Borzilleri, Charles R - Erie County

CHARLES R. BORZILLERI, M.D., is a Buffalo physician of approved skill and high standing, prominent both as a professional man and in civic and social life. A native of Sicily, Dr. Borzilleri came to America in his boyhood and his active career has been identified with Buffalo, where he has built up a large practice and enjoys the esteem and confidence of the medical fraternity and the general public. One of Buffalo's foremost Italian-Americans, Dr. Borzilleri holds a representative place among his own people, of whom he is an acknowledged leader, and also favorably known and widely popular among all classes. He is a zealous Republican and wields a strong influence in his party.

Dr. Borzilleri is the son of James and Josephine Borzilleri and was born in Sicily on the 3d of February, 1873. When twelve years old he came with his parents to the United States, and the family settled in Buffalo, where Dr. Borzilleri has ever since resided. His early education was obtained in the public schools. As a boy he exhibited marked aptitude for study, and his inclination for scientific research was one of the chief reasons for his choice of the medical profession. In 1891 he began the study of medicine in the Medical Department of the University of Buffalo. After pursuing the regular curriculum he was graduated with high honors in 1895. Immediately after receiving his diploma as a physician he opened an office in Buffalo, and ever since has practiced his profession there. Dr. Borzilleri brings to the practice of medicine an exceptionally strong equipment of native ability and professional attainments. His practice is largely among the Italian- American residents of Buffalo, and his services are also much in request in the general community. He is an experienced and able physician who consistently adheres to the sound scientific and ethical standards of his profession and keeps well abreast of its modern developments. With his professional colleagues and with the public his reputation is of the highest. One of the most notable of Dr. Borzilleri's public activities were his services as sole founder of the Italian Hospital established in 1907.

A staunch Republican, Dr. Borzilleri is President of the Central Italian Republican League and has a powerful influence with the Italian Republicans of Buffalo. He organized and was President of the Young Men's Military Society, and is also identified with the I. C. I., a college fraternity. In matters relating to the welfare of Buffalo he has always shown the spirit of a progressive citizen. He is a trustee of the American Savings Bank, an active member of the Chamber of Commerce, takes an especially important part in the movement to ensure for Buffalo a better water supply system, and is equally interested in the furtherance of harbor improvements.

Dr. Borzilleri attends the Church of St. Anthony of Padua.

On April 10, 1902, Dr. Borzilleri married Emily C. Klein, daughter of the late John H. Klein and Mary Bletzer Klein of' Buffalo. They have two daughters, Eleanor, born March 23, 1904, and Josephine, born March 16, 1906.

SOURCE: Memorial and Family History of Erie County New York; Volume I