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Name Date Spouse


Hutchins, Clarissa

June 19, 1822

John Miller

both of Constable

Hutton, George

Oct. __, 1831

Samantha Barnes

he was a chair maker from Malone ae 25; she was a spinner and cook from Malone ae 22. Witnesses: Asa Hascall, Hiram Horton, John and Hepsibah Barnes, Charles Barnes

Hyde, Mary

Jul. 7, 1816

Ephraim Butler

both of Malone. Married in the court room at the close of public worship

Ingraham, ________

Dec. 3, 1828

Alba M. Hayes

both of Malone. Her name is not listed in the original

Irwin, Elizabeth

Apr. 2, 1846

James Law

he was a widower miller from Malone ae 35; she was ae 25 from Malone. Witnesses: James Berry, Mr. and Mrs. Horatio Merriam

Jackson, Rufus K.

Oct. 8, 1835

Betsey Whipple

he was a farmer from Canton, NY ae 33; she was from Malone ae 20. Witnesses: Nahum Whipple, Mrs. Whipple (mother of the bride), John Barnes, Charles Barnes

Johnson, Annie

Oct. __, 1828

Jonathan Thomas

both of Malone. The day of the month is missing in the original (she died Oct. 17, 1882 ae 87 and is buried in Webster St. Cemetery)

Johnson, Calvin

Jan. 22, 1845

Sarah Wright

he was a farmer from Chateaugay ae 27; she was also from Chateaugay, ae about 20. Witnesses: Moses and Nancy Wright, parents of the bride

Johnson, Mrs. Margaret

Jul. 10, 1845

Abijah White

he was a widowed pail manufacturer from Malone ae 50; she was a widow (supposed) from Malone ae 40. Witnesses: Betsey, Fanny and Sarah Parmelee. (Mrs. Johnson claimed that her first husband had died in a NYS prison, and Parmelee noted that as of 1853, that information had not been contradicted) (she lived 1803-1871 and is buried in Webster St. Cemetery)

Johnson, Phebe

Nov. 13, 1844

Jonathan Carey

he was a farmer from Malone ae 23; she was also from Malone ae 40. Witnesses: Abel Johnson, Mary Johnson, Sarah Johnson, Sarah Parmelee

Jones, Alvira

May 5, 1830

Hiram Austin

he was a farmer from Moira ae 25; she was a domestic from Malone ae 20. Witnesses: Mr. and Mrs. Phineas Jones

Keeler, Amos B.

Dec. 5, 1839

Sarah Ann Wood

he was a farmer from Malone ae 27; she was a a schoolteacher from Malone ae 29. Witnesses: Mr. and Mrs. Brownson Keeler, Carlos Keeler, Amanda Keeler, Enos Wood, Maurice D. Hascall, Mary Parmelee

Keeler, Andrew L.

Feb. 1, 1853

Ursula Mazuzan

he was ae 40 from Malone; she was also ae 40 from Malone. Witnesses: John and Cynthia Mazuzan, parents of the bride, Henry Carpenter, Sqire Keeler, Dr. Russell Powell, Amanda Keeler, and Mary Parmelee (he died Aug. 3, 1879 ae 64 and is buried in Webster St. Cemetery)

Keeler, Carlos

Apr. 8, 1828

Mary Smith

both of Malone (he died Aug. 23, 1867 ae 59 and is buried in Webster St. Cemetery in Malone. He re-married a woman named Amanda who died Sep. 17, 1865 ae 59)

Keeler, Eleanor

Feb. 3, 1828

Henry Parmelee

both of Malone

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