Early Wills of Cayuga County, N. Y.


Early Wills of Cayuga County, N. Y.

(From records in the Surrogate's office, Auburn)

1. Samuel Annible, of Sempronius, date Feb. 15, 1806. Probate Mar. 14, 1806; Wife Rebekah, all of the estate, except the bringing up of Hiram Dickerson, a little boy that I have taken until he is 21 - unless he absconds before - shall be my heir with my wife. Peleg Standish, Ex. Ezekiel Sayles, Lemuel Lee, & Fanna Lee, Witnesses.

2. Abraham M. Bevier, of Owasco; Apr. 7, 1803, Jan. 24, 1804. Father, Mathew Bevier and mother Jacomyntie Bevier; brother Cornelius Bevier, Jr. Samuel and Daniel Bevier, Exs, Cornelius and Josiah Bevier, Witnesses.

3. Jeremiah Bishop, of Scipio; July 26, 1799, Nov. 20, 1799; Wife Hannah; eldest son Levi; youngest son Jeremiah; eldest daughter Sarah Retcher; younger daughters Martha Taylor, Azubah Grandy and Rhoda and Beulah; eldest gd.son Jonathan Holden; wife Hannah Bishop and son Jeremiah, Exs, Geo. Tillotson, Geo. Moore and Timothy How, Jr., Witnesses.

4. David Britton, of Milton; June 2, 1803, Jan. 2, 1804; Wife Charlotte; sons John and Charlton; dau. Charlotte. The proceeds of my estate to be used in the bringing up of my 4 children, viz: Rachel, Theodosia, John and Elizabeth until they are of lawful age. And whereas my wife is now pregnant . . . Richard Townly and Ebenezer Hoskins, Exs. Aaron Tompkins, Laurence Lewis and John C. Britton, Witnesses.

5. Thomas Brown, of Scipio; Aug. 9, 1800, Feb. 11, 1804; Son John Brown, jr. and Elizabeth his wife; Nephews John, Moses and Edward Brown and Niece Mary Brown. Richard Hudson, Jr., and Asa Harris, Exs. Jacob Bailey, Fred'k Van Liew and Elsy Quick, Witnesses.

6. William Card, of Sempronius; Aug. 22, 1803, Mar. 10, 1804; Wife Dorcas; sons William and Benjamin; dau. Margary; Dorcas Card, wife and Seth Cushman, Exs. Jacob T. C. DeWitt, John Nottingham and John Green, Witnesses.

7. Walter Covey. Petition of Mahitabel Covey of Venice for administration on estate of Walter Covey late of Venice.

8. Ezekiel Crane, of Junius; Dec. 14, 1803, Dec. 26, 1803; Wife Abigail; Sons Abram, Thomas and Jonas; 2 daus. Lucindah and Susannah, except 1 dollar, which I give to my dau. Esther Crane. John Norris and Josiah Crane, Exs. Peter Degrow, Thos. Bosworth, Jr., and Ezra Ferguson, Witnesses.

9. Richard Demont, of Aurelius; Nov. 17, 1798, June 6, 1799; Wife Abigail and 9 children, viz: Joseph, Elizabeth, Richard, Deliverance, Hannah, John, Caty, Sarah and Philip. John Harris, Joseph Annin and Ezral Smith Exs. Jonathan Whitney and David Harris, Witnesses.

10. Mary Dickinson, of Milton; July 26, 1803, Jan. 2, 1804; Daughter Sarah'; Grandchildren Levy, Stephen, Benjamin and Mary Reeves and Lettice Horton. Daughter Sarah Dickinson and son, Abner Corwin. Abner Corwin, "my son" and Joseph B. Starr, Exs. Daniel Urinsko - ? Joseph B. Starr and Chas. Gillett, Witnesses.

11. John Fleming, of Romulus; Nov. 5, 1800, Mar. 19, 1801; Wife Mary; Sons, Robert, James and Samuel; daus., Mary and Elcy. Mary Fleming, wife, and Robert Fleming, son, Exs, Stephen Miller, Mahlon Bainbridge and Silas Beers, Witnesses.

