189th Regiment, New York Volunteers


Source:  THE HISTORY OF THE 189TH REGIMENT OF NEW YORK STATE VOLUNTEERS, written in 1866 by Regiment Chaplain Wm. H. Rogers. 



1. COMPANY A raised in Steuben County, principally in Bath. 
2. Company B raised in Allegany County, principally in Bolivar, Wirt, Clarksville, Friendship, New-Hudson, Caneadea, and Alma. 
3. Company C was raised in Steuben County, principally in Wheeler, Bath, Avoca, Conona and Urbana. 
4. Company D was raised in Madison County, in Brookfield and Hamilton. 
5. Company E was raised in Oswego County. 
6. Company F was raised in Constantia, Oswego County. 
7. Company G was raised in Steuben County, in Cohocton, Avoca and Wayland. 
8. Company H was raised in Steuben County, in Bath. 
9. Company I was raised principally in Allegany County. 
10. Company K was raised in Oneida County, from the towns of Florence, Camden, Boonville, Ava, Westmoreland, Verona and Rome. 


Pvt. George W. Abbee F  
Corporal F.   Abbott C Fifer
Pvt. Joseph G. Ackerman B  
Sgt. Elisha   Ackerman I Died while on furlough home
1st. Lt. Lewis H. Ackerman I  
Corporal Issac   Adams A  
Pvt. John D. Aker A Died in Div.hospital
Corporal Eugene L. Albee F  
Pvt. Gilbert   Alden A  
Pvt. Samuel A. Alden A  
2nd. Lt. Andrew Jackson Alden G  
Pvt. Lorenzo   Alden G  
Pvt. George   Aldrich E  
Pvt. John E. Alexander B Wounded, Gravelly Run
Pvt. William   Alger A  
Corporal Vollin Court Allen A  
Pvt. Christopher   Allen B  
Pvt. Marshall   Allen B  
Pvt. Perry   Allen B  
Pvt. Hiram   Allen E  
Pvt. Philip   Ament E  
Pvt. Walter B. Amidon B  
Pvt. Abel A. Andrews A  
Pvt. James   Anson K  
Corporal Theordore   Anson K  
Pvt. Thomas H. Applebee B  
Pvt. John   Armstrong E  
Pvt. James L. Armstrong K Wounded at Hatcher's Run
Pvt. Isaac   Arnstrong D  
Pvt. Addsion   Atwater I  
Pvt. Thomas H. Aulls C  
Pvt. A. J. Austin D  
Pvt. William L. Austin D Wounded at Gravelly Run
Pvt. W.   Austin H Deserted
Pvt. William   BArney E  
Pvt. Anthony   BAtes C  
Pvt. Edgar H. Babcock A  
Pvt. H. N. Babcock E  
Pvt. Darius L. Babcock F  
Pvt. John H. Babcock F  
Pvt. Austin H. Bacon G Died in hospital
Pvt. Frank J. Bailey K  
Pvt. George W. Baily B  
Pvt. Stephen A. Baily C  
Pvt. James   Bain A  
Pvt. Isaac   Baker A  
Pvt. Olin   Baker B  
Pvt. Morgan   Baker I  
Pvt. Solomon   Baker I  
Pvt. Charles   Barnes I  
Corporal Frank N. Barney G  
Pvt. Charles W. Barrett C Missing at Hatcher's Run
Pvt. Ebenezer   Barrett C  
Pvt. Timothy   Bartlett F  
Pvt. Sylvester   Bartlett I  
Pvt. Orrin D. Bassett D  
Pvt. Joel   Beagle G  
Pvt. G.   Beaton H  
Pvt. Barney   Bebee F Deserted
Pvt. George A. Bedell F  
Pvt. Porter   Beebe E  
Pvt. Nathan G. Beebee F  
Pvt. Chancy   Beekman D Died in hospital
Pvt. Sidney   Beekman D  
Pvt. John J. Beers B  
Pvt. Leonard   Belknap K  
Pvt. Sylvester   Bell I  
Pvt. Jacob   Bellinger G  
Captain A. M. Beman E  
Pvt. Edgar   Benchley F  
Pvt. John S. Benham C  
1st. Lt. Benjamin N. Bennett A  
Pvt. Byron   Bennett A  
Corporal Horace   Bennett A  
Pvt. Ira   Bennett A  
Pvt. James   Bennett C  
Pvt. James   Bentley B  
Pvt. James   Bentley I  
Pvt. Luman C. Berry F  
Pvt. O.   Billington H  
Pvt. Edwin W. Bishop I  
Pvt. George   Blakesley A  
Pvt. Morris   Blanchard D  
Pvt. Jerome   Bleakman E  
Pvt. Morgan O. Boardwell K  
Pvt. J.   Bonnell H  
Pvt. J. F. Bonner E  
Fifer A. E. Booth A  
Pvt. William   Bottriel C  
Pvt. Daniel   Brace C Died in hospital
