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BOCKOVER - POST - At residence of the bride's parents, near Port Gibson, Nov 14, 1871, by Rev. W. W. RUNYAN, George E. BOCKOVER to Miss Emma J. POST, daughter of Mr. Henry POST.   (Newark Weekly Courier, Thurs, Nov 16, 1871)

CLARKE - BUMP - In Palmyra, Sept 11, 1871, Charles H. CLARKE to Miss Helen A. BUMP of Manchester, NY.  (Newark Weekly Courier, Thurs, Sept 21, 1871)

EDMONSTON - COLE - On Dec 28, 1871, William H. EDMONSTON of Farmington to Alice A. COLE of Macedon.   (Newark Weekly Courier, Thurs, Jan 11, 1872)

HORNBECK - LEROY - In Phelps, Nov 29, 1871, by Rev. J. C. BURGDORF, George E. HORNBECK to Rose LEROY, both of  Phelps.   (Newark Weekly Courier, Thurs, Dec 7, 1871)

JAMESON - ALLEN - At Honeoye Falls, Sept 12, 1871, by Rev. S. Alden FREEMAN, Charles H. JAMESON of Newark to Emma C. ALLEN.    (Newark Weekly Courier, Thurs, Sept 14, 1871)

NEWMAN - DICKINSON - In Lyons, Oct 3, 1871, George Alonzo NEWMAN of Phelps to Miss Mary Janet DICKINSON of Lyons.  (Newark Weekly Courier, Thurs, Oct 12, 1871)

POWELL - LEMUNION - At Palmyra, Dec 13, 1871, Charles E. POWELL to Carrie E. LEMUNION, both of Manchester.   (Newark Weekly Courier, Thurs, Dec 21, 1871)

ROBINSON - ROWE - At Manchester, Dec 27, 1871, by Rev. William MANNING, Minard ROBINSON of Arcadia and Ella E. ROWE of Manchester.   (Newark Weekly Courier, Thurs, Dec 28, 1871)

SPIER - CASE - In Bristol, Sept 27, 1871, William Elbert SPIER of Lyons to Miss Etta CASE of Bristol.  (Newark Weekly Courier, Thurs, Oct 5, 1871)

WELLS - CLARK - In Manchester, Oct 13, 1871, Howland P. WELLS to Miss Nettie A. CLARK.   (Newark Weekly Courier, Thurs, Oct 19, 1871)




CAMPBELL - At Red Creek, Aug 2 or 3, 1871, Dr. CAMPBELL, graduate of Geneva NY in 1832, commenced practice in S. Butler, remaining until 1854 when he removed to Battle Creek, Mich.  In 1858 he removed to Atchinson, Kansas, then in 1862 went into the Army as a surgeon.  At the close of the war in 1865, he went to Savannah.  In 1870 he came to Red Creek.  (Newark Weekly Courier, Thurs, Aug 24, 1871)

HALL - At Phelps, Oct 9, 1871, Olney HALL, aged 61 years, 6 months.    (Newark Weekly Courier, Thurs, Oct 26, 1871)

KELLEY - On Jan 9, 1871, Mrs. Hannah H. KELLEY, wife of C. P. KELLEY of Phelps, aged 40 years.   (Newark Weekly Courier, Thurs, Jan 12, 1871)

KING - Last Tuesday, Calvin KING of Phelps.   (Newark Weekly Courier, Thurs, Feb 23, 1871)

LEACH - At Phelps, Oct 15, Mrs. J. A. LEACH, aged 57 years.   (Newark Weekly Courier, Thurs, Oct 26, 1871)

MC CABE - In Canandaigua, April 26th, 1871  Mrs. Margaret J. MC CABE.  (Ontario Repository & Messenger   Wed May 10, 1871)

MOSHER - At Manchester, July 12, 1871, Hugh S. MOSHER, aged 80 years. (Newark Weekly Courier, Thurs, July 20, 1871)

NEALE - In Sodus, Mar 15, 1871, Moses NEALE, aged 30 years.  He came from England 14 years ago and up to 20 months ago, lived in Phelps.  (Newark Weekly Courier, Thurs, Mar 23, 1871)

PARKER - At Manchester, Sept 5, 1871, Electa PARKER, aged 63 years.  (Newark Weekly Courier, Thurs, Sept 28, 1871)

PRESCOTT - In Phelps, Mar 21, 1871, Dr. Joel PRESCOTT of Newark, and one of the early settlers of Phelps (1807), aged 64 years.  (Newark Weekly Courier, Thurs, Mar 23, 1871)              

ALSO, Item in Phelps Citizen, Mar 30, 1871 -      Dr. Joel PRESCOTT came from Westford, Mass., in 1807, studied medicine with his uncle, Dr. Joel PRESCOTT who died in 1811.  (Resthaven cemetery list has correct age of 86y,8m,2d)

SWEET - In Phelps, Oct 17, 1871, Julia Ann SWEET, aged 61 years, 9 months, wife of D. B. SWEET.    (Newark Weekly Courier, Thurs, Oct 26, 1871)

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