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Name Date Spouse


Myers, Ellen

Nov. 3, 1849

David Myers

he was ae 31 and she was ae 27. They were cousins from the village of Dannemora, NY. Witnesses: John Mason, Ellen Mason and Mary Parmelee

Newell, Rufus

Oct. 9, 1853

Mrs. Tamison Stratton

he was a widower from Malone ae 60; she was a widow from Malone ae 50. Married at Parmelee’s house in Malone before witnesses: Henry Coburn, Betsey, Mary and Sarah Parmelee (his first wife’s name appears to have been Betsey, and she is buried in Webster St. Cemetery)

Newton, William

Sep. 30, 1818

______ Gemsha(?)

he was from Chateaugay, she was from Malone. Her name is missing in the original

Nichols, (John or Solon?)

Oct. __, 1828

Sophronia Griffin

he was from Chateaugay, but his name and the date were not listed in the original. She was from Malone

Norman, Jenette

Dec. 22, 1861

Charles Demaris

he was from Malone ae 22; she was from Malone ae 17 and had the consent of her widowed mother. Witnesses: Susan Gilligan, Lloyd Gilligan and Betsey Parmelee (she was the daughter of Henry and Selano(?) Norman)

Norman, Mary E.

Apr. 7, 1861

George A.L. Stratton

he was from Malone ae 19; she was from Malone ae 21. Witnesses: Susan Gilligan and Betsey Parmelee. (she was the daughter of Henry and Selano(?) Norman of Malone)

Norton, Franklin B.

Jan. 6, 1854

Elmira C. Beebe

he was ae 23 from Malone; she was ae 22 also from Malone. Married at Parmelee’s house in Malone before witnesses: Lucy Ann Beebe, Abel Beebe, Betsey and Mary Parmelee, Henry M. Coburn. (he died Nov. 13, 1909 ae 78 and is buried at Dimmick Cemetery)

Orcutt, Almina

Aug. 13, 1833

George Sabin

he was a farmer from Malone ae 28; she was a cook from Malone ae 20. Witnesses: Bildad Orcuttt, Anna Orcutt, Samuel Greeno, William Brewster

Orcutt, Harry

Mar. 6, 1839

Agnes Bird

he was a farmer from Malone ae 25; she was a domestic from Malone ae 23. Witnesses: Mr. and Mrs. Elijah Keeler, Mr. amd Mrs. Brownson Keeler, Bildad Orcutt, Alvah Orcutt, Fanny Parmelee and Mary Parmelee (she died before Mar. 22, 1843 and he re-married)

Orcutt, Harry

Mar. 22, 1843

Loana Lewis

he was a widower farmer from Malone ae 37; she was a seamstress from Burke ae 36. Witnesses: Hiram Lewis, Lewis Moses, Abraham Lewis, Alvah Orcutt, Mrs. A. Orcutt

Orcutt, Ruth

Mar. __, 1821

Pliny Daggett

both of Malone

Orcutt, Sarah Ann

Jan. 1, 1839

Nicholas H. Mooers

he was a blacksmith from Chazy, NY ae 35; she was ae 23 from Malone. Witnesses: Bildad Orcutt, Oliver Orcutt, Harry Orcutt, George Sabins, Ruth Daggett

Orcutt, Sophia

Oct. __, 1828

Amos Greeno

both of Malone. The date was not mentioned in the original

Orton, Pamelia

Oct. 31, 1820

William Foote

both of Malone

Otis, George W.

Dec. 23, 1827

Elvira C. Holmes

both of Malone

Pallady, James S.

Sep. 25, 1854

Sarah E. Spencer

he was ae 22 from Malone; she was ae 21 also from Malone. Married at the Methodist Episcopal Church in Malone before witnesses: James Spencer, Elias Williams and wife, and 40 more

Palmer, Peter

Sep. 6, 1838

Margaret Smith

he was a lawyer from Plattsburgh, NY; she was a student at the Malone Academy ae 20. Witnesses: Asa Hascall, Mrs. Hascall (mother of the bride), Charles Hascall, John Palmer, Ashbel B. Parmelee, and Matilda Hyde

Pangborn, Zebinah

Aug. 19, 1852

Harriet G. Wood

he was the preceptor of the Malone Academy from Johnson, VT, ae 26 (as is supposed); she was ae 20 from Malone. Witnesses: Arunah H. Wood, Emeline Wood, Horace Taylor, Mrs. Guy Meigs and Mary Parmelee

Parker, Lovica

Dec. 15, 1819

John Hammond

both of Malone

Parker, Timothy

January, 1811

Mehetibel Miller

both of Malone. The day of the month is missing in the original

Parks, Aaron Jr.

Sep. 20, 1830

Nancy Cooper

he was a merchant from Westford VT ae 29; she was a seamstress from Constable ae 25. Witnesses: Aaron Parks Sr., Clark Williamson, Sophronia Parmelee

Parks, Orinda

Feb. 26, 1828

Abraham Williamson

both of Malone

Parlin, Melvina

Apr. 1, 1847

John J. Barnes

he was a farmer from Malone ae 24; she was ae 27 from Malone. Married in the evening before witnesses: John and Hepsibah Barnes, Jeremiah Conant and Jenette Moody (she died Sep. 7, 1848)

Parmelee, Henry

Feb. 3, 1828

Eleanor Keeler

both of Malone

Parmelee, Mary

Nov. 22, 1855

Thomas Morse

he was a widower from Fairfield VT ae 36; she was Rev. Parmelee’s daughter ae 31. Married at Parmelee’s house in Malone before witnesses: Northrup Morse, Julia Morse, Edward Fitch, Fanny Fitch, Smith White, Bradford Wright, "etc. etc."

Parmelee, Sarah Tryphena

Dec. 1, 1853

Albert V. Balch

he was from Weyauweega,WI ae 26; she was the daughter of Rev. Parmelee of Malone ae 27. Witnesses: Edward Fitch, Clark Meigs, Ashbel B. Parmelee, Emily Parmelee, Pamelia Hitchcock, Jane Fisk

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