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Stearns, Jonathan

Mar. 6, 1814

Hannah Hawkins

he was from Malone, she was from Constable

Steenberge, Harriet

Aug. 23, 1860

Henry G. Kelsey

he was from Stockholm, NY ae 26; she was also from Stockholm, ae 20. Married at Parmelee’s house in Malone before witnesses: Betsey Parmelee and Susan Gilligan

Stetson, Alma

Sep. 20, 1846

John Knapp

he was a widower farmer from Bangor, ae nearly 50; she was a housekeeper from Bangor ae 40. Witnesses: Reuben and Ellen Stetson

Stetson, Thomas

Sep. 15, 1846

Ellen Thomas

he was a school teacher from Bangor, ae 25; she was also a school teacher from Bangor, ae 25. Witnesses: Mr. and Mrs. Thomas, parents of the bride, Carlos Barnum and Betsey Parmelee

Stewart, Jane

Jul. 2, 1832

James McKinney

he was a farmer ae 25; she was a housekeeper recently from Ireland ae 17. They were married in Chateaugay. Witnesses: John Richie and Mary Richie

Stowers, Ashley

Sep. 20, 1810

Sarah Chipman

both of Malone

Stowers, Ashley

Dec. 18, 1814

Lucy Richards

both of Malone. He was a widower

Stowers, Ashley

June 28, 1816

Beulah Ashley

both of Malone. This was the third time Mr. Stowers was married by Parmelee. (he died sometime between Apr. 2, 1825 and Jan. 1826 and was living in Ft. Covington at the time of his death)

Stowers, Harriet

Nov. 21, 1816

George Gemerson

he was an Irishman and both were from Malone

Stowers, Mrs. Beulah

Jan. __, 1826

Elisha Drury

both of Malone. She was the widow of Ashley Stowers

Stowers, Polly

Jan. 12, 1830

Alva Burnap

he was a farmer ae 26; she was a teacher ae 23 and both were from Malone. Witnesses: Bliss Burnap, Abijah Stowers and Charles Russell

Stowers, Sarah

Oct. 21, 1841

Henry C. Smith

he was a farmer from Chateaugay ae 24; she was ae 20 from Constable. Witnesses: Mr. and Mrs. Smith, parents of the groom, Elisha Drury, father-in-law (i.e. step father?)and Beulah Drury, mother of the bride (formerly wed to Ashley Stowers), Mr. and Mrs. Nichols

Stratton, George A.L.

Apr. 7, 1861

Mary E. Norman

he was from Malone ae 19; she was from Malone ae 21. Witnesses: Susan Gilligan and Betsey Parmelee

Stratton, Mrs. Tamison

Oct. 9, 1853

Rufus Newell

he was a widower from Malone ae 60; she was a widow from Malone ae 50. Married at Parmelee’s house in Malone before witnesses: Henry Coburn, Betsey, Mary and Sarah Parmelee

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