Urban, George Jr - Erie County

GEORGE URBAN, JR., is universally recognized as one of the strongest men in the fields of Buffalo industrialism, finance and corporate enterprise. Mr. Urban's business connections are remarkable for extent and diversity. He stands in the front rank of those far-sighted, brainy men who are developing to the utmost the powers of electrical science and are applying it to the uses of transportation, manufacture and commerce. He is also very prominently identified with the management of several important banking institutions. He is a director of two insurance companies. He has large land interests and is a potent factor in the commercial problems relating to the great grain and produce staples of the country. He has found time to take a high and responsible role in Republican politics, to show a citizen-like earnestness and a practical capability in municipal affairs, and to give a share of his attention to the amenities and obligations of social life.

SOURCE: Memorial and Family History of Erie County New York; Volume I