DePew records, Old Dutch Church, Kingston, New York


(From the Records of the Old Dutch Church, in Kingston,, New York.)

Benjamin De Pue, born in Rochester, married Elizabeth Schoonmaker, also born there September 3, 1719.,
Benjamin De Pue married Eyke de Witte December 13, 1735. Both of Ulster.,
Cornelius De Pue married Catrina Van Aaken May 6, 1713. both of Rochester.,
Jacobus De Pue married Zara Schoonmaker August 20, 1725, both of Rochester.,
Jacobus de Pue, Junior, married Sara Van Wagenen,, April 22, 1752.,
Joannes de Pue married Zara Van Steenbergen December 26, 1725.,
Moses De Pue married Grietjen Schoonmaker February 14, 1716.,
Moses De Pue, Junior, married Magdalena Robinson, June 8, 1748.,
Elios de Puy married Rachel Robinson June 6, 1753,, both of Rochester.,
Ephraim De Puy, married Cornelia Snyder December 21, 1726, both in jurisdiction of Kingston.,
Jacob Depuy married Catherine Contyne May 20,, 1711, of Marbletown, New York.,
Moses Depuy married Maria Dewitt March 7, 1819,, both of Marbletown.,
Nicolaus De Puy, son of Moses de Puy and Maria, Wyncoop, born December 3, 1682. Witnesses of Baptism Nicolaus de Puy and his wife.,
Benjamin, son of Moses de Puy and Marretje Wynkoop born October 13, 1695.,
Catarina, daughter of Moses de Puis and Marrett, Wynkoop born May 25, 1690.,
Moses du Puis, son of Moses du Puis and Maria Wynkoop born September 27, 1691.,
Moses Du Puy and Meritie Wynkoop had a daughter,, Magdalene, born March 14, 1686.,
Jacobus du Puy, son of Moses du Puy and Maria, Wyncoop was born September 19, 1703.,
Cornells, son of Moses du Puits and Maria Wyncoop, born January 1, 1688.,
Benjamin de Pue born July 3, 1720, son of Benjamin de Pue and Elizabeth Schoonmaker.,
John, son of same born March 26, 1727.,
Benjamin, son of same, born June 27, 1729.,
Moses, son of Cornelis de Pue and Catherine Van, Akin, born May 16, 1714.,
Moses, son of the same, born February 2, 1719.,
Abraham, son of the same, born June 30, 1723.,
Daniel, son of Moses de Pue, Junior, and Gretgen, Schoonmaker, was born December 25, 1721.,
Benjamin, son of same, born March 3, 1728.,
Moses, son of the same, born February 6, 1732.

SOURCE: Vol, X, No 8, July 1922 Genealogy: a journal of American ancestry