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Name Date Spouse


Conant, Azro

Dec. 13, 1843

Fanny Wood

he was a farmer from Malone ae 22; she was a school teacher from Malone ae 20. Witnesses: Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Conant, Jeremiah Conant, Louisa Conant, Mr. Henry Woods and his wife Almira (he lived 1821-1910 and is buried in Webster St. Cemetery)

Conant, Dr. Opher

Sep. __, 1825

Almina Thorndike

both of Malone, day of the month was not listed in the original (he died Mar. 15, 1842 ae 43 and is buried in Webster St. Cemetery)

Conant, Jeremiah

Oct. __, 1827

Louisa Dowe

both of Malone. The day of the month is missing in the original

Conger, Catherine

Feb. 24, 1857

Stoughton D. Lawrence

he was from Bangor ae 31; she was also from Bangor ae 31. Married at the brick hotel in Malone before witnesses: Mr. Conger of Moira and _________(name missing in the original). (she died June 28, 1884 ae 60 and is buried at Bangor)

Cook, Anna

Jul. 24, 1817

Charles Blake

both of Chateaugay

Cook, Philena

June __, 1838

George Bateman

he was a tanner and shoemaker from Rodan, PQ ae 26. She was also from Rodan, PQ ae 22. Married in Belmont before witnesses: Alvah Orcutt, Amos Greeno, Betsey Parmelee, Eudina Wood

Cook, Stephen Jr.

Feb. 10, 1819

Jennette Wise

he was from Chateaugay, she was from Malone

Cook, Sylvia

Dec. __, 1817

_______ Moreton

he was from Adams in Ontario Co. NY, she was from Chateaugay. His name is missing in the original. Married at Rev. Parmelee’s house

Cooper, Nancy

Sep. 20, 1830

Aaron Parks Jr.

he was a merchant from Westford VT ae 29; she was a seamstress from Constable ae 25. Witnesses: Aaron Parks Sr., Clark Williamson, Sophronia Parmelee

Corey, Jane

Apr. 17, 1838

Adams Moore

he was a farmer ae 21; she was ae 18. Both were recently from Lisbon, NY. Witnesses: Mr. and Mrs. John Corey, parents of the bride, William Farnsworth, Mary Parmelee, Julia I. Parmelee

Cotton, Gideon C.

May 11, 1831

Lorinda Sperry

he was a farmer from Malone ae 27; she was a spinner and cook from Malone ae 19. Witnesses: Lyman Sperry, David Sperry, Angeline Sperry and Jehiel Berry (he died Sep. 30, 1881 ae 70 and is buried in Dimmick Cemetery)

Cotton, Gideon C.

Nov. 16, 1858

Mrs. Laura D. (Wheeler) Bell

he was a widower from Malone ae 45; she was a widow from Malone ae 38. Married at Parmelee’s house before witnesses: Betsey Parmelee and Susan Gilligan. (he died Sep. 30, 1881 ae 70 and is buried in Dimmick Cemetery. His first wife died June 6, 1858)

Covey, John L.

Jul. 4, 1853

Elizabeth M. Lewis

he was ae 24 from Parishville, NY; she was ae 24 from Malone. Married at the house of Abraham Lewis in Malone before witnesses: Abraham Lewis, Sarah Lewis, Walker Moody, Ashbel B. Parmelee, Emily and Mary Parmelee

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