1850 Ft. Covington, Franklin, NY Census



Transcribed and submitted by John Austin

This is the 1850 census of Ft. Covington NY. The writing itself is not very difficult to read, but the spelling of many of the names, especially French names, was erratic and many were changed as they were typed. The list below explains the major editorial changes that were made so as to make this census easier to use.

Charlotte Babcock�s name may have been a mistake. The census taker did not list an age, sex or birthplace for her

Benjamin Bacy�s name was spelled with what looks like one "c", but it may be an "r", which would make it Barry

John Baptiste�s name is hard to read. It looks like Battease in the original, and may be something else entirely

John Barry was originally listed as Berry, but Barry is the more common Irish name by far

Catherine Beatty was listed as Batey

Peter Besaw may not have been related to Harvey Besaw, but they were both living with Horace Danforth so they were listed together

Seth Blanchard�s oldest child was listed as Aletus here, but as Ziletus in 1860. Also, the 1 yr. old "infant" must be the 13 yr. old Rollin listed in the 1860 census

Sleeman Blood was listed as Solomon Blood

Louis Bona�s name could be several different things eg "Bonnet"

Emily Bouchere�s name looks like Busher in the original

Michael Caldwell was listed as Colwell and could also be Coldwell. Son Lawrence�s wife is listed as Lasell(?), but appears to be Susan in the baptismal records of St. Patrick�s Church in Hogansburg

Daniel Cameron�s family was listed as all having been born in NY. However, it looks much more like "NC" in the original than it does "NY"

John Cartwright�s family are all listed as being mulattoes, including 90 year old Margaret Gorette, who may have been his mother in law

Francis Champion appears as Shompia in the original; Champier is another possibility

Ellen Cheever, Mary Cheever and Orissa Cheever were listed as Cheber/Cheeber and were probably orphan sisters

Elizabeth Costello appears as Castellaugh in the original, which is not an Irish name

Dennis Coughlin is listed as Coffin in the original, but as Coughlin in church records so that was the name chosen

Mary Coydon�s name may be Cogden, but neither appears to be an Irish name

Thomas Creed may have been listed twice, once with family and once with his employer

Louisa Daben�s name is not correct. It is smudged in the original and hard to see

Franklin Despain�s last name definitely begins with "Disp�" and followed by approximately 3 letters. Perhaps "Despaw"?

Persian Dewell�s name may have been Duell, and his first name may also be incorrect

Thomas Diamond was originally listed as Demond

Henry Ellsworth appears as Harry in the original

Baptiste Fayhee�s name is a puzzle. Fahy is an Irish name, but it would appear that he was French-speaking. The name was probably "Jean Baptiste ��.."

All Foberts originally were listed as Fobare

Lyman Folsom appears as Lymon Falsem in the original

Plazam(?) Frenchman is almost certainly not the correct name, but there is no clue as the correct surname

Alexander Gallagher appears as Galliher, and there are many other ways to spell this name

Peter Gebraw�s name appears exactly like that in the original, but may be Gibault, Jebo, Gibo, or something else

Wiiliam Gillis and Hugh Gillis may not have been related, but they were both rooming at Spencer�s Hotel, and they were listed together as it seemed likely that they were somehow related

Simon Gleason was listed as Simeon Glasson in the original. However, he appears as Simon Gleason in the 1845 and 1860 censuses of Ft. Covington

Philip Glover is listed as Glever in the original

Mary Gokey is listed as Goachey in the original

Enos Goslow could be Ignace Goslow if his name was of French origin

Robert Graham was listed as Grame, which may have been correct afterall

Thomas Harran and his brother Stephen are listed as Herin, and could also be Herron

John Harran may be Hennon, or the more proper Irish name Heran

Vincent Hart is listed as Bassaw Hart, but was also known as Andrew Polo

Christina Herriman may have been named Chastine, according to her gravestone in Ft. Covington

Maurice Jandreau was listed as Morris Shandro

Joseph Jandreau was listed as Shandraw. His oldest son Philemon was listed as being a mulatto

William Keefe�s wife Anastasia was listed as Annis, but baptismal records say her full name was Anastasia

David Kind could be David Rind, but neither sounds correct as a Scottish name

John Laban could be Sabin, but the first letter looks more like an "L"

Peter LaBare and Charles LaBare are actually spelled LaBar

The LaBrakes could all be LaBreck/LaBrecque

Maurice LaDuke�s first name was listed as Morris in the original

Michael Lafayette�s name looks like "Lafyell", but perhaps there were "t�s" at the end which just did not get crossed

Vincent LaFlesh and his son were both listed as Bassaw in the original

Theodore LaFort was originally listed as Lafore, which may be correct afterall

Sarah Lanthy�s last name is certainly not correct, but no other alternative suggests itself

Louis LaVigne was listed as Lewis Labean in the original

Joseph LeCoeur was actually listed as Joseph Liquor

Alexander Lemban could be several other names eg Leraban, Lambert or perhaps one that begins with "S"

