Company"B" - 8th N.Y.Heavy Artillery


It is with great pleasureI attempt to bring you the readers, information on Niagara County, New York as it is wheremy own ancestors lived for a time prior to leaving to make their way west to Michigan, andbeyond. I am amazed at all the connections between New York State, and Michigan. We areforever connected via the lives of our ancestors.

This book has many surnames of families in and around Niagara County durring the Civil War including my own GGGrandfather a Samuel W.Titus from Pekin, N.Y.,who was a Muscian with Company "B" 8th Regiment New York Heavy Artillery. Thanks to Naomi B. Baker for allowing me to use the book cover as well as other parts of her book "LETTERS HOME" for this page. The book is still in Print and available and is very, very interesting reading. If interested in buying the book please contact Ms. Baker at for information.

Listing of Soldiers of New Yorks8th Heavy Artillery -Company "B". COMPANY OFFICERS:

  1. Captain -Baker, Joel B.
  2. 1st Lieut-Low, James Jr.
  3. 1st Lieut-Nichols, Eli S.
  4. 2nd Lieut-Brown, Fayette S.
  5. 2nd Lieut- Pitcher, David L.


  1. 1st -Burns, Romeo GQ.M.,-Edwards, Thomas G. Jr.
  2. Crawley, William H.
  3. Peterson, Nathan Z.
  4. Cornell, Job
  5. Robb, Alexander T.
  6. Fellows, Franklin J.
  7. Martin, Walter L.


  1. Pyle, Lyman S.
  2. Taylor, Edwin J.
  3. Furman, Robert
  4. Saddleson, Wm. H.
  5. Fuller, Eugene C.
  6. Harwood, Lyman C.
  7. Root, John
  8. Capen, John D.
  9. Johnson, Jay K.
  10. Gifford, Charles K.
  11. Harmon, Rowland C.
  12. Fellows, Gilbert H.


  1. Pike, Benjamin L.
  2. Titus, Samuel W.


  1. Stien, Adolphus C.
  2. Nye, Francis G.


  1. Babcock, Orrin

COMPANY "B" Non- Officers Aldrich / Ash / Absalom / Acker / Billings/ Bowman / Beam / Brewer / Bishop / Bennett (3) / Button / Barnes /Beech (2) / Blake /Ball / Coon / Courtney / Christgau / Castelleon / Colbath / Cuddaback / Coe (3) / Cole /Cook / Drake / Doolittle / Dean / Dutton / Davis / Day / Emerson / Elton (2) / Eschbaugh /Frazee / Green / Gleason / Garrison / Gibson / Graves (2) / Hayne / Harry / Hall / Harwood/ Howell / Howe / Ireland / Jacbobs / *Johnson (3) / Krueger / Kocn / Levan / Longstaff / Lapworth / Laylond (2) /Lockwood / Lonsbur / Lafler / Mahl /Mabon / McGregor / McKenzie / McNeil / Mercig / Mervin/ Morrison / Messing / Mehwaldt (3) / Meyers / Matson / Maynard / McMaster / Martin /Miller / McDougal / McCoy / Nagle / Nye / Olmstead / Ortt / O'Brien / Praker / Pike /Parker (2) / Pettit / Potter / Pierce / Romer / Rodgers / Rose (2) / Russell / Sherman /Slavin / Stephens / Stiles / Sawyer / Saulsbury / Senn / Smith / Storrow / Swift / Travis/ Thompson (2) / Thornton (3) / Vedder / Voss / Vanduesan / Watson (2) / Worden / Walker(2) / White / Werth / Wilson / Wilcox / Ward (2) / Weston / Wright / Welsteed / Wright /Wiard / Walden .


LETTER TO COL. JOELB.BAKER FROM EMORY WILCOX: FORT FEDERAL HILL BALTIMORE MD., MARCH 1, 1863.Dear Captain Ithought I would write a few lines to you to inform you of a person whom I should think youcould get to enlist without much labor. It is *Samuel Titus of Pekin. He writes to me that he can hardly stay at home. Thereason that he has not enlisted before this time is because his father would not give hisconsent. I have written to him to come down and help us. I hope that you will besuccessful in getting him. There are many others south of Pekin who I think ought to come.John Scoby and Richard LeLany and others. We had a snow storm last night but it is thawingnow and I guess we shall not have the pleasure of using the shovels again. We have acannon fired at morning and evening now as the last roll of the retreat is finished thegun is fired and the flag falls. Hoping that you will be successful in your under takingand soon return to your command. I remain Yours ever Emory WilcoxCaptain J.B.Baker P.S.Remember me to my Friends at Pekin. E.W. note from the book Letters Home.



* Denotes a Relative ofmine.

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