Boodyear, Bradley - Erie County

BRADLEY GOODYEAR, son of John Goodyear, was born in Sempronius, N. Y., December 6, 1816. He studied medicine with Dr. Miles Goodyear, practiced in Cortland, N. Y., and later in Western New York, and spent the last years of his life in Buffalo, where he died May 16, 1889. November 26, 1845, Dr. Goodyear married Esther P. Kinne, daughter of Moses and Polly (Forbes) Kinne, and granddaughter of Ira and Miriam (Goodell) Kinne of Connecticut, and of Alexander Forbes, a native of Scotland. The children of Dr. Goodyear were: Charles W. Goodyear and Prank H. Goodyear.

Dr. Goodyear was to a notable degree identified with the practice and progress of the medical profession in Western New York, being a well-read, experienced and successful medical practitioner.

The wife of Dr. Goodyear was womanly, helpful and devoted - an ideal wife and mother. Possessed of a remarkable amount of energy and vitality, she long survived her husband, her death occurring in 1907.

SOURCE:  Memorial and Family History of Erie County New York; Volume I