Pvt. James   Bradley C  
Pvt. John A. Bradley D  
Pvt. James N. Brady F  
Pvt. Adison   Brasted G  
Pvt. William   Brewer C  
Pvt. Seth D. Briggs G Promoted Corporal
2nd. Lt. Leonard   Briggs I  
Pvt. Solomon A. Briggs K  
Pvt. Edward C. Brink I  
Pvt. Benjamin F. Bristol F  
Pvt. Smith A. Bronson D  
Pvt. George W. Brooks B Wounded, Lewis's Farm
Pvt. M. C. Brooks E  
Pvt. William   Brothers E  
Pvt. Charles H. Brown A  
2nd. Lt. John W. Brown A  
Pvt. Charles F. Brown B Prisoner, Lewis's Farm
Pvt. Samuel   Brown E  
Pvt. Joseph   Brown K  
Pvt. Thomas   Brown K Promoted Sergeant
Quartermaster J. L. Brown R  
Pvt. Daniel   Brownell A  
Pvt. George D. Brundage I  
Pvt. Wesley   Brundage I Died in Hospital
Pvt. W.   Brush H  
Pvt. John J. Buchannan C  
Pvt. Henry G. Bull C Died in camp
Pvt. George W. Bunker F  
Pvt. Oscar   Bunker F Promoted Corporal
Pvt. H. J. Burch E  
Pvt. D.   Burch H  
Pvt. Richard   Burdan F  
Pvt. George W. Burdge B  
Pvt. Rowland L. Burdick B  
Pvt. Nathan R. Burdick D  
Sgt. Oscar N. Burdick D  
Pvt. James   Burke E  
Pvt. Daniel   Burley A  
Pvt. Frederick   Burman I  
Pvt. Levi   Burnum B  
Colonel Allen L. Burr R  
1st. Lt. Thomas   Burrel K  
Pvt. Henry E. Butler G  
Pvt. C.   Butts H  
Pvt. Peter   Cadet E  
Pvt. Philip   Cain K  
Pvt. H.   Calhoun H  
Pvt. H. J. Campbell B Wounded, Lewis's Farm
Pvt. Oliver H.P. Campbell I Died in Hospital
Pvt. Frank   Carpenter G  
Pvt. Simeon D. Carpenter G  
Pvt. George B. Carr C  
Pvt. Charles L. Carter B  
Pvt. Daniel   Carter E  
Pvt. Abner   Cary G  
Pvt. John   Casey F  
Pvt. Henry   Cash D  
Pvt. Frederick   Casler K  
Pvt. D.   Castle E  
Pvt. Phineas H. Castle K  
Pvt. Thomas C. Chambers F Promoted Corporal
Pvt. David D. Chapin C Promoted Corporal
Pvt. Jefferson J. Chase A  
Pvt. Ira W. Chase G  
Pvt. Francis M. Chase I  
Pvt. James L. Chase I  
Sgt. John   Chase I  
Pvt. Adelbert   Chase K  
Pvt. Sidney   Church A Died in Hospital
Pvt. D.   Churchill H  
Pvt. Edward   Clark B  
Pvt. Sidney C. Clark B  
Pvt. Myron   Clark C  
Pvt. Theron H. Clark C  
Pvt. Alanson S. Clark D  
Pvt. C. E. Clark D  
Pvt. James   Clark D  
Pvt. Charles W. Clark F Deserted
Pvt. James G. Clark F Died in transitu from Corps Hospital Nor
Pvt. L.   Clark H  
Pvt. Abraham   Clarkson C  
Pvt. Luther   Cleland G  
Pvt. Francis   Clock F  
Pvt. Benjamin   Coant F  
Pvt. S.   Coats H  
Sgt. Andrew S. Coey E  
Pvt. Joseph   Cole B  
Pvt. Lyman J. Cole B  
Pvt. Webster W. Cole B  
Pvt. G.   Cole H  
Pvt. H.   Colgrove H Promoted Corporal
Pvt. Stephen H. Collins D  
Pvt. Daniel   Comins K  
Pvt. Stewart   Comins K Killed at Hatcher's Run
Pvt. Chris.   Conrad G Died in Hospital
Pvt. Solomon J. Conute G  
Pvt. Frederick H. Cook F  
Corporal Henry   Cook F  
Pvt. Nelson J. Coolerick B  
Pvt. Alfred J. Coon B Wounded, Lewis's Farm
Pvt. William   Cooper A  
Pvt. Jerry   Cornnell E  
Pvt. William   Cornwell C  
Pvt. Albert L. Corry G  
Pvt. William   Covel A  
Pvt. Henry   Covell A  
Pvt. W.   Covert H  
Pvt. John H. Covill G  
Pvt. William B. Cox A  
Pvt. Andrew   Cradall F  
Pvt. Robert   Cramphin D  
Corporal Thomas G. Crandall B  
Pvt. William   Crandall B  
Pvt. Hamilton   Crane B  
Pvt. C.   Crane H  
Pvt. F.   Craus H  
Pvt. W.   Crawford H Deserted
Corporal M. J. Crookston H  
Orderly Sgt. David   Crosby H  
Captain Nathan   Crosby H  
Pvt. N. S. Crossett E  
Pvt. James H. Crowell D Died 4/17 from wound at Gravelly Run
Pvt. G. F. Culver A  
Pvt. Henry D. Cummings A  
