1860 Burke, Franklin County, NY Census

Transcribed and submitted by John Austin

Introduction to the 1860 Burke Census

This is the 1860 census of Burke, NY
Andrus, Catherine appears as Andis
Arthur, Lewis looks more like Auther
Aubrey, Masseline was probably Marceline
Bagges(?), William may be Bagger
Baldwin, M. the entry for this family is very faded and may not be correct
Bassett, Marcellus appears as Marsales in the original
Bennett(?), Mary -the end of the last name is not very clear
Blodgett, Elmira - seems to have a woman�s name, and is marked male, but has no occupation
McCenthron(?), Rufus -this name is not correct but it is not clear what it might be
Brookins(?), Samuel looks like Boookns, with three "O�s", and may be almost anything, including Bowker(?)
Bush, David and Orilla had two sets of twins
Caley, Ann may be Kelly
Callan (?), John appears as Calin which is not an Irish name
Celley, John may also be Kelly
Chevalier, Joseph appears as Shevlia
Conley, John may also have been Connoly
Cook, Louisa(?) appears as Lous
Crawford, Margaret appears as Crofford
Defoe, Seraphin it is not clear whether marked male or female, but a male occupation is listed
Denio(?), Peter could just as easily be "Denis" as the last letter is not clear
Farer(?), Isaac B. is spelled exactly that way, but is probably not correct. Perhaps Ferrier?
Hennessey, Marks appears as Hinesa in the original, which is not an Irish name
Hill, Nathan appears as Nanthan
Hutchins, Orange and siblings are listed next door to Alden Hutchins but are probably his children
LaPelle(?), Edward appears as Lapel
Largent(?), Moses definitely begins with "Larg.." and ends with "t" with 2 letters in between
Looker, Rachel in house 1321 appears as Luker, and may have been listed twice
Mahan, Fannie may be Mahar
Mallon, John and Ellen may be Malone, and appear as Malon
Mannus(?), Michael appears as Manace, and could be McMannus or Mannice
McNellagh(?), Arthur appears as McNella, but could be almost any similar name, eg McNeill
Pepper, Acan has a note beside his name "don�t know so much as cattle"
Reilley families are listed as Riley, and may be O�Reilley
Sauliner(?), Sophia may actually be Sullivan, as the end of the name is hard to read
Shattuck, Carlos appears as Chattick, but he was the son of Luke Shattuck listed in 1850
Sullivan, Cynthia in house 1171 appears as Synth
Thayer, T. E. looks more like Thyen, but the family on the next page is Thayer, so he was listed that way
Travisee, Lewis appears as Travise
Travisee (Traversee) , Reuben appears to have been counted twice, once with family and once with employer.
Vorce, James appears as Vare, but his family on the next page is listed as Vorce

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