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CARTER – BINKN?   -  At the residence of the bride’s parents, in this village, Nov 27th, 1879, by Rev. W. H. ADAMS, Mr. George W. CARTER of Honeoye Falls to Miss Ann Eliza BINKN?, of this village. 

ESTY – KING - At the residence of the bride’s uncle, November 29th, 1879, by the Rev. W. W. JACKS of Romulus, Mr. Fred ESTY of Orleans, and Miss Elizabeth KING, niece of Mr. John KING, of Romulus.   

FOSKETT - HALL - In Galen, May 21, 1879, Charles H. FOSTKETT of Hopewell  and Miss Mary E. HALL of Galen.  (Ontario Co. Times, June 1879) 

FRANK – DRAPER  -  At Geneva, Jan. 21st, 1879, by Rev. John OPPLE, Charles FRANK and Mary Frances DRAPER, both of Geneva. 

GREEN – BARNES -  At the residence of the bride’s mother in Rochester, Nov 26th, by Rev. Dr. SAGE, Mr. Henry C. GREEN of Canandaigua, and Miss Hattie BARNES. (1879) 

HICKEY – LUDLOW  - At Seneca, Dec 31, 1878 by Rev. A. B. TEMPLE, William HICKEY and Miss Mary J. LUDLOW, both of Geneva 

HICKEY – LUDLOW  - At the parsonage of the Presbyterian Church of Seneca, Dec. 31, 1878, by Rev. A. B. TEMPLE, Wm. HICKEY and Miss Mary J. LUDLOW, both of Geneva. 

HULL – MURPHY  -  At the residence of Mr. YEOMANS, in Naples, on New Years’ Eve, (12/31/1878) by Rev. W. L. AUSTIN, Mr. George HULL, of Naples, and Miss Victoria MURPHY of Parkersburg, West Virginia. 

INGRAHAM – EGGLESTON  - At Candice, Dec. 30, 1879, by Rev. R. J. HANCOCK, of Hemlock Lake, Mr. Lester INGRAHAM and Miss Frances EGGELSTON, both of Canadice. 

JOHNSON – GOFF -  At the residence of the bride’s parents, November 27, 1879, by Rev.  ? HARRIS, Mr. Albert W. JOHNSON and Miss Naomi A. GOFF, both of Bristol Center, NY. 

KILPATRICK – ALLIS – At the residence of the bride’s father in Prattsburgh, on Tuesday, Nov 25th, 1879, by Rev. F. D. SEWARD., Mr. K. F. KILPATRICK of Naples and Miss Lida ALLIS of Prattsburgh. 

MORAN – BERRY  - At St. Mary’s church, in this village, on Thursday, Nov 27th, 1879, By Rev. Father ENGLISH, Mr. Michael MORAN and Miss Nellie BERRY, all of Canandaigua.   

MUNSON - BRAMAN - At East Bloomfield Sept 17, 1879, Frank MUNSON and Isadora BRAMAN, both of East Bloomfield. (Ontario Co. Times  Wed,  Sept.  24, 1879)  (longer article)

OUGHTERSON – BEWS  - At the parsonage of the Presbyterian Church of Seneca, Jan 1st 1879, by the Rev. A. B. TEMPLE, David OUGHTERSON of Seneca, and Miss Lucy Ann BEWS of Benton. 

PIERCE – PIERCE  - At Allen’s Hill M. E. Parsonage, March 19, 1879, by Rev. J. L. KING, Mr. Melvin R. PIERCE and Miss Jennie L. PIERCE, both of Baptist Hill, NY. 

PLUMB – WOOD  -  On Thursday, November 27, at the residence of the bride’s parents, Orville L. PLUMB of Canandaigua, and Ida M., daughter of Allen WOOD, Esq., of Hammondsport, NY.  (1879) 

SIMONDS – FRENCH – In Victor, Wednesday, November 26th, by Rev. Thos. BERDEN, Mr. Lewis SIMONDS and Miss Bertha FRENCH, daughter of Mr. A. H. FRENCH. (1879) 

STRUBLE – MAY  -  At Hemlock Lake, Dec. 25th, 1879, by Rev. A. H. MARYOTT, Morgan G. STRUBLE, of Canadice and Miss Hattie MAY, of Conesus. 