Pvt. George   Curtis G  
Sgt. Josiah   Cushman K  
Pvt. Geroge   Damon E  
Pvt. George T. Daniels C  
Pvt. John   Daniels I  
Pvt. Gershon   Darling I  
Pvt. Levi J. Davids D  
Pvt. Benjamin   Davis C  
Pvt. Henry   Davis F Killed at Lewis's Farm
Pvt. John B. Davis F  
Pvt. John   Davis K  
Pvt. Moses   Davison H  
Pvt. Nathaniel   Dawley A  
Corporal Thomas D. Dean F  
Pvt. Horace   Dean G  
Pvt. Simeon   Decker C  
Pvt. Asa   Demerandville G  
Pvt. Nelson H. Demerest G  
Corporal James   Denison B  
Pvt. A.   Dennis H  
Pvt. Lafayette   Dennison D  
Pvt. GEorge   Derick K  
Pvt. John   Devits E  
Pvt. James K. Deyo D  
Corporal Amenzo L. Deyo G Entered the drum corps
Pvt. Albert   Dibble K  
Pvt. Horace   Dickie F  
Pvt. Asa   Dillenbeck K  
Pvt. Milton   Dillenbeck K  
Pvt. Elias R. Dingman E  
Corporal Abram   Doane E  
Pvt. Hiram   Donaldson B  
Pvt. William H. Donehi I  
Corporal H. J. Dopp E  
1st. Lt. Edwin A. Draper G  
Sgt. Silas   Drum F  
Pvt. Daniel W. Drumb B  
Pvt. James P. Drusen F  
Pvt. A. I.N. Duel G Deserted
Pvt. A. J. Dunham F  
Pvt. John   Dunham I  
Pvt. Alexander   Dunham K Wounded at Hatcher's Run
Pvt. J.   Dunlap H  
Pvt. J.   Dunn H  
Pvt. Julius C. Dunton C  
Pvt. S.   Dunton H  
Pvt. Lewis   Durgey E  
Pvt. W. H. Dutcher F  
Pvt. Washington   Dutcher F  
Pvt. Jeremiah   Dyball D  
Pvt. Thomas   Dye D  
Pvt. Elisha   Dyer C  
Pvt. Jacob   Eckerman G  
Pvt. Jary F. Eddy A  
Pvt. William   Edgar C  
Pvt. James   Eells B  
Pvt. Charles A. Elliot I  
Sgt. Levi W. Ellis F  
Pvt. Oscar F. Ellison C  
Orderly Sgt. George   Ellsworth A  
Pvt. Frank   Emerey F Killed at Lewis's Farm
Pvt. C.`   Emery H  
Corporal Jonas W. Emmons C Promoted Sergeant
Pvt. Lewis   Ernst K  
Pvt. Ambros D. Erway I  
Pvt. Elisha H. Evans C  
Pvt. Ebenezer   Evans E  
Pvt. Jesse W. Evans I  
Pvt. George   Evans K  
Sutler Addison   Evans R  
Pvt. P.   Evland H Died in Division Hospital
Corporal Harvey A. Fairchild C  
Pvt. James   Farley A  
Pvt. Peter   Farrand F  
Pvt. Samuel   Faucett C Promoted Sergeant
Pvt. Charles K. Fay B  
Pvt. John   Feller I  
Pvt. Benjamin F. Ferris A Promoted to Corporal
Pvt. George W. Ferris A Promoted to Corporal
Pvt. Isaac H. Ferris A  
Pvt. Peter B. Ferris F  
Pvt. Luther L. Ferris G  
Orderly Sgt. Judson   Field E Acting Sergeant-Major for three months
Pvt. John A. Filkins A  
Pvt. David   Finch I  
Pvt. Henry   Finstre E  
Corporal John   Fisk D  
Pvt. Edward E. Fitch K  
Pvt. Chauncy   Foot F  
Pvt. H.   Forman H Promoted Corporal
Pvt. Alva S. Foster B  
Pvt. H.   Foster H  
Corporal Jerrons S. Fowler G  
Pvt. Menzo   Fox K  
Corporal Mathew B. Franklin B Promoted Orderly Sgt.
Pvt. James H. Freeman K  
Corporal Daniel   French D  
Pvt. Willard L. French G  
Pvt. Charles M. Frink C Died in Division Hospital
Pvt. Martin   Frink D  
Pvt. George E. Fritts B Promoted, Corporal
Corporal Amos A. Frost D  
Pvt. William M. Fulkerson D  
Pvt. Mortimer   Furguson C  
Pvt. Marcus A. Furnald B  
Pvt. Judson V. Gaige C  
Pvt. John   Galligher D  
Pvt. Benjamin H. Gardener B  
Pvt. William R. Gardener D  
Corporal Dennis L. Gardiner B  
Pvt. William H. Gardner E  
Pvt. Henry   Garthwait B Deserted in Elmira
Surgeon Howard E. Gates R  
Pvt. P. M. Gaylord E  
Pvt. H.   Genung H  
Pvt. Henry J. Gilbert B  
Pvt. Oliver H. Gilbert B  
Pvt. Stephen   Gillet B  
Pvt. Louis P. Gillins F  
Sgt. Amasa M. Gleason H  
Pvt. J.   Gleason H  
Pvt. Samuel   Godfrey F  
Corporal Ira L. Goff G  