12. Gideon Freeman, of Scipio; Feb. 17, 1809, Apr. 29, 1809; Wife Eunice; Sons Reuben, Gideon and John; daus. Hannah, Anne, Phebe and Lucy. (Likewise if Betsy Ford lives with her aunt until she is of age, she is to have a cow, or equivalent.) Wife Eunice and sons John and Gideon, Exs. Thomas Lapham, Sperry Peck and Wm. Rogers, Witnesses.

13. Jesse Field, of Ledyard. Will 15 of 4th mo. 1830. Probated iMay 14, '34. Wife Phebe; daughter Deborah D., equal to what I have given my other daus. Daughter Sarah F. Rowland and her 3 children, Phebe Jane, Mary and William P.; son Richand T. Field; gd.-son Edward B. Underbill, jr., son of dau. Rebecca F. Underbill. Wife Phebe, Charles Giffert and David Thomas, Exs. John H. Wood and Allen Wood, Witnesses.

14. Fulkherd Fulkerson, of Milton; Apr. 5, 1804, Aug. 17, 1804; Wife Sarah; Sons Benjamin, Josias, Lemuel, Andrew, Chapman, John, Philip and youngest son Sylvester, now 9 yrs. old. Daughters Anna, Elizabeth and Gertrude, under 18. Wife Sarah and Daniel Cain, Exs. John Salmon, Levin ? Jaggers and A. Miller, jr.. Witnesses.

15. Edward Histed, of Sempronius; Feb. 17, 1805, Feb. 26, 1805; Wife Gerusha; Sons John and Thaddeus; Daughters Elizabeth Srang, Sarah, wife William Lee; Anna, wife John Petit; Lucy, wife Hezekiah Petit. Son Thaddeus Histed, Ex. Silas Kellogg, Daniel Brown and Ezekiel Roods, Witnesses.

16. Robert Hood, of Romulus; Aug. 4, 1800, Jan. 17, 1801; Wife Jean; Son James; daughters Elizabeth and Jean. Names brothers, Andrew, George, William and John Hood, who own land with him. John and Andrew Hood, Exs. Thomas and Joseph Ha)mes and Jared Sanford, Witnesses.

17. Braguyn Huff, of Romulus; Nov. 11, 1795, June 18, 1799; Wife Nelly; Sons Abraham, Isaac, Peter and Derks. Nicholas and Tunis. Daughters Elizabeth, wife Adam Smith; Nelly, wife Heneyn Hall; and children of deceased dau. Catalena, late wife Wm. Van Doren. and children of Molly, late wife Wm. Spader.i Will signed "Brogun Hof." Peter Huff, Adam Smith and Abraham Huff, Exs. Joseph Wickoff and David Depue, Witnesses.

18. William LaBar, of Milton; June 28, 1802, Mar. 7, 1804; wife Elizabeth; Sons Ephraim, Elias, Abraham, William and George; daughters Catherine, Mary and Sally, to be bro't up by my wife. Henry Bloom and Peter Coonrad, Exs. Jeremiah Dinthome, Abraham Bloom and James Bishop, Witnesses.

19. Benjamin Ledyard, of Scipio; Dec. 7, 1802, Nov. 12, 1803; Wife Anna. Estate div. between my 8 children, viz: Mary, wife Glenn Cuyler; Helen, wife John Lincklaen; Benjamin, Samuel, Caleb, Catherine, Peggy Ledyard and Jonathan Ledyard. Wife Ann and sonsin-law Samuel Forman and John Lincklaen of Cazenovia to be my Exs. Seth Phelps, Elias Avery and Chr. Morgan, Witnesses.

20. Daniel Longacre, of Aurelius; Aug. 28, 1800, Oct. 8, 1800; Wife Elizabeth; Son John; dau. Susannah; son Jacob; son E^vid; dau. Elizabeth; dau. Fanny; and the remainder to my 7 children, viz: Daniel, Hannah, Barbara, Nancy, Polly, Deborah and Samuel. Daniel Longacre, son, and Fred'k Gearhart, Exs, Edward Richardson ana Johnson Stout, Witnesses.

21. Thomas Luckey, of Scipio; Mar. 30, 1802, Apr. 18, 1802; My 4 children, Lettuce, John, Sarah and Charles, on becoming of age, 18 years for female and 21 years for male. James Riddle of N. Y. Ex. Joseph Richardson, Geo. Buckley and E. Bumham, Witnesses.

