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Tannahill, William

Apr. 17, 1844

Jennette White

he was a farmer from Godmanchester, PQ ae 24. She was also from Godmanchester, ae 19. They brought with them testamonials as to the legality of their marriage, which occurred at Parmelee’s house. Witnesses: Enos Wood, Jr., George Bigger, Robert Tannahill, John White, Aruna White, Helen White

Taylor, George

Mar. 25, 1836

Mary Carlisle

he was a farmer from Malone ae 26; she was a hired servant from Malone ae 22. Witnesses: Mr. and Mrs. Smith Clark (with whom Miss Carlisle had long resided), Horatio Powell, Benjamin Clark Jr., and David Winchester

Taylor, Reuel

Dec. 3, 1839

Betsey M. Broughton

he was an iron manufacturer from Norfolk, NY ae 55; she was from Malone ae 34. Witnesses: David Sperry, Rebecca Sperry, Lyman Sperry, John Dimmick, Samuel Brown and Hannah Brown

Thomas, Elihu

Sep. 6, 1810

Elvira Baker

both of Malone (his first wife , Lefea, died Dec. 11, 1809 and is buried in Webster St. Cemetery)

Thomas, Ellen

Sep. 15, 1846

Thomas Stetson

he was a school teacher from Bangor, ae 25; she was also a school teacher from Bangor, ae 25. Witnesses: Mr. and Mrs. Thomas, parents of the bride, Carlos Barnum and Betsey Parmelee

Thomas, Jonathan

Oct. __, 1828

Annie Johnson

both of Malone. The day of the month is missing in the original (he died Nov. 12, 1850 and is buried in Webster St. Cemetery)

Thompson, Henry

Feb. 17, 1853

Almina Woodruff

he was ae 21; she was ae 20 and the daughter of Rev. Silas R.. Woodruff of Malone. Witnesses: Graves Foote, Rev. and Mrs. Woodruff, parents of the bride, Harriet Fisk, Denison Fisk, Mary and Sarah Parmelee

Thompson, Isabela

Mar. 17, 1835

John Curry

he was a farmer from Malone ae 22; she was a cook from Malone ae 20. Witnesses: William Curry (brother of the groom), Ashbel B. Parmelee, Fanny Parmelee

Thompson, John

June 12, 1844

Charlotte Hall

he was a tailor from Malone ae 33; she was from Burke, ae 24. Witnesses: George Hall, Mr. and Mrs. William Hall, Margaret Hall, Betsey Parmelee

Thompson, Mary Ann

Aug. 4, 1842

Charles J. Clark

he was a merchant from Malone ae 23; she was ae 18 from Malone. Witnesses: Jonathan Thompson, Lucinda Thompson, Harry S. House , Lucy House, Benjamin Clark

Thorndike, Almina

Sep. __, 1825

Dr. Opher Conant

both of Malone, day of the month was not listed in the original

Titus, Mercy

Feb. 28, 1830

Franklin Purdy

he was a farmer ae 21 from Malone; she was a seamstress ae 19 from Constable. Witnesses: David Stratton, Tamison Stratton and Tamison Purdy

Town, Delia

May 26, 1858

Benjamin Glazier

he was a farmer from Titusville in the Town of Malone ae 23; she was also from Titusville ae 14 and her parents (Mr. and Mrs. John Town) consented to the marriage. Witnesses: Mrs. Charlotte Taylor, Miss Susan Gilligan

Trowbridge, Mrs. Margaret

Jan. 8, 1857

Chauncey Wood

he was a widower from Blackhawk Co. Iowa ae 47; she was a widow from Morristown, NY ae 43. Married at Frederick Bernard’s house before witnesses: Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Bernard and their two sons and a daughter

Turner, Sarah

Oct. 27, 1831

James Richie

he was a farmer from Chateaugay ae 27; she was a cook from Chateaugay ae 21. Both were recently from Ireland and were married in Chateaugay. Witnesses: Robert Yound, John Turner, John Richie and Mary Hall

Tyler, Deborah

May 3, 1841

Heman Prior

he was a widower farmer from Malone ae 71; she was a widow from Malone ae 50. Witnesses: Horace Chapman, Mrs. H. Chapman, Swift Tyler, Mr. and Mrs. Snow

Tyler, Fanny

Aug. 23, 1843

Chauncey Williamson

he was the 18 yr old son of widow Sarah Williamson, of Malone, and a farmer. She was ae 20 from Malone. Witnesses: Sarah Williamson, Mr. and Mrs. Pics(?), parents of the bride, Mary Parmelee

Tyler, Jane A.

Apr. 17, 1837

Benjamin F. Lampson

he was a farmer from Franklin ae 21; she was from Malone. Witnesses: Mr. and Mrs. Horace Chapman, Horace Chapman Jr., Ira Lampson, Sophronia Lampson

Ware, (Mrs?) Emma C

Jan. 10, 1855

David Eggleston

he was from Malone ae 22; she was a widow from Malone ae 23. Witnesses: Mr. and Mrs. Jones (colored people), Betsey Parmelee, Amelia Longley (the record says "Miss", not "Mrs.")

Warren, Joseph D.

Sep. 19, 1843

Mrs. Lucy A. Birch

he was a merchant from Plattsburgh ae 28. She was a 24 yr old widow also from Plattsburgh. Witnesses: Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Jackson Esq., Sidney Gillette

Waterhouse, Dr. Henry S.

May 17, 1812

Lucinda Spencer

both of Malone (his first wife Sally died Jul. 21, 1810 ae 42. He drowned at Key West FL Jan. 19, 1835)

Watkins, Cephas

Feb. __, 1828

Phebe Chase

both of Malone. The day of the month is missing in the original (still lived in Malone in 1860)

Watkins, Jared

Aug. 1, 1819

Philena Wood

both of Malone

Watkins, VanBuren

Apr. 18, 1861

Cornelia Whipple

he was from Malone ae 27; she was from Burke ae 24. Married at Parmelee’s house in Malone before witnesses: William Young, Pamelia Hitchcock, Betsey Parmelee

Wead, Adeline

Jan. 20, 1822

Hiram Horton Jr.

both of Malone

Wead, Caroline

Mar. 27, 1845

William L. Kellogg

he was a farmer from Malone ae 40; she was from Malone ae 25. Witnesses: Elisha Kellogg, Thomas R. Powell, MD, Samuel Wead, Mary King, Delia Horton

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