Fish, George J.

West Bangor

gunshot wounds right leg and left side


Feb. 1882

enlisted in the 96th NY Inf. in November 1864

Fisher, Melissa

East Constable



Dec. 1866

Luke Fisher of the 142nd NY Co. D died of disease in 1863

Fordham, Charles H.


heart disease


Apr. 1881

enlisted in the 118th NY Co. A in August 1862 and was discharged for disability

Fountain, Lester




Jan. 1882

original record says "mother"

Fox, Matthew

Alder Brook

disease of kidneys


May, 1882

enlisted in the 142nd NY Co. D in August 1863.

Fox, Patrick

Loon Lake

gunshot wound of head


June, 1881

enlisted in 5th VT Inf. Co. H in August 1861. Re-enlisted in US Infantry and Marine Corps.

Friday, Mitchell


gunshot wound right foot, chest and shoulder


Oct. 1866

enlisted in the 9th NH Inf. Co. E

Garner, Joseph


gunshot wound right temple


Jul. 1881

enlisted in the 98th NY Co. C in October 1861 and was wounded at Cold Harbor VA in 1864

Garrow, Margaret

Fort Covington



Apr. 1867

Frank Garrow of the 98th NY Co. D died in August 1864

Gates, George A.

East Constable

necrosis of lower jaw



enlisted in the 106th NY Co. H in August 1862

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