1860 Constable, Franklin County, NY Census


Transcribed and submitted by John Austin

This is the 1860 census of Constable NY

In house 884, Elisha Drury was listed as Elisha Darling, but the census taker almost certainly made a mistake. The Andrew Dunn family was probably listed twice, but there were just enough differences between the two listings that there is an outside chance they are actually two separate groups, and so were both left in. James Toby�s family was also listed twice, the only difference was that in one listing he was from Connecticut and she from Vermont, whereas the birthplaces are switched around in the second listing. The family of Patrick Rafferty appears to have been listed twice, once as Rafferty and once as "Rarity" (in house 1074). The only difference between the two listings is that a one year old Ellen O� Connor is listed with Rarity. She was apparently one of a set of twins belonging to Jeremiah O�Connor. Francis Dumas is also listed as Francis Dumon, but the listings varied enough that they were both left in. One was apparently slightly later than the other and included the birth of Cornelius. The only really interesting note about this census is that Robert Wilson was born while his mother was on a ship crossing the ocean

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