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Boyce, Jane

Dec. 31, 1832

James Moses

he was a farmer from Brandon ae 23; she was a cook from Malone ae 26. . Married at Pliny Daggett'’s hotel in Malone. Witnesses: Pliny Daggett, Harry Orcutt, Elisha Keeler

Branch, Dolly

Nov. 2, 1820

William Martin

both of Malone

Brewster, William

Feb. 17, 1835

Clarinda Peck

he was a tailor from Malone ae 26; she was a domestic from Malone ae 22. Witnesses: Myron Hickock, John H. Russell, Samuel Greeno, Harriet Peck

Brigham, Samuel

Jul. 5, 1812

Lucy Churchill

both of Malone

Brockway, Martha

June __, 1828

William Marsh

both of Westville(?). Day of the month is missing in the original

Brooks, Mary

Nov. 1, 1824

Diadatus Bateman

he was from Chateaugay, she was from Malone

Broughton, Betsey M.

Dec. 3, 1839

Reuel Taylor

he was an iron manufacturer from Norfolk, NY ae 55; she was from Malone ae 34. Witnesses: David Sperry, Rebecca Sperry, Lyman Sperry, John Dimmick, Samuel Brown and Hannah Brown

Broughton, Mary J.

Oct. 4, 1861

William E. Smallman

he was from Malone ae 22; she was also from Malone ae 21. Married at the house of Mr. Broughton in Malone before witnesses: Mr. and Mrs. Broughton, parents of the bride, Pulaski Wood, Smith S, White, Dr. and Mrs. Bates, Carrie Parmelee, Betsey Parmelee, Frederick Horton, and perhaps 50 more

Brown, Betsey

Dec. 31, 1834

Nathaniel Cheney

he was a shoemaker from Malone ae 25; she was a domestic from Malone ae 20. Witnesses: Mrs. Brown (mother of the bride) Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Palmer, and Obediah T. Hosford

Brown, Clarissa

Mar. __, 1826

Byron Burton

both of Malone

Brown, Lyman

June 3, 1840

Lydia Hulbert

he was a farmer ae 24; she was a domestic laborer ae 22. Witnesses: Ebenezer Daggett, William E. Daggett, William Brown, William Mason, Matthew Dunning, Mrs. M. Dunning

Brown, Martha

Jan. 13, 1845

Peter Colton

he was from Clintonville, Canada ae 27; she was from Malone ae 22. Witnesses: Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Brown, George Wood, Fanny and Mary Parmelee

Brown, Nathan

Jan. 18, 1830

Sarah Ann Fuller

he was a merchant from Rodman in Jefferson Co. ae 26; she was 18 from Malone and had no job. Witnesses: Hiram Horton, Adeline Horton and Harry Horton

Brown, Samuel

Mar. 29, 1812

Hannah Heath

both of Malone

Brown, Sarah

Feb. 16, 1844

Francis O. Ladd

he was ae 21 from Hopkinton, NY; she was ae 18 from Malone. Witnesses: Mr. and Mrs. James Brown, Charles Palmer, Smith Palmer

Brown, Sarah Ann

Oct. 3, 1854

Truman Westcott

he was ae 27 from Bangor; she was ae 22 from Malone. Married at Parmelee’s house in Malone before witnesses: Bradford Wright, O.W. Hubbard, Betsey and Mary Parmelee (she lived 1832-1912 and is buried in Dimmick Cemetery)

Bullis, Amelia

Feb. 7, 1844

Eli Webb

he was a farmer from Belmont, son of Samuel Webb and ae 22; she was from Ellenburg, NY ae 20. They were married at Philip Miller’s Inn in Malone before witnesses: Mr. and Mrs. Philip Miller, and Dr. D.H. Stephens of Moira (she lived 1823-1903 and is buried at Belmont Center)

Burnap, Alva

Jan. 12, 1830

Polly Stowers

he was a farmer ae 26; she was a teacher ae 23 and both were from Malone. Witnesses: Bliss Burnap, Abijah Stowers and Charles Russell

Burton, Byron

Mar. __, 1826

Clarissa Brown

both of Malone

Bushey, Mary Ann

Jul. 4, 1838

Peter Perrin

he was a tinker from St. Joseph’s PQ ae 36; she was a 22 yr old from the Poor House in Malone. Witnesses: Mary Davis, Mr. amd Mrs. Joseph

Butler, Ephraim

Jul. 7, 1816

Mary Hyde

both of Malone. Married in the court room at the close of public worship

Calkins, James

Jan. 17, 1822

Lucy E. Lathrop

both of Malone

Cameron, Hugh

Jan. 22, 1836

Isabela McKay

he was a farmer from Dundee, PQ ae 32; she was a domestic from Dundee, PQ ae 19. Witnesses: William Wright, Lucy Farr, Widow Furness, Isaac Burton and Enoch Weed

Carey, Jonathan

Nov. 13, 1844

Phebe Johnson

he was a farmer from Malone ae 23; she was also from Malone ae 40. Witnesses: Abel Johnson, Mary Johnson, Sarah Johnson, Sarah Parmelee

Cargin, John

May __, 1817

Angelina Child

he was from Malone, she was from Constable

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