Cemetery Records - Lewis County

Can you help identify the location of the known cemeteries in Lewis County?   If so, please e-mail me   with with the name of the cemetery and location.  Do you have a transcription of a cemetery in Lewis County?   Would you consider allowing me to post it on-line?

Find A Grave has a number of cemetery transcriptions on-line for Lewis County.

Interment has a number of cemetery transcriptions on-line for Lewis County.

  • Basselin Cemetery
  • Battle Cemetery
  • Beaches Bridge Cemetery
  • Bent Cemetery
  • Blanchard Cemetery
  • Brantingham Cemetery
  • Burdicks Crossing Cemetery
  • Calvary Cemetery
  • Collins Cemetery
  • Collinsville Cemetery
  • Ebblie Cemetery
  • Fairview Cemetery
  • Fairview Cemetery
  • Gregory Cemetery
  • Hillside Cemetery
  • Hillside Cemetery
  • Leyden Hill Cemetery
  • Liberty Cemetery
  • Newton Cemetery
  • Old Martinsburg Cemetery
  • Plank Cemetery
  • Rural Cemetery
  • Rural Cemetery
  • Saint James Cemetery
  • Saint Marys Cemetery
  • Saint Michaels Cemetery
  • Saint Pauls Cemetery
  • Saint Stephens Cemetery
  • Saints Peter and Paul Cemetery
  • Salem Cemetery
  • Salmon River Cemetery
  • Sands Cemetery
  • Sunnyside Cemetery
  • Swancott Mill Cemetery
  • Swinburne Cemetery
  • Turin Cemetery
  • Carpenter Cemetery
  • Gallup Cemetery
  • Union Cemetery
  • West Leyden Cemetery
  • Wetmore Cemetery
  • Wildwood Cemetery

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