Franklin County, NY
1883 Military Pensioniers
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Transcribed and submitted by John Austin

Name PO Address Reason for Pension Amount Date of Allowance Remarks

Spencer, William B.


chronic rheumatism


Feb. 1882

enlisted in the 98th NY Co. C in October 1861

St.Antoine, Joseph


dependent father


June, 1870

could have been the father of Henry or Gilbert St.Antoine, both of whom died in service

St.Mary, Meno


lost index finger left hand


Aug. 1867

enlisted in the 98th NY Co. A in March 1864

Stancliff, Dellay W.




Feb. 1882

Almozo Stancliff of the 106th NY Co. E died at Andersonville prison in 1864

Stanton, Daniel H.


wounded left shoulder


Aug. 1865

was a 1st lieutenant in the 98th NY Co. B

Steenberge, Standish M.

North Bangor

paralysis agitans


Jan. 1880

enlisted in the 98th NY Co. D in March 1864

Stiles, Harriet

Fort Covington

widow 1812


Dec. 1880

Ezra Stiles served in the US Infantry iunder Capts. Follett and Foster

Stockwell, James A.


fever and ague


June, 1882

enlisted in the 1st Engineers in September 1864.

Sucese, Charles


wounded left thigh


Dec. 1868

enlisted in the 106th NY Co. F in 1862

Sullivan, John

Franklin Falls

gunshot wound left shoulder


Jul. 1881

enlisted in the 142nd NY Co. D in August 1862

Tarbell, John (alias Cheechuks)


survivor 1812


May, 1880

one of several St. Regis Mohawks who served under Capt. David Erwin in 1813

Thomas, Joseph

West Bangor

injured abdomen and left forearm


Aug. 1866

enlisted in the 142nd NY Co. F in August 1862

Thompson, Emery A.


lung disease


Jul. 1880

enlisted in the 60th NY Co. I in September 1861.

Tilden, Fanny F.

Dickinson Center



Aug. 1877

Franklin L. Tilden of the 142nd NY Co. F died of measles in 1864.

Torrance, Simon D.

Saranac Lake

chronic diarrhea, malaria, disease of kidney & spleen


Oct. 1882

enlisted in the 118th NY Co. C in August 1862

Tracy, Patrick

Trout River

gunshot wound left shoulder


May, 1878

residence listed as "Front River" in original. He enlisted in the 142nd NY Co. H in 1862.

Tredo, Lewis


gunshot wound left hand


Jul. 1879

appears as "Fredo" in original. Enlisted in the 106th NY Co. H in 1864

Trippett, Jonathan B.


overheating and exposure


May, 1881


Tromble, Alexander


chronic rheum. resulting in paralysis of left leg



enlisted in the 142nd NY Co. F in August 1862.

Trumble, Hannah Z.




Sep. 1879

John A. Trumble of the 106th NY Co. H died at Salisbury Prison NC in 1865

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