1860 Belmont, Franklin County, NY Census

Transcribed and submitted by John Austin

This is the 1860 census of Belmont. Note that as with all the census records done by Samuel Payne, spellings of French and unusual English names was haphazard. He also made his "3’s" and "5’s" almost exactly the same so that with poor photocopies, they cannot be distinguished. Researchers are invited to look at the microfilm themselves if they suspect a transcription error has been made.

Appear(?), Henry mayhave been Appean, Apier or several other French spellings
Bawran(?), Peter is one of those names which could be anyting French.  The letters run together and are hard to read
Bellows, Stephen his wife’s name looks like it might be either Denis or Demis
Billings, Jonas. His wife appears as Roda, and one daughter is listed as "Elizabeth Jane A."
Boyce, Thomas appears as Boice
Campbell, Margaret, a servant for Tim Mannix, was listed as a male in the original
Comp, Narcisse may be Compte, or even Compeau
Conchlan(?), John this name is probably wrong and may have been Conklin or Conlin or something else
Craig, Joseph appears as Creg in the original, and most of the childrens’ names are probably wrong
Fourche, Xavier was listed as Zevia Forsh
French, Square may have been Squire instead
Gero, Camalile was listed as Jerow, and was probably actually Giroux
Gonyea, Vitale was listed as Vitel Gonney and Gagnier was probably the original spelling
Jarvis, William was probably Gervais at one time
Kiley, William is listed as Ciley in the original
Kirby, Samuel was listed as Curby, as was Charles F. Charles (House 2274) was listed as Kerby
LaFrere, Charles appears as LaFraer
LaMountain, Adelaine appears to have been listed twice; once with her parents and once as a servant 2 doors away.
Larrabee, Oliver and John appear as Larby
Legier(?), Ellen is reportedly Irish, so the name may be Ledger
McGibbon, Alonzo has a 6 month old baby listed as Sarah, but listed as a male in the original
McHoan, John F. this name does not exist in Irish, and may be McKeown, McCone or something else
McMannus, Charles was listed as McManace
Mills(?), Curt and all his siblings may actually have the surname Clark, as they are living with Jonas Clark
Monaghan, Artemas appears as Monacan, and Ann appears as Manacan. The Monaghan may not be correct either
Moscow, Joseph was listed as Musco
Pockia, Isaac and Joseph are probably not correct and may be something like Pauquier. See also "Spokah"
Rabia, Prosper actually looks more like Pasper, but his son was Prosper, so it seems to have been a mistake
Sevey, Albert. His daughter Eleanor was listed as Elnar
Shutts, John is listed as Chuts, but it seems more probable that the name was Shutts
Spokah(?), Felix is probably not correct and may actually be another incorrect rendering of Pockia (qv)
Thurber, Ann, Nathan and Nathaniel are all listed as "Thurben", but family members are buried as Thurber, so they are listed that way
Worster, Eustace appears as Ustas, and the last name may be Worcester or Wooster


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