Greene Family - Erie County

THE GREENE FAMILY in America may be traced to the early Puritan settlement of Massachusetts. The first of the Greene's in this country was Samuel Greene, a native of England, who emigrated to America in 1632, settled in Boston, Mass., and died in 1702. One of his descendants was Isaiah Greene, a Quaker who settled in Kensington, N. H., and in 1768 removed to Weare Center, N. H. Jeremiah, son of Isaiah, died in 1855. His son, Simon, was born in 1781, and died in 1860. Stephen S. Greene, son of Simon, was born April 20, 1807. In 1827 he removed to Starksboro, Vt., and in 1828 married Lydia Chase.

SOURCE:  Memorial and Family History of Erie County New York; Volume I