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Name Date Spouse


Law, Henry

Jan. 6, 1844

Helen Solomon

he was an English tailor from Malone; she was ae 18 from Malone and a Catholic. Her father consented to the marriage at Parmelee’s house, but would not attend. Witnesses: Martin Sallinger, Cecilly(?) B. Sallinger, Mary Parmelee and Samuel Hawley

Law, James

Apr. 2, 1846

Elizabeth Irwin

he was a widower miller from Malone ae 35; she was ae 25 from Malone. Witnesses: James Berry, Mr. and Mrs. Horatio Merriam

Law, Robert

Feb. 14, 1834

Nancy Ferguson

he was a laborer from Malone ae 27; she was a house maid from Malone ae 21. Witnesses: Hiram Horton and Harriet Fuller

Lawrence, Electa

June 17, 1845

Orlando Prentice

he was a widower farmer from Bangor ae 50; she was a widow from Malone ae 40. Married at Parmelee’s house before witnesses: Betsey and Sarah Parmelee

Lawrence, Hiram

May __, 1814

Miss ____ Adams

both of Bangor. Date and her first name are missing in the original

Lawrence, Robert

Feb. 18, 1834

Mary Clark

he was a clergyman from Moira ae 23; she was the daughter of Benjamin Clark of Malone, ae 22. They were cousins. Witnesses: Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Clark, Dr. Russell Powell, Charles Clark

Lawrence, Stoughton D.

Feb. 24, 1857

Catherine Conger

he was from Bangor ae 31; she was also from Bangor ae 31. Married at the brick hotel in Malone before witnesses: Mr. Conger of Moira and _________(name missing in the original). (he died Oct. 3, 1870 ae 45 and is buried at Bangor)

Learned, Josiah

June 26, 1814

Laura Loomis

both of Malone

Lee, Russell

May 3, 1821

Amanda Doud

both of Malone "if I rightly remember"

Lester, (Ezekiel?)

Jul.__, 1852

Mary Chapman

he was a farmer from Duane ae 45; she was ae 29 from Malone. Married at Parmelee’s house in Malone before witnesses: Sherburn Chapman, Miss Lester, Eugene Chapman, Miss Earl (note: this may Parmelee’s second recording of an earlier marriage. Much of his record was done in 1853, after the fact)

Lester, Ezekiel

June 19, 1852

Mary D. Chapman

he was a widower from Duane ae 39; she was ae 26 from Malone. Married at Parmelee’s house in Malone before witnesses: Betsey and Mary Parmelee, and Benjamin Estabrooks

Lewis, Elizabeth L.

May 3, 1855

Edmund Richardson

he was from Clintonville, NY ae 29; she was from Burke. Witnesses: Nathan Williamson, Timothy Bemis, Sarah P. Williamson, Andrew J. Day, Sarah C. Day, Bradford Wright

Lewis, Elizabeth M.

Jul. 4, 1853

John L. Covey

he was ae 24 from Parishville, NY; she was ae 24 from Malone. Married at the house of Abraham Lewis in Malone before witnesses: Abraham Lewis, Sarah Lewis, Walker Moody, Ashbel B. Parmelee, Emily and Mary Parmelee (she died before June 27, 1861 at which time her husband re-married)

Lewis, Hiram

Dec. 16, 1824

Mary Moses

lived in Malone

Lewis, Loana

Mar. 22, 1843

Harry Orcutt

he was a widower farmer from Malone ae 37; she was a seamstress from Burke ae 36. Witnesses: Hiram Lewis, Lewis Moses, Abraham Lewis, Alvah Orcutt, Mrs. A. Orcutt

Lewis, Richard

Jan. __, 1828

Spophia Smith

both of Malone. The day of the month is missing in the original

Lincoln, Alfred

Feb. 4, 1862

Jane A. Fisk

he was from Malone ae 24; she was also from Malone ae 24. Married at the house of Nathaniel Fisk before witnesses: Mrs. Fisk, the mother of the bride, Fanny Lincoln, sister of the bride, John Law and Elmina Fisk. (he was the son of Anselm and Hannah Lincoln of Malone)

Linkler, Rhoda

April 25, 1833

Noah Estabrooks

he was a farmer from Duane ae 26; she was 20 yrs old from Moira. Married at the house of the bride’s father in Moira. Witnesses: Wheat Estabrooks, John Estabrooks, W. Linkler (father)

Linsdley, Alexander

June 21, 1843

Sarah Ann Keeler

he was a farmer from Peru, NY ae 28; she was ae 26 from Malone. Witnesses: Elijah Keeler, Squire Keeler, George Keeler, Carlos Keeler, Amanda Keeler, Sophronia Coburn, Lucy J. Parmelee

Linsly, Delia

Dec. 5, 1827

Leonard Andrus

both of Malone

Loomis, Laura

June 26, 1814

Josiah Learned

both of Malone (she died May 23, 1869 ae 71 and is buried in Webster St. Cemetery)

Lyman, Sophia

Nov. __, 1833

Cyrus Drake

he was a farmer from Bangor ae 25; she was a farmer’s daughter from Malone ae 23. Witnesses: William Lyman, Ganesha Lyman, Gad Lyman, Linus Lyman

Lyman, Wiliam

Oct. 21, 1834

Harriet Plumb

he was a widower farmer from Malone ae 30; she was a domestic from Malone ae 21. Witnesses: William Lyman Sr., Mrs. Lyman (mother of the groom) Noah Smith and Betsey Parmelee

Mahar, Michael

Jul. 5, 1860

Ruth Smith

he was from Malone ae 23; she was from Belmont ae 18. Married at Parmelee’s house in Malone before witnesses: Moses Smith, Jeremiah Davis, Miss Fountain, Betsey Parmelee and John Young

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