Ward Family Burials, St Paul's Churchyard, Eastchester, New York


The following inscriptions are from St. Paul's churchyard at Eastchester, N. Y:

John Y. Ward, died 30 November, 1801, aged 19 years.

Mrs. Anne Warne, wife of William Warne and daughter of Stephen and Ruth Ward, died 22 January, 1810, aged 45 years.

Stephen Ward died 7 December, 1797, aged 65 years.

Mrs. Ruth Ward, relict of Stephen Ward died 28 May, 1809, aged 73 years.

Caleb T. Ward, died 10 November, 1850, aged 61 years, 8 months.

Elizabeth Ward, wife of Bartholomew, died 30 July, 1829, aged 51.

Anna, wife of Jackson Odell, and daughter of Bartholomew and Elizabeth Ward, died 21 December, 1858 aged 66 years.

SOURCE:  Vol. VI, No 3, March 1916 Genealogy: a journal of American ancestry