Pvt. Laertus   Goff G Drummer
Pvt. William B. Golden G  
Pvt. Hiram   Goodno B  
Pvt. W.   Goodsell H  
Pvt. Eugene   Gordonier K Wounded at Hatcher's Run
Pvt. Peter M. Gostley I  
2nd Sgt. Hosea K. Gould B  
Pvt. Abraham S. Gould C Promoted Corporal
Pvt. A. P. Gould F  
Pvt. John   Graham B  
Pvt. James   Graham K  
Sgt. George H. Granger G  
Asst. Surgeon Sidney D. Grasse R  
Corporal Asa   Graves I  
Pvt. Seth   Graves I  
Pvt. Daniel   Gray A  
Pvt. Charles M. Gray C  
Pvt. Charles S. Gray C  
Pvt. Van R. Gray D  
Pvt. A. D. Gray E  
Pvt. J.   Gray H  
Pvt. Eri R. Green D  
Pvt. Milo   Green D  
Corporal D. H. Green H  
Corporal Samuel   Green H  
Pvt. William R. Green I  
Pvt. Ethan   Greenman D  
Pvt. Truman M. Gregory D  
Pvt. Harvey   Gregory E  
Pvt. Livingston B. Gregory F  
Pvt. D.   Gregory H  
Pvt. W. H. Grey H  
Pvt. Joseph S. Grey K Died in Camp
Pvt. Thomas   Griffin D  
Sgt. Ira B. Griffin K  
Pvt. Charles   Griffith B  
Pvt. W.   Griffith H  
Pvt. P.   Grimes H  
Pvt. Ira   Grinnel K  
Pvt. John E. Griswould G Bugler
Pvt. Simon   Grote E  
Pvt. Ambrose   Groves D  
Pvt. Henry   Groves E  
Pvt. William A. Guinop I Died in Hospital
Sgt. Josiah   Guiwits G  
Pvt. George W. Gunsolus G  
Pvt. Charles   Gurley E  
Pvt. Robert C. Gurnsy G  
Corporal Charles   Hackett A  
Pvt. Stephen H Hagadorn C Promoted Corporal
Pvt. Edgar S. Haight G Died in Hospital
Pvt. H.   Haight H  
Pvt. Darius   Hall E Died in Hospital
Pvt. Sidney   Hall E  
Sgt. Charles E. Hall G  
Orderly Sgt. Merrit   Hall I  
Corporal Simon   Halligan F Promoted Sergeant
Pvt. Albert   Hamilton F  
Pvt. Horace   Hammond G  
Pvt. Joseph   Hand A  
Pvt. Bishop   Harrington G  
Pvt. David   Harrington G  
Pvt. Henry   Harris F Promoted Commissary Sergeant
Pvt. Amizey   Harris G  
Pvt. James   Harris G  
Pvt. Leonard   Harter G  
Pvt. Charles F. Hassell G  
Pvt. John H. Haxton F Provost Guard
Pvt. Thomas   Haydock K  
Colonel William W. Hayt R Died Nov. 8, 1864
Pvt. Elihu   Hazzard B  
Pvt. Harlan P. Hazzard B  
Pvt. Oliver P. Hazzard B  
Pvt. Hubaard W.R. Head B Promoted Sergeant
Pvt. Heartwich   Hears I  
Pvt. Henry   Hears I  
Pvt. David   Hecox A  
Pvt. Jacob   Hedrick F  
Pvt. Michael   Helmer I  
Pvt. Daniel   Heman F  
Pvt. James   Henshaw G  
Pvt. Henry   Herron A  
Pvt. James   Herron A  
Pvt. Robert   Herron A  
Corporal Alfred M. Hess G  
Pvt. Hiram P. Hewett I  
Pvt. George M. Hewitt, Jr. G  
Pvt. Henry W. Hibbard D  
Pvt. Johathan   Hibbard D Wounded at Gravelly Run
Pvt. Samuel G. Hicock C  
Pvt. Charles E. Higby K  
Pvt. W.   Higgings H  
5th. Sgt. Martin   Higgins A  
Pvt. Nelson C. Higgins A  
Pvt. N.   Hill H  
Pvt. William B.M. Hill K  
Captain E. Darwin Hills D  
Pvt. F. Eugene Hills D  
Pvt. William H. Hillyer F  
2nd. Lt. Byron   Hinman E  
Pvt. James W. Hoard I  
Pvt. Peter   Hoffman G  
Pvt. Seyley   Holenbeck K  
Pvt. A.   Hollett H  
Corporal Alexander   Holley H  
Pvt. Thaddeus   Holliday I  
Pvt. Henry   Hollis E  
Pvt. Duane   Holmes D  
Pvt. Eugene   Holmes D  
Pvt. Franklin J. Holmes D Died in hospital
Pvt. Jerome   Holmes D  
Pvt. James B. Holmes K  
Corporal Porter J. Homer E  
Pvt. Alanson   Hooper G  
Pvt. Rensler   Hooper G Died in Hospital
Corporal Edward H. Hoose F Drummer
Pvt. Charles   Horn I Promoted Corporal
Corporal John   Horton C  
Pvt. Alva L. Horton I  
Pvt. Dr. J. G. Horton I  
Captain Elias   Horton I  
2nd Lt. Lyman P. Hotchkiss B  
Orderly Sgt. Lyman P. Hotchkiss B Promoted to 2nd. Lt.
