1860 Duane, Franklin County, NY Census


Transcribed and submitted by John Austin
This is the 1860 census of Duane. Along with Malone and Bombay, it is one of the most difficult to read. Poor photocopies of microfilm led to mistakes in this transcription which will have to be corrected by someone using a clearer copy of the original. For example, House 1148 is almost certainly NOT Knaght, but it had to be something so it was put down as a place to start. Jane Hill in House 1157 may be Jane Hill Young, but it isn�t possible to tell just looking at the listing. One interesting note is that Mrs. Harriet Constable Duane was still alive and 3 towns were named for her father (Constable), her husband (Duane) and herself (Harrietstown).


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