Richmond Burying Ground

Deacon Ezra Richmond came to Sinclairville from Windham Co., Vt., about 1817. He set apart from his farm, which lies just out of the corporate limits of the village of Sinclairville, about five-sixths of an acre for burial purposes, asking no compensation. July 2, 1860, he executed a deed of the ground in trust to Merlin Wagoner, Charles H. Blanchard, and Orren Robertson. Until his decease, he took much interest in preserving these grounds properly. They lie upon the south side of the road leading from Sinclairville to Ellington, about half a mile cast of the bounds of the former village. They are now in very good condition, surrounded by a fence with stone posts, and numerous thrifty maple trees. The oldest grave-stone is that erected at the grave of Zilphia Goodrich, who died November 12, 1836, aged thirty-six. About fifty-five persons have been buried here, most of them members of the families of Richmond, Brown, Brunson, Cutting, Baker, Wagoner, and Blanchard, who were nearly all of them residents along the highway leading from Sinclairville to Ellington. Among the buried are Deacon Ezra Richmond and his wife Clarissa, Anthony Brawn, Moulton Blanchard, Stephen Freeman who died at the age of ninety years, and George Wade.


Source: Page(s) 18, History of Evergreen Cemetery.  by Obed Edson. Sinclairville, New York, Press of the Commercial, 1890.