Pvt. William H. Houghtailing F Deserted
Pvt. Martin V. House A  
Pvt. Edmond C. Howe B  
3rd. Sgt. Russell L. Hubard B  
Pvt. Newton W. Hubbard I  
Pvt. J. N. Hull K  
Pvt. Philip   Hunt G  
Pvt. Warren   Hurlburt A  
Pvt. E.   Husted H  
Pvt. Edward   Huston C Promoted Corporal
Sgt. Seymour H. Huston C Promoted Sergeant-Major
Pvt. Barney J. Hyre A  
Pvt. Robert   Ingraham E  
Pvt. Richard J. Ives B Died from wounds rec'd at Lewis's Farm
Pvt. James   Jackson A  
Pvt. Obadiah   Jacobus C  
Pvt. Dwight   Jaquay D  
Pvt. Charles S. Jeffers E  
Pvt. Jerome   Jenkins A  
Pvt. Joseph   Jenks G  
Pvt. James M. Johnson D  
Corporal John W. Johnson G  
Pvt. Oscar   Johnson G  
Pvt. A. E. Johnson H  
Pvt. Joseph B. Johnson I  
Pvt. Vine   Johnson I  
Pvt. Marshall   Johnston D  
Pvt. Henry   Jones G  
Corporal Horace   Jones I Drummer
Pvt. Luke   Jones K Wounded at Hatcher's Run
Pvt. Solomon   Jordan C  
Pvt. Edward   Jordan D  
Pvt. Tallman   Jordan K  
Pvt. Frank   Kaiser A Promoted to Corporal
Pvt. Cassius M. Keiser I Died in Hospital
Pvt. Richard   Kelley K  
2nd. Lt. William H. Kellogg D  
Pvt. A. C. Kellogg E  
Corporal James   Kenety H Died in Division Hospital
Pvt. William H. Kenyon D  
Pvt. William T. Kenyon E  
Pvt. Wilbur   Ketchum C  
Pvt. Thomas A. Kibbee I  
Pvt. John   Kilburn K  
Corporal Andrew   Kilbury B  
1st. Lt. Edwin R. Kilbury B  
Pvt. Philip G. Kilmer K  
Pvt. Ira   Kimball E  
Pvt. Jamain   Kimball F Killed at Lewis's Farm
Corporal John C. Kimball F  
Orderly Sgt. Elbert E. Kimball G  
Pvt. Luther M. Kimball G Died in Elmira
Pvt. Homer C. Kimball K  
Pvt. Harvey   King C Deserted at Elmira, October 3rd
Pvt. Herbert E. King E Promoted Corporal
Corporal Edgar   King I Fifer
Pvt. John H. Kingkade C  
Pvt. Jerome   Kingsley G  
Corporal Alfred   Kinne K  
Pvt. Charles P. Knapp A  
Pvt. John   Kniffin C  
Pvt. Warren J. Knight C Died in Post Hospital
Pvt. William D. Knight D  
Corporal Nelson   Kring A  
Corporal Francis   Krusen I  
Pvt. Justin   Lamb C  
Pvt. Amos D. Lamb D Died in hospital
Pvt. Elwood   Lamb D Died in hospital
Pvt. Hiram   Landers K  
Asst. Surgeon Henry   Lanning, M.D. R  
Pvt. Charles   Laughlin C  
Pvt. Richard   Lebar B  
Pvt. Alonzo A. Lee I  
Pvt. William   Lehr K  
Corporal Delos   Leonard I Promoted Sergeant
Pvt. Charles M. Letts K  
Pvt. Samuel   Lewis A  
Pvt. A. B. Lewis F Promoted Orderly
Pvt. Benjamin F. Lewis F  
Pvt. Samuel   Lewis, Jr. A  
Pvt. Alexander   Leyttle I  
Pvt. Amos   Little C  
Pvt. Eli S. Little C  
Pvt. Henry C. Little C  
Pvt. James   Little F Deserted
Pvt. Marcus   Lockwood C  
Pvt. Samuel   Loder F  
Pvt. Wilson   Logery A  
Pvt. James S. Loghry C Died in hospital
Pvt. R.   Lyons H  
Pvt. Philip   Mackin K  
Pvt. Charles L. Madison F  
Pvt. John H. Maloney F  
Pvt. Charles M. Mann D Died in hospital
Pvt. F.   Manning H  
Pvt. William   Mara F  
Sgt. Ceorge F. Marble F Promoted Orderly
Captain Edward A. Marble F  
Pvt. Anson L. March G  
Pvt. George S. Marsh F  
Sgt. Solon W. Martin E  
Pvt. Welsey   Martin G  
Pvt. Fayette A. Matteson A  
Pvt. Jesse   Matteson I  
Pvt. Charles   Mattison D  
Pvt. Leroy T. Maxton D  
Pvt. Thomas   Maxwell C  
Pvt. Philetus G. Mayhew I  
Pvt. Robert   McBeth A  
Pvt. G.   McCabe H  
Pvt. H.   McCabe H  
Pvt. Charles   McCann C  
Sgt. Robert   McCann H  
Pvt. James   McChesney A  
Pvt. Moses   McChesney A  
Pvt. William   McChesney A Died in hospital
Pvt. W.   McComber H  
Pvt. James   McCue A  
Pvt. John   McCullough C  
Pvt. John   McDaniels G  
Pvt. Jesse P. McDonald D  
Pvt. Henry   McDonald F Wounded at Lewis's Farm
Pvt. Richard   McDowell A  
Corporal William   McElwain C  
Pvt. James   McEtheny B  
2nd. Sgt. A. B. McFee A  
Pvt. Morris   McGraw K Promoted Corporal
Pvt. James D. McKee I  
Pvt. Smith   McMullen K Died in Hospital
Pvt. John   McNamara E  
Pvt. Hiram   McOmber K  
Pvt. James   McPherson C  
Pvt. Samuel   Mead B  
Pvt. Moses F. Meeks A  
Pvt. Eugene H. Menzie E  
Orderly Sgt. Willis A. Merrifield D  
Pvt. Levi   Miles E  
Pvt. Moses   Miller B  
