Greenwood Cemetery

About two miles southwest of Sinclairville, is one of the earliest places set apart for the burial of the dead, in the central part of the county. It is near what was once known as the Barnes Place, in the northeast corner of the town of Ellery, close to Cassadaga creek, and not far from a pleasant natural grove of original forest trees. It was in use from the earliest period of settlement by the people who reside upon Pickard street, in Ellery, and upon the town-line road between Ellery and Gerry, and in South Stockton, and by some who resided in the vicinity of Sinclairville. Over three hundred burials have been made here. The earliest inscription is that upon an old head-stone at the grave of Margaret Love, who died February 3, 1823. Among those best known, interred in this ground, are John Pickard, a soldier of the Revolution; Elisha Tower, John Love, Jared Nicholson, Zaccheus Norton, Peter Pickard, a soldier of the war of 1812, Abel Brunson, Levi Love, John Tompkins.

Inscribed upon the headstones in this grave-yard are the names of many well known families in this part of the county. Among them frequently appears the name of Pickard, Love, Becker, Denike, Stom, Vanderwaker, Lenox, Patterson, Brunson, Norton, Demott, Rogers, Carpenter, Tompkins, Denison, Rooker, Kibbe, Tefft, Woodworth, Putnam, White and Burns.

This burial ground has been enlarged from time to time, and now contains about two and one-half acres. The present trustees are Arkiazo Norton, Asa Tefft, and James Becker. Arkinzo Norton is the superintendent.


Source: Page(s) 15, History of Evergreen Cemetery.  by Obed Edson. Sinclairville, New York, Press of the Commercial, 1890.