1860 Westville, Franklin County, NY Census


Transcribed and submitted by John Austin
This is the 1860 census of Westville NY, taken in the summer of 1860 by Samuel H. Payne of Ft. Covington. Mr. Payne did several of the 1860 censuses, and he was a phonetic speller. Many common names he consistently spelled wrong, and in this transcription, those common names have been spelled the way we normally see them. He also made his "5" and his "3" very similarly, and when coupled with a faded photocopy, there are some ages which are wrong because the 5 and 3 are switched in transcription.
In contrast to the Ft. Covington census, Mr. Payne counted only one family twice: that of James McMartin. In their second listing, (the one which was deleted) James is listed as being 2 years older, and his wife 7 years younger. This gives a good indication of how reliable the censuses are as a source of ages of the people in question. The Francis/Franklin Brake families also may in fact be the same people.

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