Pvt. John   Millis, Jr. K  
Pvt. D. C. Mills H  
Pvt. Marvin S. Miner D  
Pvt. William   Minnich A  
Pvt. Mortimer L. Moon D  
Sgt. Rev. O. J. Moon H  
Pvt. Albert   Morgan D  
Corporal E. D. Morgan D  
Pvt. La Mott   Morgan D  
Corporal Lorenzo D. Morgan D  
Corporal Millard F. Morgan D  
Corporal Ray D. Morgan D  
Pvt. E. H. Morris E  
Pvt. Edward   Morris E  
Corporal David   Morrison A  
Pvt. Henry   Morrison C  
Pvt. R.   Morrow H  
Pvt. Moses M. Morse A  
Pvt. A. B. Morse E  
Pvt. N.   Morse H  
Pvt. Hiram   Morton F  
Pvt. John   Mosher E  
Pvt. B.   Moss H  
Corporal M. J. Moss H Died in Hospital
Sgt. Joseph   Mott C  
Corporal William N Mott K  
Pvt. Joseph   Mulholen C  
Pvt. Thomas   Mullen E  
Pvt. Owen   Mullholland F  
Pvt. Ezra B. Murry K  
Pvt. Merrit   Myers B Deserted
Pvt. Fred.   Myers E  
Pvt. H. W. Myers E  
Pvt. J. R. Nash E  
Pvt. John   Nash E  
Pvt. William P. Neff B Died in Hospital
Sgt. Adolphus J. Neff K  
Pvt. Andrew   Nickerson F  
Pvt. John   Nolan B  
Pvt. Washington   Norton I  
Pvt. David   Nudd F  
Pvt. Adelbert   Nutting D  
Pvt. Charles   Oatley E  
Pvt. George W. Odekirk E  
Pvt. Simon H. Odell F  
Pvt. Samuel   Oeds G  
Pvt. John H. Oiley K  
Pvt. Thomas   Oniel K  
Pvt. W.   Orcutt H  
Pvt. Merton   Ostrander C  
Pvt. Henry   Outman I  
Pvt. George W. Outman K  
1st. Lt. D. D. Owen E  
Pvt. Warren W. Oxx G  
Pvt. Richard   Padgham K Killed at Hatcher's Run
Pvt. Jerry A. Palmateer G  
Pvt. Herman   Palmer D  
Pvt. J. Morris Palmer D  
Pvt. Sardis   Palmer D  
Sgt. Charles   Palmer I  
Pvt. Franklin   Parckhurst K  
Pvt. Luke   Parshall G Died in Hospital
Pvt. Cyrus   Pattison B  
Pvt. Amos G. Payne F  
Pvt. John E. Pearsall F  
Pvt. George A. Peck C  
Pvt. Silsbe   Peck G  
Corporal George H. Peckham K  
Pvt. Alexander   Perine K  
Pvt. William   Perkins F  
Pvt. William   Peterson B Died in Hospital
Pvt. Elmer   Peterson G  
Pvt. Thaddeus W. Petrie G  
Pvt. Henry S. Phelps E  
Pvt. Sylvester   Phelps E  
Pvt. D.   Philips A  
Pvt. E. J. Philipson A  
Pvt. Joseph   Philpot K  
Pvt. Charles E. Plann K  
Pvt. William W. Plants I  
Pvt. Wilis   Platt A  
Pvt. Simeon   Plummer E  
Pvt. Thomas T. Pollard B Died in Hospital
Pvt. Ai D. Poppleton D  
Corporal D. D. Porter E  
Pvt. Erastus   Porter E  
Pvt. Patrick H. Powers A  
Pvt. John   Pratt C  
Corporal John   Presho C  
Drummer H. G. Preston A  
Pvt. Tisdell A. Puffer B  
Pvt. J.   Putnam H  
Pvt. Lewis   Putnam K Wounded at Hatcher's Run
Pvt. O.   Pyatt H Died at home
Pvt. Oscar A. Pyre B  
Pvt. John   Quackenbush F  
Pvt. John   Quigley A Died in hospital
Pvt. Thomas   Quinn E  
Pvt. Franklin   Randall G  
Pvt. John S. Randolph G  
Pvt. William   Randolph G  
Pvt. Rila   Rasy G  
Pvt. Randolph   Rathbun E  
Pvt. George   Raymond K  
Pvt. William W. Raymond K  
Corporal Warren   Razy F  
2nd. Lt. Mortimer W. Read C  
Orderly Sgt. Mortimer W. Read C Promoted 2nd. Lt.
Corporal Henry A. Read K  
Pvt. Albert   Reed B Teamster
Pvt. R.   Reid H  
Pvt. E. L. Rent H  
1st. Lt. Andrew C. Reynolds F  
Pvt. Vincent L. Reynolds G  
Pvt. Henry   Reynolds I  
Pvt. Nelson   Reynolds I  
Pvt. William H. Reynolds I  
Captain Burrage   Rice C Killed 1/11/1865
Pvt. William C. Rice C Promoted Corporal
Pvt. Charles W. Rice D  
Pvt. J. T. Richards E Died in Hospital
Pvt. William E. Richardson B  
Corporal Andrew H. Richardson K Died in Hospital
Pvt. Theodore   Ries C  
Pvt. Isaac A. Rising A  
Pvt. Chester C. Risley D  
Pvt. Mortimer C. Risley D  
Pvt. Albert   Robbins I  
Corporal E.   Roberts E Suicide
Pvt. Lorenzo   Roberts G  
Pvt. William H. Roberts K  
Pvt. Almod   Robinson B  
Captain Silas W. Robison C  
Corporal Abram W. Robison K Musician
Pvt. Ethel P. Rogers B  
Pvt. Leroy   Rogers B  
Sgt. John T. Rogers D  
Sgt. Charles J. Rogers I Regimental Mail Agent
Pvt. Ethan A. Rogers I  
Pvt. Frank M. Rogers I  
Corporal Josiah   Rogers I  
Chaplain William H. Rogers, A.M. R Authored the HISTORY
2nd. Lt. Clifford E. Rohde F  
Orderly Sgt. Clifford E. Rohde F Promoted 2nd.Lt.