22. Isaac Massico. Mar. 2, 1803, Mar. 9, 1803; Wife Mary; Son Charles Masiko when he arrives at sufficient age to be put to a trade and the other children the same. Tunis Lukes Brinkerhof and Daniel R. Brinkerhof, Exs.

23. Martha Miller, of Aurelius; Feb. 27, 1802, Nov. 23, 1802; Son Samuel, use of monies to be pd. to Samuel, jr., his son, when of age. Sons Daniel, William, Adam, John and Peter. Daughter Catherine Beech. Adam and John Miller, Exs. Nathan Tibbals, jr., and Thomas Wiggins, Witnesses.

24. William Mosher. Petition of Allen Mosher of Ledyard. That Wm. Mosher of Venice, died Aug. 25, 1833, leaving wife Catherine and children Sidney, Mary, Emeline and Edwin, all minors. Asael Mosher and Jeffray Wilcox of Ledyard as executors.

25. Ezekial Parker, of Scipio; Aug. 16, 1804, Oct. 29, 1804; Wife Ruth; Sons Ezekiel, Ira, William, Leonard, Roily, Thomas, all minors; dau. Lucy, a married woman ; 2d dau. Ruth ; youngest son Philip. Gideon Freeman and Wife Ruth, Exs, Samuel Bennett, Richard Hudson, jr., and Green Parker, Witnesses.

26. Isaac Patchen, of Harpersfield, Montgomery Co. Mar. 12, 1788, of Milton, Cayuga Co. Feb. 4, 1802, date of Probate of Will. Wife Betty; Eldest son Freegift; eldest dau. Abagel; daus. Nanna and Perthena; youngest son Isaac. Wm. McFarland, Ex, John Harper, Danl. Thorp and Wm. McFarland, Witnesses.

27. Pierce, Joseph. Petition of Louis Pierce of Moravia. 1834. That Joseph Pierce, late of Moravia, died Feb. 13, 1834, leaving widow Julia Ann and next of kin, viz : Laura, wife Dan'l Goodrich, jr., of Moravia; Lyman Pierce, your petitioner; of the town of Richmond, Ontario Co.; Evelyn Pierce, ditto; Emeline Pierce of Moravia; Cornelia Pierce, a minor. Her mother, Julia Ann to be appt. guardian.

28. Teunis Quick, sen., of Ovid. July 25, 1801, Nov. 21, 1801. To son Teunis Quick, land now in his possession in Co. of Shenandoah, State of Va.; to son James Quick, land now in his possession in Berkly Co., Va. ; To sons Martin and Oka Quick. To daus. Phebe, wife Isaac Van Cleaf; Mary, wife Isaac Clawson ; Eleanor wife William Roberts and Vrantie, wife John Nephew and Jane, wife Teunis Post, and gd.-dau. Fanny Post, when 18. Andrew Dunlap, Tunis Covert, sen. and Oka Quick, son, Exs.

29. Jedediah Reynolds, of Miltoth Feb. 17, 1800, Mar. 11, 1800. Wife Hannah; eldest son William; 2d Clark; 3d Jedediah; 4th Joshua; and 4 daus., viz: Juley, Silvann, Elizabeth and Abigel. Jedediah Reynolds, son, Ex. Danl. Bacon, John Royall and Eph. WoodrufiF, Witnesses.

30. Fulkard Sebring, of Ovid. Nov. 9, 1801, Nov. 22, 1802. Wife Catherine, money due in consequence of her mother's portion. Sons,, Abraham and Cornelius. Daus. Mary, wife of Anton Powell and her children. Wife Catherine and sons Abraham and Cornelius. Exs.

31. John Smith, of Ovid. Nov. 18, 1802, Mar. 23, 1803. Wife Tranky; all of the estate. She to bring up the children. Tranky Smith, wife, and Grover Smith, Exs.

32. George Snap, of Aurelius, "Co. of Onondaga." Feb. 13, 1799, June 15, 1799. Wife Catherine; Son, Henry and daus. Elizabeth; and Charity Devoe and her husband, Abraham Devoe; and gdson, Henry Devoe. Asa Jackson, Ex. Thos. Brown and Aaron Watson, Witnesses.

