1878 - Canandaigua Village 

from 1878 History of Ontario Co., NY, PG 270

kindly transcribed by Deborah Spencer

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Anderson, Geo. Centre Street Dry and fancy goods Ontario Co., NY 1841
Antis, Wm. Gibson Street Retired merchant Ontario Co., NY 1801
Babcock, Eli H. Bemis Street Mfr. of chilled plows and gen. rep. of Agr. Implements, steam engines, etc. Cortland Co, NY 1859
Beals, Thos. S. Public Square Banker Ontario Co, NY 1822
Bennett, Hilem F. Covert Street Physician Cayuga Co, NY 1851
Bennett, Thos. H. Mechanic St. Lawyer Steuben Co, NY 1863
Blanchard, George Clark Street Butcher Seneca Co, NY 1858
Boswell, N. R. ----------- Sheriff Broome Co., NY 1835
Brace, Horatio B. Washington St. Justice of the peace Ontario Co, NY 1824
Bridgman, Geo. D. A. Main Street Editor and Prop. Ontario Co. Journal Ontario Co., NY 1829
Brown, Thomas F. Centre Street Commission merchant Washington Co, NY 1835
Burling, Geo. W. Gibson Street Bookkeeper Ontario Co, NY 1858
Carman, M. A. East Street Surgeon dentist Wayne Co, NY 1867
Chamberlain, Maj. F. O. Main Street Farmer Steuben Co, NY 1844
Chapin, Robert Gov & Cath. Sts. Farmer Ontario Co, NY 1819
Chapin, Thaddeus Sp. & T. Chapin Farmer and fruit grower Ontario Co, NY 1803
Clark, Myron H. Gibson Street Banker (Ex-Governor of New York) Ontario Co, NY 1806
Clark, Noah T. Dungan Place Preceptor of Canandaigua Academy Ontario Co., NY 1817
Coleman, Augustus G. Gibson Street Surgeon dentist Frederick Co, MD 1855
Coleman, Mrs. Eliza Gibson Street -------------------------- Frederick Co, MD 1855
Cols, Henry G. Main Street Photographer Ontario Co, NY 1848
Cook, George Bristol Street Physician Cayuga Co, NY 1855
Cook, R. D. Col Public Square Canandaigua Hotel Chenango Co, NY 1865
Corson, Jacob Bristol Street Retired merchant Lycoming Co, PA 1811
Coy, Charles Gibson Street Dealer in trunks and harness New Bedford, MA 1832
Crane, O. N. ----------- Undertaker Ontario Co, NY 1836
Crawford, J. S. Atwater Place Merchant tailor Yates Co, NY 1863
Davis, Hiram ------------ Mfr. And dealer in all kinds of light and heavy harness Ontario Co, NY 1829
Dewey, Willoughby Z.    Wholesale and retail grocer Oneida Co, NY 1872
DeWitt, Henry G. White Street Clergyman Cayuga Co, NY 1861
Draper, John C. Main Street Banker Ontario Co, NY 1826
Ellis, Frank A. Dry goods Ontario Co, NY 1846
English, Rev. Dennis     -------- Pastor of St. Mary's Catholic Church Tipperary, Ireland 1859
Faber, J. Peter                  Ontario Co, NY 1853
Faber, Peter Chapin Street Manufacturer of carriages Uhrbach, France 1850
Faurot, Jacob P. Gorham Street Lawyer Ontario Co., NY 1825
Finley, Geo. A. Atwater Place                  Ontario Co, NY