Pvt. Samuel   Rolfe I Promoted Corporal
Pvt. William H. Rollins D  
Adjutant Eugene H. Roney R  
Pvt. Lyman E. Root B Brigade Blacksmith
Pvt. John   Root I  
Pvt. William   Rowland K  
Pvt. Martin   Rowley F  
Pvt. William   Royce E  
2nd. Lt. L. G. Rugherford H  
Pvt. L. C. Runyon E  
Pvt. Lewis P. Russell A  
Pvt. John   Sadler K  
Pvt. L. C. Sampson E  
Pvt. Levi W. Samson D  
Pvt. F.   Sanford H  
Pvt. Henry   Sasenbury K Died in Hospital
Pvt. Henry   Sasenbury, Jr. K  
Pvt. O.   Sawyer H  
Pvt. D.   Scofield H  
!st. Lt. Hiram F. Scofield H  
Pvt. Edgar J. Scott B  
Pvt. John   Scott B  
Corporal Joseph C. Scott B Promoted Sergeant
Pvt. Sanford N. Scott B  
Sgt. H. D. Scott D  
Pvt. S.   Scott H Deserted in Elmira
Pvt. R.   Seager H  
1st. Lt. Charles Henry Searle D  
Pvt. Nathaniel   Searles A  
Pvt. Jasper E. Seeley G  
Pvt. Royal   Segar I  
Pvt. Warren   Segar I  
Pvt. Samuel   Severence B  
Corporal S. A. Seymour E  
Pvt. Patrick   Shanley C  
Pvt. Samuel   Shapley D  
Corporal David   Sharp A Died in hospital
Pvt. Jeremiah   Shaver G  
Pvt. Anthony   Shaw I Died in Camp
Pvt. Michael   Shea C  
Pvt. A. E. Sherman E  
Pvt. Henry   Sherman F  
Pvt. Sanford   Sherman K  
Pvt. Delos   Sherwood D  
Pvt. Herome   Sherwood D  
Pvt. Thomas   Sherwood G  
Pvt. Alexander   Shipman E  
Pvt. S.   Shoemaker H  
Pvt. Merlin L. Shultz C  
Pvt. Jeremiah   Shultz I Died in Hospital
Pvt. Andrew   Sillyman C  
Pvt. Louis   Sillyman C  
Pvt. Washington   Sillyman C  
Pvt. B.   Simeson H  
Pvt. Leonard   Simmons I  
Sgt. A. J. Simonds E  
Pvt. Alva D. Simons C  
Pvt. George   Simons E  
Pvt. George G. Simons E  
Pvt. Walter C. Slayton G  
Pvt. John P. Slocum C  
Pvt. Stephen   Smalley C  
Pvt. Charles N. Smith B  
Pvt. William H. Smith B  
Pvt. Henry N. Smith E  
Pvt. Truman   Smith E  
Pvt. Hugh   Smith G  
Pvt. Michael K. Smith G Died in Hospital
Pvt. A. N. Smith H  
Pvt. C. H. Smith H  
Pvt. Seymour   Smith K  
Sgt. Andrew P. Snell C Promoted Orderly
Pvt. Ransom   Snyder E  
Pvt. S. G. Snyder E  
Pvt. Morace   Snyder I  
Corporal Noice   Snyder I Promoted Sergeant
Captain Amos   Soper K  
Pvt. Bolster   Sourbier G  
Pvt. John   Spavin K  
Pvt. Frederick   Spear I  
Pvt. Chandler R. Spencer B Died in Hospital
Pvt. J.   Spencer H  
Corporal Eli   Spencer K  
Pvt. Giles   Spencer K Died in Hospital
Sgt. James D. Spencer K  
Corporal Franklin   Sperry E  
Pvt. W.   Spicer H  
Pvt. J.   Spiers H Promoted Corporal
Corporal H.   Sprague C  
Pvt. William   Statham I  
Pvt. Cassius M.C. Stephens I  
Pvt. Lee v Stephens I  
Pvt. Sylvester   Stephens I Promoted Corporal
Pvt. Charles E. Stewart A  
Pvt. Norman   Stewart A  
Pvt. W.   Stewart H  
Pvt. Benjamin K. Stickney B Pioneer
4th Sgt. John   Stickney B  
Corporal Charles   Still K  
Pvt. John   Still K  
Corporal Clinton D. Stillman I Died in hospital
Pvt. T.   Stilts H Promoted Corporal
Captain John   Stocum A  
Pvt. Marshall   Stoel E Died in Hospital
Pvt. Milan   Stoel E  
Sgt. Cyrus H. Stone G  
Pvt. Chester   Stone I  
Pvt. Horace N. Stone I Promoted Corporal
Corporal Lester   Stone I Promoted Drum Major
Pvt. I. N. Storm H  
Pvt. Andrew   Stowell D  
Pvt. Henry   Stowell D  
Pvt. G. E. Stowell E  
Pvt. John   Straight B Died in Hospital
Corporal william H. Stryker B  
Pvt. Charles   Stuart E  
Pvt. Warren   Sturdevant E  
Pvt. Oscar F. Sturtevant D  
Pvt. W. C. Sturtevant D  
Pvt. Squire J. Swan D  
Pvt. Robert   Swart G  
Pvt. Nathan   Sweatman K Died in Hospital
Corporal Austin A. Swetland I  
Pvt. Mumford R. Swetland I  
Pvt. Augustus   Sypher K Wounded at Hatcher's Run
Pvt. Jarvis   Talbert A  
Pvt. John   Talbert A Died en route to front
Pvt. Giles R. Talbott D  
Pvt. Robert   Talcott K  
Pvt. J. A. Tayler H  
Pvt. William H. Taylor F  
Pvt. W.   Taylor H  
Sgt. Isaac P. Teachman H  
Pvt. Maynard   Teribury I  
Corporal Leman   Teter F Promoted Sergeant
Sgt. Charles E. Thomas E  
Pvt. G. D. Thomas E  
Pvt. Jacob   Thomas E  
Pvt. N.   Thomas H  
Pvt. James   Thompson E Deserted at Little York, Pa.