33. Christian Snyder, of Dryden. Date of will wanting. Mar. 12, 1803. 3 sons, William, Christian and David, a minor, and daus. Anna, Catherine, Elizabeth, Mary, Susannah, Sarah and Margaret. My executors to bring up and school my children. Wm. Snyder, son, and Geo. Dart, son-in-law, Exs. Peter Snyder, James Bishop and Henry Snyder, Witnesses.

34. Israel Taylor, of Manlius. Mar. 10, 1799, Apr. 26, 1799. Wife Esther; Sons, Israel, Oliver, and Minor ; 4 daus., viz: Esther Goodrich, Electa Hopkins, Anne Doaty and Silvia Esmond. Wife Esther Taylor, Ex. Nathan Tibbals, jr., Saml. Goodrich and Noah Olmstead, Witnesses. "Isariel Taylor" signed to will.

35. Thomas Thomson, of Scipio. Apr. 22, 1799, Aug. 17, 1799. 4 daus. Sally, Polly, Nancy and Isabella. 3 sons John, Alexander and James ; daus. Betty Richardson and Jean Sloan, married women. Sons Alexander and James to care for their mother, and her little children, viz : Thomas and Maxwell. Bequeaths the Ferryboat to 4iis 5 sons. Isabella and John Thompson, Exs, Joseph Cole, John Scott and Wm. Richardson, jr., Witnesses.

36. Jonas Ward, of Brutus. Feb. 5, 1801, Apr. 10, 1801. Wife right of dower; 5 sons, viz: Caleb, Jonas, Smith, Henry and Hiram, share alike at age of 21. Son Stephen 5 lbs. Daughters Rhoda, wife Jesse Bowen; Susan, wife Witmore Bowen; Phebe, wife Sheldon Goodrich and daughter Hannah when she is 18. Caleb Ward and Ezekiel Crane, Exs. Edward Compron, John Norris and Gilbert Jeffers, Witnesses.

37. Stephen Ward, of Aurelius. May 30, 1802, Mar. 13, 1804. Wife, not by name. Daughters Phebe, Betty and Maria to be brought up, schooled until 18. Israel Smith and Jonas Ward, Exs. Ezekiel Crane and E. D. W. Compron, Witnesses.

38. John Warn. June 11, 1801, Aug. 19, 1802. Wife, Lucretia. Daughters Christinia Burt, Sarah Whipple, Hannah Post and Elizabeth, (Warn) ; youngest daughter Lucretia. Sons, Ebenezer and Isaac. Wife Lucretia and Ebenz. Smith, Exs. John Musgrove, Solomon Woodworth and Richard Wilson, Witnesses.

39. John Wheeler.. Jan. 13, 1809, Apr. 29, 1809. Wife, Tryphosa. Daughter Peggy, wife James Van Vranken. Sons, Thomas, Ebenezer, George, David and daughter Dorcas. Wife Tryphosa, Eli Matson and Alanson Sheldon, Exs. Daniel M. Bristol and Abel Pasko, Witnesses.

40. Thomas I. Whitbeck, of Scipio. Mar. 8, 1803, May 3, 1803. Wife Mary; eldest daughter Tina; eldest son Jacob. Son Leonard if he remains at home, youngest son Henry to be kept, until he is 16. Married daughters Mary and Getty. Wife Mary, Ex. Wm. Dickinson, Jacob Hoagland and Jacob Bogart, Witnesses.

41. Joseph Wilson, of Sempronius. Feb. 20, 1805, Apr. 5, 1805. Wife, Nancy. Daughters Peggy, Caty, Nancy, Polly and Jenny all minors. 4 sons, viz : David, Alexander F., Joseph and John. Son-in-law William Watson. Son David Wilson and wife Nancy to be Exs. Woodhull Tanmum, Thos. Johnson, Jr., and John Buckanan, Witnesses.

42. Isaac Wood, of Scipio. Nov. 9, 1802, Jan. 1, 1809. Wife Ruth. Sons, Jedediah and Walter and James. Daughters Rebecca Allen, Elizabeth; granddaughter Ruth Tinkler. To Allen Mosher, treasurer of the Monthly Meeting of Friends of Scipio, $100 for poor Friends. Sons, Walter and James Wood, Exs. William Renouf, Daniel Tallcott and Joseph Tallcott, Witnesses.

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