1860 Chateaugay, Franklin County, NY Census


Transcribed and submitted by John Austin

This is the 1860 census of Chateaugay NY compiled in the summer of 1860 by Samuel Payne of Ft. Covington. Many of the names here are not the way Mr. Payne originally wrote them because he was a very poor speller and even a name like Michael ("Michel") was beyond him. Therefore many editorial changes were made. The disadvantage to this is that there is no way to tell if Mr. Payne was simply mis-spelling a last name or whether it was indeed an unusual name. It is left to the researcher to check the microfilm in case there is a suspicion that my editorial changes were incorrect. On the whole, whatever changes I made were phonetically the same as the originals. Below are some notes on various individuals and spellings which might cause more confusion than most.

Lancelot Adams is listed as "Lansel" but buried at Sandy Knoll as Launcelot
William Alvord appears as "Alvred", but there is a W. Alvord listed in the Beer�s atlas, so it is probably him
William Bone is probably Bonner or Bonney
Archibald Buckless appears as "Buckley", but it is Buckless on his grave and in the Beer�s atlas.
Mary Canada is probably Mary Kennedy.
Elizabeth Cavaney may be Cavanaugh
Philip Champaign is listed as "Shampan"
Joseph Denio could be "Denis"
John Dewyea appears as Duia, and both spellings may be wrong
Peter Dory appears as "Dora".
John English, 3yrs old, may have been mistakenly listed with McLains instead of the William English family next door
John Fahey appears as "Fohey"
Orilla Goodspeed may be listed twice
Jessie Green- there is a possibility that this Jessie was actually a male, and would have been the Jesse Green in the Civil War records
Heman Hill may be Hiram Hill.
Lurana Hill, daughter of David Hill, is listed as "Laury" but her grave says "Lirana"
John Houston appears as Huston, which is a possibility
The two Joseph Jarvis are actually listed as "Garvis" and "Gervis",in the census and the name may originally have been.
"Gervais". "Jarvis" was picked because it would have sounded right, and they are both listed in the 1876 Beer�s atlas as JarvisJeremiah Jeffway may be "Jeffrey", but there is a Jeffway will on record in Malone and a Jeffway Civil War soldier
Benjamin Huntley looks almost as if it were "Muntley", but there are several other Huntleys, so that is how he is listed here
Kavanaugh could just as easlily be Cavanaugh
Ann Kearney was listed as being 100 years old..
John Kerne is probably Kearns.
Alvira LaBarre is listed as Leberry.
Moses Lancto is listed as Lanto.
Joseph LaOuelett appears as "LaWallet" which would seem suspect because of the "W". It may also have been LaVallet originally
Henry LaShomb appears as LaSham, but it might be something like LeChamps
David Lockby is probably "Lockerby"
Mahoneys are originally listed as Mahenny and Mahanna
Martin McLaughlin appears as McGloughlin, which does exist as a name, but as a variant of Mclaughlin/McLoughlin
Lewis McKay was born on Lake Superior
Daniel Newland appears as "Nuland" but neither is considered an Irish name
Noakes were originally spelled Nokes
Antoine Papineau�s occupation is listed as "Frenchman".
Thomas Parnapy is listed as "Parliby" and he is "Parnaby" in the Civil War records. Parnapy was used because it is a modern-day Franklin Co. name, and there is no record of the other spellings.
Gary Peck may be Guy Peck
There are several people listed with the original French spelling "St. Comb" which is commonly spelled today as "Sancomb". The modern spelling was used in case they are related to the families still living in Chateaugay.
AE Starks and his brother(?) may be Starkey, which is how the older one is listed
Pauline Walsworth was listed twice, once with her parents and once living with Sid Mitchell.

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