Worthington, Charles Gad - Erie County

CHARLES GAD WORTHINGTON, senior member of the insurance firm of Worthington & Sill, is one of the best-known men in Western New York in his field, having been for forty years prominently connected with fire and marine insurance interests in Buffalo.

The Worthington family is of ancient English lineage. The founder of its American branch was Nicholas Worthington, a landowner who lived near Liverpool, England, and fought in the Cromwellian wars. Later he came to New England, settling at Saybrook, Conn., in 1649, and afterward removing to Hartford. He died September 6, 1683. His son, William, was born in 1670, lived in Hartford, Conn., and about 1717 removed to Colchester, Conn., where he died in 1753. He was the father of Elijah Worthington, who was born in Hartford in 1710, lived in Colchester, Conn., where he married Mary Welles, and died in 1764. His son, Capt. Dan Worthington, was born June 11, 1749. He resided in Colchester, Conn., and afterward in Lenox, Mass., where he died October 24, 1821. He married in 1771 Lois Foote. Gad Worthington, son of Capt. Dan Worthington, was born in Lenox, Mass., May 28, 1786. In early life he was a merchant in Lenox, whence he removed as a young man to Batavia, Genesee County, N. Y., where he continued to follow mercantile pursuits until his death, March 10, 1861. In 1812 he married Fannie Belden of Lenox, Mass. Their children were: Dan Leander, Gad Belden, Samuel K., John, Robert, Fannie, and Mary Ann.

SOURCE: Memorial and Family History of Erie County New York; Volume I