New Gazette & Business Directory
of Livingston, NY, 1868

By G. Emmet Stetson

Town of Livonia 1868 - Page 3

Lakeville 1868

The following residents of the town of Livonia receive their mail at Lake-villa:

Armstrong, S. C., farmer 2 1/2

ACKER, Mrs. Phoebe, farmer 41

Acker, F. W., blacksmith


Ames, G. R., farmer 1 1/4

Ames, C., laborer ˝

BAKER, Rev. A.

BATTORF, George W., farmer 2

BOSLEY, W. H., general merchant and farmer 30

Bryant, William., blacksmith and farmer 35

Bryan, G. C., farmer

BIRGE, A. O., leases 174

Bishop. J. R., farmer 6

Bartlett, O. B., farmer 40

Beach Mrs. M. J. , farmer 5

COOK, ISRAEL, resident

CARPENTER, IRA, carpenter and farm­er 2

CLARK, L., manuf. of flour, feed and lumber, farmer 243

Carpenter, J., farmer 2

Dubois, H. B., tailor

Eddy, Louisa and Lovina 2 1/2

GRAY, William, farmer 30


Gilbert. J. M., harness maker and farmer 14

Golden, T., farmer 2

Gray, David, farmer 150

GRAY, MATTHEW, laborer 1/2

HANNA, GEORGE W., farmer 170

Hendershott, William D., farmer 1

HAMMOND, C. C., mason and farmer 4

HOYT, George, farmer 5

Hebbard, Rev. George, Christian clergy­man and farmer 35

HIER, JESSE, farmer ˝

KIMBARK, William, prop, of Upper Lake­ville Hotel and farmer 21

KINGMAN, N., laborer

LINSLEY, S., cooper 1

Markham, W., carpenter and farmer 4 1/2

Millman, B., farmer 7

Millman, E., farmer 1 1/4

Messenger, Peter, laborer

NORTHROP, G. C., civil engineer and farmer 2

Northrop, Mrs. M. S.

PARSONS, Dwight, Prop. of Lower Lakeville Hotel

Pierce, H. S., shoemaker and farmer 11/2

REMINGTON, M. D., farmer 142

Remington, Orrin, retired farmer

Rathbon, P., farmer 1

Rowland, H. J., carpenter

STOWELL, J. C., blacksmith and carriage maker

SHEPARD, C. G., cooper and farmer 1

SHEPARD, R. E., cooper and farmer 1 1/4

WELLS, JAMES, farmer 19

WEST, E. N., general mechanic and farmer 2

WESTLAKE, William, manuf. of Westlake’s Vegetable Ointment and farmer 14

WRIGHT, S. N., carpenter and farmer 9

Lima 1868

The following residents of the town of Livonia receive their mail at Lima

Armitage, Michael, farmer 12

BEMAN, ISAAC N., farmer 142

Beman, Edward, farmer 145

HADDOCK, John, farmer 50

HOGAN, MICHAEL, farmer 20

Jones, Elnathan, farmer 125

Peel, John, farmer 55

Taylor, Daniel H., farmer 80

Hemlock Lake 1868

The following residents of the town of Livonia receive their mail at Hemlock Lake

ARCHER, BENJAMIN, harness maker and carriage trimming

Austin, B. F. (Cook & Austin)

Acklcy, Chauncey, laborer

Armstrong, John, farmer 57

Adams, A., grist and saw mills

Adams, Asel, farmer

Archer, Alijah, farmer 80

BOOTH, GEORGE A., carriage manufacturer

Bliss, William R., drugs and medicines, clerk

Barnes, William A., spinner


BLACKMER, MIRON H., breeder of Dur­ham cattle, farmer 270

Blakeslee, William, farmer 51

COOK & AUSTIN, manuf. and dealers in boots and shoes

CARROLL, E. M., general merchant

Cook, G. H. (Cook & Austin)

Corrigan, Patrick, farmer 8

COYKENDALE, LEVI, breeder of French merino sheep, leases 133

Crane, Benjamin, farmer 40

DAVIS, D. G., custom and ready-made clothing

Dunn, Mrs. H., tailoress

Egen, John, leases 1

Furgeson, G. L., butcher

FERGUSON, Hiram T, blacksmithing and carriage ironing

FITZGERALD, GEORGE W., breeder of Dur­ham cattle and farmer 278

Gilbert & Fox, drugs, groceries and li­quors

GURIN, OSCAR B., blacksmith and car­riage manufacturer

GIBBS, A. A., Allopathic physician

Guerin, Jared, carpenter

GREEN, JOSEPH L., farmer 23

Gilbert, J. H, custom miller

HANCHETT, D. H., Prop. Metropolitan Hotel (Hemlock Lake)

Hoppough, M. D. & H. P., millers

Hallock, G. N. (Smith & Hallock)

HUDSON, Miss M. C., dry goods and Yankee notions

Hanchett, Oliver, retired farmer 104

Hurlburt, Mrs. Jennie M., milliner

Harder, William, farmer 140

Hayward, Mrs. Z., grower and farmer 106


Hawley, Mrs. E. B.

JOHNSTON, DAVID, leases 100

Jerome, Nelson H., farmer 80

Jerome, Myron P., farmer 140

JACQUES, R. R., summer boarding house and farmer 275

Knowles, George (Wemett & Knowles)

KINNEY & NORTON, dealers in general merchandise

Kinney, A. H. (Kinney & Norton)

KINNEY, J. H., manuf. and dealer in boots and shoes

Knapp, Mrs. R., farmer 29

Kinney, Jacob W., farmer 44

Lightfoot, William, farmer

LINDSLEY, M. F., stock dealer and farmer 221

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