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Wead, Mary

Oct. 17, 1832

John L. Russell

he was from Canton, NY ae 28; she was from Malone ae 20. Witnesses: Jacob Wead, Hiram Horton, Adeline Horton, and Betsey Parmelee

Wead, Samuel C.

Jan. 1, 1834

Elvira Fuller

he was a merchant from Malone ae 26; she was a well educated young lady from Malone ae 21. Witnesses: Jacob Wead, John H. Russell, Hiram Horton, Adeline Horton

Wead, Stephen

Jan. 23, 1822

Lucinda Amsden

he was from Hopkinton, she was from Malone

Wead, William

Dec. 25, 1838

Huldah Peck

he was a farmer from Belmont ae 35; she was a school teacher from Malone ae 22. Witnesses: William Brewster, John Childs, Leonard Vchilds, Roswell Wead, Betsey Parmelee

Webb, Eli

Feb. 7, 1844

Amelia Bullis

he was a farmer from Belmont, son of Samuel Webb and ae 22; she was from Ellenburg, NY ae 20. They were married at Philip Miller’s Inn in Malone before witnesses: Mr. and Mrs. Philip Miller, and Dr. D.H. Stephens of Moira (he lived 1822-1904 and is buried at Belmont Center)

Webb, Fanny

Apr. __, 1828

Jonathan Stanley

both of Malone. The day of the month is missing in the original (she died Jan. 7, 1893 ae 85 and is buried in Houndsville Cemetery)

Webb, Samuel

Oct. 3, 1811

Polly Crawford

both of Malone

Weekes, Martha S.

Jan. 25, 1848

Nathan O. Adams

he was a farmer from Bangor ae 25; she was ae 24 from Bangor. Witnesses: Mr. and Mrs. Weekes, parents of the bride, William Dickinson, Mary and Sarah T. Parmelee

Welch, Catherine

Dec. 6, 1842

Patrick Meron(?)

he was a shoemaker from Malone ae 23; she was ae 18 from Malone. He was Irish, she was French. Witnesses: Bernard McMannis, James Twaddle, William Robb, John Bennett, Mary Welch, Alice Berry

Wellington, Alanson

Dec. __, 1845

Janeesha Bell

he was a widower joiner from Malone ae about 45; she was a widow from Malone ae about 40. Witnesses: Lyman Sperry, R. H. Staples, Gideon Cotton, Betsey Parmelee, Ellen Wellington

Wellington, Harriet A.

Mar. 25, 1841

Michael Roberts

he was an innkeeper from Chateaugay ae 23; she was a schoolteacher from Malone ae 17. Witnesses: Mr. and Mrs. Alanson Wellington, parents of the bride, Mr. and Mrs. Darius(?) Roberts, Mr. and Mrs. Amos Greeno, Samuel Culver

Wentworth, Abigail

Aug. 2, 1853

Horatio Anderson

he was ae 29 from Chicago, IL; she was ae 21 from Constable. Witnesses: Betsey, Mary and Sarah Parmelee, and Anne M. Hazard

Westcott, Truman

Oct. 3, 1854

Sarah Ann Brown

he was ae 27 from Bangor; she was ae 22 from Malone. Married at Parmelee’s house in Malone before witnesses: Bradford Wright, O.W. Hubbard, Betsey and Mary Parmelee (he lived 1827-1912 and is buried in Dimmick Cemetery)

Wheat, Abigail

Feb. 20, 1815

Jonathan Estabrooks

both of Constable

Wheat, Mary

Nov. 6, 1815

John Billings

both of Constable

Wheeler, Almon

June 26, 1812

Maria Foote

both of Malone

Wheeler, Mrs. Thankful

Sep. __, 1837

________ Blair

he was a farmer ae 40; she was a widow from Malone ae 32. Witnesses: Hiram Horton, Widow Horton (the grandmother of the bride) and Adeline Horton. The date is missing in the original

Whipple, Abigail

Mar. 5, 1812

Chester Russell

both of Malone

Whipple, Abner

Aug. 23, 1820

Mrs. ____ Bingham

both of Malone. She was a widow and her name is not recorded in the original

Whipple, Betsey

Oct. 8, 1835

Rufus K. Jackson

he was a farmer from Canton, NY ae 33; she was from Malone ae 20. Witnesses: Nahum Whipple, Mrs. Whipple (mother of the bride), John Barnes, Charles Barnes

Whipple, Cornelia

Apr. 18, 1861

VanBuren Watkins

he was from Malone ae 27; she was from Burke ae 24. Married at Parmelee’s house in Malone before witnesses: William Young, Pamelia Hitchcock, Betsey Parmelee (she was the daughter of Nathan and Sarah Whipple of Burke)

Whipple, Euseba

Dec. 25, 1814

Luther Chipman

both of Malone

Whipple, Harvey

Jan. __, 1826

Sophia Shepherd

both of Malone. Day of the month is missing in the original (He was born in Cornish VT in 1798 and died Jan. 20, 1872. This was the first of 3 wives )

Whipple, Henry

Mar. 2, 1857

Mrs. Sarah Haskell

he was a widower from Malone ae 59, she was a widow from Constable ae 39. Married at Pliny Miller’s hotel in Malone before witnesses: Royal G. Haskell, William W. Haskell, George J. Whipple

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