Finley, Horace M. Howell Street                 Ontario Co, NY 1839
Finley, Marshall Atwater Street Photographer & dealer in musical instr. Windsor Co, VT 1834
Foster, John G. Clark Street Carriage maker Cayuga Co, NY 1872
Francis, John B. Bristol Street Furniture and undertaking Hartford Co, CT 1841
Gardner, Elisha W. Gibson Street                    Ontario Co., NY 1820
Gillett, Amos H. Chapin Street Dry goods and carpets Steuben Co, NY 1864
Granger, J. Albert Howell Street Lawyer Ontario Co, NY 1831
Grimes, Hollester N. Main Street Wholesale and retail grocer Onondaga Co, NY 1836
Hamlin, F. H. Gibson St.        Lawyer Ontario Co., NY 1846
Harris, F. H. Gibson Street Stenographic law reporter Yates Co, NY 1840
Hayes, J. Byron Gibson Street Physician and surgeon Ontario Co, NY 1834
Heinbuck, Henry Phoenix Street Carriage ironer and blacksmith Erie Co, NY 1876
Herrington, John Main Street Blacksmith Ontario Co, NY 1851
Hicks, Edwin H.         Lawyer Ontario Co, NY 1830
Hicks, Washington L. Spring Street County clerk Ontario Co., NY 1825
Hubbell, Walter S. Main Street Lawyer Ontario Co., NY 1824
Hubbell, Wm. R.        Dry goods and carpets Ontario Co., NY 1828
Jackson, James C. Chapin Street Lawyer Ontario Co., NY 1849
Jewett, Harvey Main Street Physician and surgeon Sullivan Co, NH 1824
Jobson, Charles Gorham Street Job printer Ontario Co., NY 1827
Lamport, Wm. H. Parish Street Farmer Rensselaer Co, NY 1826
Mason, J. Harvey Bristol Street Hide and leather dealer Ontario Co, NY 1819
Mason, Jessie H. Bristol Street ----------------------------------- Ontario Co., NY 1849
Masseth, Edward Niagara Street Masseth House Monroe Co, NY 1863
Masseth, Joseph Niagara Street Masseth House Monroe Co, NY 1852
Mattison, Jacob J. Centre Street Prop. Ontario Repository and Messenger Hunterdon, NJ 1823
McKechnie, Alex Main Street Brewer of beer Falkirk, Scotland 1843
Mervine, Henry G. Spring Street Clerk in the U. S. pension office Herkimer Co, NY 1865
Metcalf, Hiram Dungan Street Lawyer Ontario Co, NY 1820
Miller, P. A. Gibson Street Merchant, miller, and dealer in flour, feed, etc. Tioga Co, NY 1870
Millikan, Nathan J. Gibson Street Prop. Of the Ontario County Times Cheshire Co, NH 1852
Mills, John W. Seneca Point Proprietor of the Lake House Cook Co, IL 1872
Munger, M. D. Main Street Banker Hartford Co, CT 1837
Newman, A. S.        Druggist Ontario Co, NY 1837
Paddock, Chas. H. Spring Street Lawyer Wyoming Co, NY 1843
Parcell, Isaac R. Bristol Street Lawyer Onondaga Co, NY 1843
Parmele, George N. Gorham Street Dry goods Ontario Co, NY 1846
Paul, Sister Mary Main Street Directress of St. Mary's Orphans' Asylum and Parochial School Cavan, Ireland 1866
Page, E. Ransom Gorham Street Fire and life insurance agent and dealer in real estate Genesee Co, NY 1870
Phelps, Walter H. Main Street Farmer Ontario Co, NY 1835
Pierson, Edward S. Gibson Street Merchant miller Genesee Co, NY 1870
Potter, Eli S.        ---------------------------  Yates Co, NY 1865
Pratt, Col. S. B. Main Street Prop. Webster House billiard parlor Ontario Co., NY 1845
Purdy, James B.        mfr. of Towsley's patent joint spring bed; manufactory, Main St. Oneida Co, NY 1856
Raines, Jr., John Gorham Street Insurance agent Ontario Co., NY 1840
Randall, John T. Cross Street Dry goods and carpets Ontario Co., NY 1846
Reed, Geo. G. Chapin Street Blacksmith Ontario Co., NY 1824
Richardson, Maj. C. A. ------------ Lawyer and surrogate Cortland Co, NY 1855
Rice, Frank Main Street District attorney Ontario Co, NY 1845
Shafer, Daniel Bristol Street Merchant tailor Seneca Co, NY 1837
Smith, James W. Cross Street Clerk U. S. pension office Seneca Co, NY 1873
Stannard, Frank J. Centre Street Lawyer Ontario Co, NY 1854
Stark, Henry F. Main Street Dealer in real estate and Agr. Implements Ontario Co., NY 1835
Steson, Wm. L. Main Street Proprietor of the Tracy House Madison Co, NY 1872
Supplee, Chas. Y. Main Street Shirt mfr. And dealer in hats, caps, and gents' furnishing goods Ontario Co., NY 1839
Torrey, Samuel H. Main Street Lawyer and coal dealer Ontario Co, NY 1818
Tracy, Joshua     Commission and produce Ontario Co., NY 1819
Tyler, Edward G. Gibson Street President of the First National Bank Susquehanna Co, PA 1848
Van Denbergh, P. S.           Mfr. Grape boxes and also fruit dryer by the Alden process Ontario Co., NY 1842
Wakeman, Frank S. Public Square Canandaigua Hotel Niagara Co, NY 1875
Williams, Geo. N. Howell Street County treasurer and banker Ontario Co., NY 1837
Whiting, John C. Coy Street Mfr. of chilled plows, gen. rep. of agr. Implements, steam engines, etc. King Co, NH 1874

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