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Name Date Spouse


McKinney, Isabella

Mar. 9, 1832

George McChesney

he was a distiller from Malone ae 25; she was a cook from Malone ae 24. Witnesses: James McKinney, John McKinney, widow McKinney, mother of the bride

McKinney, James

Jul. 2, 1832

Jane Stewart

he was a farmer ae 25; she was a housekeeper recently from Ireland ae 17. They were married in Chateaugay. Witnesses: John Richie and Mary Richie

McKinney, Mrs. Jane

Oct. 19, 1832

William Covey

he was a farmer and widower from Malone ae 50; she was a widow from Malone ae 50. Witnesses: George Taylor, Jonas Stone, Betsey Parmelee, Ashbel B. Parmelee

McKinney, Nancy

May 27, 1840

(Moses?) Denio

he was a French farmer from Malone ae 22; she was an Irish girl from Malone ae 21. His name is not listed in the original. Witnesses: Aaron Parks, Harry Parks, Horatio Merriam, Mary Hawley, Rebecca Parks

McMillan, _________

June 10, 1857

Benton Powell

he was from Malone ae 24; she was also from Malone ae 20. Witnesses: Mr. and Mrs. (D.L.?) McMillan and others

Meron(?), Patrick

Dec. 6, 1842

Catherine Welch

he was a shoemaker from Malone ae 23; she was ae 18 from Malone. He was Irish, she was French. Witnesses: Bernard McMannis, James Twaddle, William Robb, John Bennett, Mary Welch, Alice Berry

Merriam, John

Jan. 10, 1837

Lucy Ann Keeler

he was a farmer from Malone ae 31; she was a housekeeper from Malone ae 24. Witnesses: Silas Merriam, John H. Russell, Carlos Keeler, Brownson Keeler, Betsey Parmelee

Merriam, Martha E.

Nov. 29, 1860

William B. Clark

he was from Chateaugay ae 23; she was from Malone ae 19. Married at William Merriam’s house in Malone before witnesses: Mr. Russell and Mr. and Mrs. Merriam

Merriam, Silas

Dec. 7, 1837

Ann Gregg

he was a widower farmer from Malone ae 45; she was a millener from Malone ae 30. Witnesses: Betsey Parmelee, Lucy J. Parmelee, Fanny Parmelee, Miss Landon

Merriam, William

Feb. 9, 1838

Julia Russell

he was a farmer from Malone ae 27; she was the 23 yr old daughter of Calvin Russell of Westville. Married in Westville before witnesses: Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Russell and three children

Miller, A.H.

Sep. 15, 1853

Martha Moody

he was a widower merchant from Malone ae 29; she was ae 21 from Malone. Married at Porter Moody’s house in Malone before witnesses: Mr. and Mrs. Porter Moody, Charles Palmer, Jennette Palmer, Walker Moody, Stephen Smith

Miller, John

June 19, 1822

Clarissa Hutchins

both of Constable

Miller, Mehetibel

January, 1811

Timothy Parker

both of Malone. The day of the month is missing in the original

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