Luce Family Burying Ground

The only private burial ground in the town of Charlotte is the Luce Family Burying Ground, on the east side of the highway, about two and half miles north of Charlotte Center, in which five persons have been buried. It consists of about an eighth of an acre of the farm owned by William Luce at his decease. It was set apart for such use by the members of the family of William Luce, an early settler in this part of the town. He died February 27, 1867, and is buried there. His wife Lydia Luce, who died March 26, 1868, is also buried there. The first interment was made June 5, 1866, of Elmer D., a child of Nelson Luce. The deed by which it was dedicated to its uses was executed October 5, 1870.


Source: Page(s) 18, History of Evergreen Cemetery.  by Obed Edson. Sinclairville, New York, Press of the Commercial, 1890.