Michael Leonard and family appear to have been counted twice, once on each side of John Foster�s house. Oddly enough, his daughter Bridget was 5 yrs old on one side, and 6 yrs old on the other. Apparently his wife�s name was Mary Ann, as she was listed as both Mary and Ann

Dennis Mahansah�s name does not seem to be an Irish name, but no alternative could be found

James McCarty appears as McCarter in the original but as McCarty in 1860. McCarty is a much more common name than McCarter, but McCarter may be correct

Ann McCrea was listed as Crea, and may have been Ann Creagh or McCrae

John McDonald and Catherine McDonald may not be related, but they were both living with and working for Thomas Richey

Christmas McDonald�s wife was listed as simply "Mrs." but appears as either Margaret or Mary in baptismal records

Margaret McDougal appeared as McDougald in the original, but McDougal seems more likely

George McEwen was originally listed as McCuen

The McGiven family is listed as McGiffen in 1860, and both names are possible

William McKinney could also be McKenna, which is how some of the family was listed in 1860

John McLaughlin appears as McGlough, which is not an Irish name but would be pronounced like the first part of McLaughlin, so the change was made

Jane McLean appears as McClain in the original, a spelling which is now commonly found in Franklin Co.

Angus McMarshall�s name looks like McMarsha in the original, and may be something completely different

Lily McPherson was listed as McPerson, but McPherson seems more likely

Edward McQuain�s name appears in other records as McQueen, McQuinn and McQuinny

James McVicker is actually listed as McBiggar, but the census taker often inserted "B" for "V"

Uria Merrick�s name is unclear. He was listed as I. A. Merrick in 1860 and his grave appears to say Iavin

Daniel Nolan is actually listed as Knowlin, which can be a variant spelling. However, Nolan was chosen because it is the much more common form

Alden Pecor�s name is smudged and looks like it might be Oldin

Julia Perica could be Perikee, or Perrigo. She appears to be 15 and living by herself

The Portalance family appears as Pelass in the original, but as Portalance in baptismal records and as Portallos in the Ft. Covington Vital Records of 1848. The baby Napoleon is listed as an un-named female infant in the original

David Reid was listed as David Read originally

Isaac Reynolds� infant son may have been the Elander P. Reynolds listed as being 8 years old in the 1860 census

Benjamin Rolfe appears as Rolphe, and Francis Rolfe was listed as Rolph, and any of those choices may be correct

Dennis Rousseau is listed as Resaw in the original, and Mark Rousseau appears as Rusaw

Peter Russell and his wife Matilda are listed with one child, 7 yr. old Joseph. But then 3 other Russell children, all under the age of 7 are listed as being in the next house, living with 4 yr old Rosa Martin and 19 yr old Margaret Mind. It seemed unusual, so all the people mentioned above were reported in this listing as living in the same house with Peter Russell

Hiram Russell�s infant son has no name in this census, but is listed as Daniel in the 1860 census, so that is how he is listed here

Louis Sadboy cannot be correct. Perhaps Gadbois? However, the name definitely is spelled as "Sadboy", not with a "G".

Frederick Sharra�s name could be something like Charet or Charais

Alexander(?) Shayon(?) is not correct. However, the first name was scratched out and is hard to read. It may be Alexander after all. The correct spelling of the last name probably begins with "Cha�"

Jebo Shorette is listed as Jebo Short in the original, and his wife as "Mrs."

Tuffield Shorette appears as Treffel, but as Tuffield in the 1860 census

Adeline Smith is listed as living with Daniel Griffin, but she may be the wife of Heman Smith who lived next door, and may have been put in the wrong household by mistake

James Spencer�s occupation might be Sawyer instead of Lawyer

Julia St.Jule was listed as Julia St.Julia in the original, and that name may be correct, but the name St.Jule was much more common in Franklin Co. Similarly, Peter St.Julia may have been Peter St.Jule

Azubah Stiles seems to be listed as 12 yrs old, but that may be transcription error on his part. She was the wife of Abial Sr. and would have been about 72 yrs old, so that is how she was listed here

Platte Streeter is listed as Plate in the original, which did not seem likely, although Platte may also be wrong

John Tuper is listed as Tupa in the original, and both were probably pronounced "TooPAY"

Joshua Vachon was listed as Vishaw in the original

John Vast is listed as Vass in the 1860 census, and Voss seems a likely alternative

Harriet Vavio is listed as Babyo, and the "B�s" were changed to "V�s" because the census taker had a habit of mis-hearing those letters. The actual last name may be almost anything, but it is probably not Babyo. Perhaps Vavient?

Benjamin Villeneuve appears as Binob in the original. The name is also spelled Villenave, Villnave,and Villeneuf. Julia Villeneuve may also have been his daughter

John Vivlamore was listed as Biblamore. His son Ham was listed as Cano(?) in 1860 and son listed as "infant" in 1850 was listed as Lawrence in 1860


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