Pvt. James N. Thorp C  
Pvt. Daniel   Thruston B Provost-guard
Pvt. Bradley   Tobias G  
Pvt. William B. Tobias G  
Pvt. James A. Torry B Promoted Corporal
Pvt. John   Town F  
Pvt. Joel H. Towner G  
Pvt. Oliver R. Towner G  
Pvt. Henry L. Townsend A Promoted to Corporal
Lt. Colonel Joseph G. Townsend R  
Sgt. James E. Tracy D  
Pvt. Henry F. Travis A  
Pvt. Wesley   Travis A  
Pvt. I. B. Trumbell H  
Pvt. Seth S. Tubbs G Died in Hospital
Pvt. Joseph   Tucker G  
Pvt. Oscar   Tucker G Supposed to have died in Farmville Hosp.
Pvt. Emmett   Tucker K  
Pvt. Henry   Tuttle G  
Pvt. Frederick   Ulman F Wounded at Lewis's Farm; died later
Pvt. Andrew J. Upham B  
Pvt. S.   Van Buren H  
Pvt. John   Van Campen A  
Pvt. Peter   Van Den Bergh F Promoted Corporal
3rd. Sgt. Alonzo   Van Wee A  
Corporal James   Van Wee A  
Pvt. Fayette M. Van Wormur G Died at home
Pvt. David A. Vanalstine E  
Pvt. Samuel   Vanderpool F  
Pvt. Amasa   Vangelder C  
Pvt. David   Vangelder C  
Pvt. Amos C. Vanorsdale C  
Pvt. Denis   Vars B  
Pvt. G. W. Velie H Died in hospital
Pvt. Luke H. Vorhees G  
4th. Sgt. Adin   Vose A  
Pvt. Alonso   Vunk C  
Pvt. Webster W. Waggoner A  
Pvt. Jacob   Waggoner G  
Pvt. H. S. Wagoner F  
Corporal Charles   Wagoner K Musician
Corporal W. A. Waldo H  
Corporal Thomas   Walling H  
Pvt. William   Walworth E  
Pvt. Martin B. Wardwell E  
Pvt. James   Warner K  
1st. Lt. Dwight   Warren C  
Pvt. Isaac   Warrick A  
Pvt. John   Warring G  
Captain William   Washburn G  
Pvt. E. A. Washburn H  
Pvt. Eli   Waters D  
Pvt. John   Watson A  
Corporal J. Arthur Watson F Fifer
Pvt. Howard   Watters C Died in Hospital
Pvt. Isaac   Watts C Promoted Hospital Steward
Pvt. E.   Way I  
Pvt. George A. Weaver C  
Pvt. Horace M. Weeks A  
Pvt. Adolphus   Welch A  
Pvt. Alvine   Welch D  
Pvt. Daniel O. Welch D  
Pvt. William H. Welch D  
Corporal Leroy   Wellington E  
Pvt. Sewal   Wells B  
Pvt. Thomas B. Wells D  
Pvt. C.   Wells H  
Pvt. Squire   Wessels A  
Pvt. Edwin   West F  
Pvt. Stanley   Westfall E  
Pvt. Irving   Wetherbe F Discharged before leaving Elmira
Corporal Edwin H. Wetmore G  
Pvt. Asa G. Wheat I  
Pvt. Henry M Wheaton G Died in Hospital
Pvt. Norman O. Wheeler B  
Corporal George   Wheeler C  
Sgt. Shephard S. Wheeler C  
Pvt. William   Wheeler C  
Pvt. Elon   Wheelock K  
Pvt. Barak G. Whipple E  
Pvt. D. C. Whitacer H  
Pvt. W. D. Whitacker I  
Pvt. Andrew J. White B Teamster
Pvt. Samuel   White C  
Pvt. William   White C  
Corporal Charles P. White D  
Pvt. Francis M. White D  
Pvt. John A. White D  
Corporal More C. White G  
Orderly Sgt. Dennis   Whitford K  
Pvt. George C. Wilber E  
Pvt. Charles W. Wilcox B  
Pvt. George A. Wilcox D  
Pvt. J. S. Wilcox E  
Pvt. George   Wilder F  
Pvt. John M. Wildman D  
Pvt. Haskell   Wilkinson G Discharged for accidental wound
Pvt. A.   Willett H  
Pvt. Charles N. Williams B  
5th Sgt. S. D. Williams B  
Pvt. T.   Williams H  
Pvt. George W. Williamson G  
Pvt. Henry   Willis A  
Pvt. H.   Willover H  
Pvt. Thomas   Wills E  
Corporal Charles E. Willys C Drummer
Pvt. William H. Winship A  
Captain Fayette   Withey B  
Pvt. Deloss   Withey F  
Pvt. W.   Withey H  
Major William H. Withey R  
Pvt. George   Witmaier E  
Pvt. Alfred   Wix D  
Corporal James B. Wood B  
Pvt. Charles H. Wood C  
Pvt. Theodore   Wood F  
Pvt. Andrew J. Wood G  
Pvt. James   Woodbury C  
Pvt. Ransom   Woodmansee G  
Pvt. Francis M. Woodruff C  
Pvt. Frank S. Woods C  
Pvt. Henry F. Woolstrum B  
Pvt. William   Worrey D  
Corporal Frederick   Wright F  
Pvt. Hezekiah   Wright K  
Pvt. J. R. Wyckoff H  
Sgt. Charles F. Yates F  
Pvt. A. S. Yeomans H  
Pvt. Carlos   York K  
Pvt. William   Zugenfuss G