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Name Date Spouse


Parmelee, Sophronia

Feb. 7, 1839

Lorenzo Coburn

he was the preceptor of Malone Academy ae 27; she was a school teacher from Malone (and daughter of Rev. Ashbel Parmelee) ae 27. Married by Rev. Aaron Foster at Parmelee’s house in Malone. Witnesses: a hundred or more including Aaron Parks, Betsey Parmelee, Fanny Parmelee, Mary Parmelee

Peck, Almira

Dec. __, 1837

Henry Green

he was a widower farmer from Parishville, NY ae 45; she was a widow from Malone ae 40. Witnesses: William Brewster, Clarinda Brewster, Samuel Greeno, Jonathan Thompson and Lucinda Thompson

Peck, Clarinda

Feb. 17, 1835

William Brewster

he was a tailor from Malone ae 26; she was a domestic from Malone ae 22. Witnesses: Myron Hickock, John H. Russell, Samuel Greeno, Harriet Peck

Peck, Harriet

Jan. 25, 1838

H.M. Dewey

he was a farmer from Georgia, VT ae 27; she was a school teacher from Malone ae 24. Witnesses: Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Hickock, Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Slosson, Oliver and Harry Orcutt, Mr. and Mrs. Cephas Watkins

Peck, Huldah

Dec. 25, 1838

William Wead

he was a farmer from Belmont ae 35; she was a school teacher from Malone ae 22. Witnesses: William Brewster, John Childs, Leonard Vchilds, Roswell Wead, Betsey Parmelee

Perrin, Peter

Jul. 4, 1838

Mary Ann Bushey

he was a tinker from St. Joseph’s PQ ae 36; she was a 22 yr old from the Poor House in Malone. Witnesses: Mary Davis, Mr. amd Mrs. Joseph

Phelps, Edson

Dec. 10, 1833

Fanny Hoit

he was a mechanic from Malone ae 24; she was a spinner and cook from Malone ae 22. Witnesses: Mr. and Mrs. Silas Merriam, Mr. and Mrs. Ashbel and Sally Phelps (he is buried in Webster St. Cemetery as Ashel Edson Phelps, 1810-1874)

Pike, Joseph

Jul. 24, 1844

Mrs. Sibille Childs

he was farmer from Chateaugay ae 33; she was a widow ae 38. Witnesses: Mr. and Mrs. Lyman Sperry, Betsey and Mary Parmelee

Platt, Maria

Apr. 8, 1810

Albon Mann

he was from Constable, she from Chateaugay

Plumb, Harriet

Oct. 21, 1834

William Lyman

he was a widower farmer from Malone ae 30; she was a domestic from Malone ae 21. Witnesses: William Lyman Sr., Mrs. Lyman (mother of the groom) Noah Smith and Betsey Parmelee

Powell, Adeline

Aug. 20, 1833

George Benjamin

he was a merchant from Burlington, VT ae 35; she was ae 20 from Malone. Witnesses: Hannah Powell, Dr. Russell Powell, Hiram Horton, Benjamin Clark

Powell, Benton

June 10, 1857

______ McMillan

he was from Malone ae 24; she was also from Malone ae 20. Witnesses: Mr. and Mrs. (D.L.?) McMillan and others

Powell, Dr. Russell R.

Dec. __, 1827

Harriet Clark

both of Malone. The day of the month is missing in the original

Prentice, Orlando

June 17, 1845

Electa Lawrence

he was a widower farmer from Bangor ae 50; she was a widow from Malone ae 40. Married at Parmelee’s house before witnesses: Betsey and Sarah Parmelee

Prescott, Lucy

Dec. 17, 1812

Hilan Hawley

both of Malone (she was born about 1794. After his death, she re-married Stephen Ransom of Hopkinton in 1839)

Prescott, Mrs. Mary

Nov.__, 1815

Porter Moody

both of Malone. Mrs. Prescott produced a bill of divorce from her former husband. The date is missing in the original (she died Feb. 5, 1881 ae 90 and is buried in Webster St. cemetery)

Prior, Heman

May 3, 1841

Deborah Tyler

he was a widower farmer from Malone ae 71; she was a widow from Malone ae 50. Witnesses: Horace Chapman, Mrs. H. Chapman, Swift Tyler, Mr. and Mrs. Snow

Purdy, Alanson

Mar. 26, 1832

Lydia Landon

he was a widower farmer from Malone ae 26; she was a weaver from Malone ae 31. Witnesses: Mrs. Tamison Purdy(widow), David Stratton, and Tamison Stratton

Purdy, Franklin

Feb. 28, 1830

Mercy Titus

he was a farmer ae 21 from Malone; she was a seamstress ae 19 from Constable. Witnesses: David Stratton, Tamison Stratton and Tamison Purdy

Purdy, Horatio

Apr. 5, 1859

Anna Earle

he was a widower from Titusville in the Town of Malone ae 32; she was ae 33 from Township No. 9 in Malone. Married at Parmelee’s house in Malone before witnesses: William Young, Susan Gilligan, Betsey Parmelee

Purdy, Tamison

Jan. 21, 1815

Jonathan Hammond

both of Malone. She was a widow

Quizeno(?), Catherine

Dec. 28, 1843

Oliver Gluteny(?)

he was a laborer ae 26; she was ae 34 and both were French. (Parmelee did not record the names of the witnesses because they were all French)

Ranger, Betsey

Sep. 27, 1814

Noah Moody

both of Malone. He was a widower (she died Aug. 2, 1848 and is buried in Webster St. Cemetery)

Ransom, Stephen

Sep. __, 1839

Mrs. Lucy Hawley

he was a carpenter from Hopkinton, NY ae 61; she was a 45 yr old widow (of Hilan Hawley) from Malone. Witnesses: Aaron Parks, Nancy Parks, Harry Parks, Sarah T. Parmelee, Silas Merriam

Raymond, Sewall

Jul. 7, 1814

Sally Hopkins

married at Hopkinton, NY. He was from Potsdam, she was from Hopkinton

Reed, ______

Sep. 1, 1834

Cynthia Cummings

he was a wheelwright from Canton, NY ae 23; she was a domestic laborer from Malone ae 22. Witnesses: Stephen D. Hickock and his wife (the mother of the bride), Dewey Hickock, William Merriam

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