Urban, William Charles - Erie County

WILLIAM CHARLES URBAN, who died May 17, 1902, exemplified a life devoted to useful aims, and measurable only by the highest standards of business, social duty and citizenship. During his connection of many years with that great industrial enterprise, the Urban Milling Company, Mr. Urban acquired a deserved reputation for superior practical ability.

Mr. Urban was born in Buffalo July 28, 1861, the youngest of three children, received a public and High School education, and on leaving school entered his father's establishment as a bookkeeper. He showed strong natural aptitude for business, and was presently admitted a member of the firm, the other partners being his father, his brother, George Urban, Jr., and E. G. S. Miller. April 1, 1897, the Urban Milling Company was incorporated. William C. Urban's connection with the company continued until two years before his death, when ill health made it impossible for him actively to participate in the business, from which he accordingly retired. After illness o compelled him to sever his relationship with the enterprise to which he had devoted so great a share of his life, he lived quietly at his residence at Pine Ridge.

June 30, 1886, Mr. Urban married Louisa W. Burgard, daughter of Peter and Sarah (Rink) Burgard of Buffalo. He is survived by his wife and six children: Grace E., William P., Raymond G., Ada M., Edward B., and Louise C. Urban.

Mr. Urban was one of those able, sagacious and unpretending men who accomplish important results by unobtrusive methods. Though of high social standing he belonged to no clubs or societies. His tastes were domestic to an unusual degree, and he was devoted to his home and family. A man of strong religious feeling, he was a devout and consistent member of the English Lutheran Church. His circle of friends was wide, and his estimable personal qualities contributed to make his friendships enduring.

SOURCE: Memorial and Family History of Erie County New York; Volume I