TYLER – WEINTER – At the residence of the bride’s father on Thursday evening, November 27th, 1879, by Rev. Dr. PARDY, Mr. Hollis H. TYLER of Naples, and Miss Julia WEBSTER of Cohocton. 

VAIL - BOUGHTON - At Victor, Dec 3, 1879, James G. VAIL of Geneva to Miss Libbie BOUGHTON of Victor.  (Geneva Courier, Wed, Dec 10, 1879) (longer article)

VAN BUREN MELVIN  - At the residence of C. H. SEEFER, Esq., in Shortsville, May 12, 1879, by Rev. C. THOMAS, Mr. Charles VAN BUREN of Auburn, NY and Miss Mary MELVIN of Clyde, NY 

VAN GELDER – WHEATLEY  - In Chapinville on Sunday evening, Jan. 27, 1879 by the Rev. L. T. HAWKINS, Mr. George B. VAN GELDER and Miss Libbie WHEATLEY. 

VAN GELDER – WHEATLEY  -  At the Methodist Episcopal church in Chapinville, on Sunday evening, Jan. 26th, 1879, by the Rev. L. T. HAWKINS, Mr. George B. VAN GELDER and Miss Libbie WHEATLEY.


1879 DEATHS    

BRADLEY -  In East Bloomfield, Jan. 18th, 1879, Lydia BRADLEY, aged 82 years. 

DENSMORE – In Hopewell, May 8, 1879, Warren DENSMORE, aged 80 years. 

COLE – In Vine Valley, May 1st, 1879, Mrs. Catherine COLE, of consumption, aged 72 years. 

CURTIS – In Pentwater, Mich., Dec 30th, 1879, of typhoid fever, Byron CURTIS, aged 28 years.  He was a former resident of Naples. 

CURTIS – In Clifton Springs, May 6, 1879, Samuel CURTIS, aged 88 years. 

GAUSS – In East Bloomfield,  Dec 24, 1879, Benjamin GAUSS,  aged 85 years.  (unknown paper, prob. Jan 1880) (longer obit)

GRIGGS – In Hopewell, Dec 1st, 1879, at the residence of William WALTER, Joseph C. GRIGGS, aged 81 years. 

GUNNISON – On the 24th Inst., at the residence of his brother, H. W. GUNNISON, Dayton, Ky., Olivet W. GUNNISON, late of Milwaukee, Wis., formerly of Canandaigua, in the 56th year of his age. The remains were brought to this place for burial.  (Jan 24, 1879) 

HERENDEEN – In this village, Jan 16, 1879, after a long illness, Levi HERENDEEN, aged 54 years. 

HERRINGTON – In Canandaigua, May 13, 1879, Elijah HERRINGTON, aged 77 years. 

HICKS – In this town, Nov. 30, 1879, at the residence of William BEEMAN, Sarah HICKS, aged 73 years. 

INGRAHAM – In Bristol Center, on Monday, Jan. 6th, 1879, at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Albert HOTCHKISS, Mrs. Hannah E. INGRAHAM, in the 77th year of her age. 

JOBSON – In East Bloomfield, November 26, 1879, Hannah, wife of Mark JOBSON, aged 37 years and 11 months.  (Ontario Co. Journal, Fri, Dec 5, 1879) (bit longer obit)

LANING – In Jacksonville, Tompkins county, NY, Jan 9th, 1879, Benjamin LANING (father of George A. LANING, of Geneva), aged nearly 73 years.   

MATHER - In Canandaigua,  May 18th, 1879, Lucius MATHER, aged 90 years, 6 months, and 14 days. (Ontario Co. Times, May 21, 1879)

MOONEY – In this village, May 15th, 1879, Mary MOONEY, aged 71 years. 

PARMELEE – In East Bloomfield, Jan 12, 1879, Jennie N., infant daughter of Newell J. and Martha A. PARMELEE, aged 13 weeks. 

PERHAMUS – In this village, May 13, 1879, John PERHAMUS, aged 72 years, 8 months. 

REED – In Seneca, on Sunday, May 4th 1879, Jacob REED, aged 85 years.

REED – In Shortsville, May 10, 1879, Minnie, daughter of Daniel L. & Mary J. REED, aged 4 years. 

RIELEY – In this village, Jan. 17th 1879, Mary RIELEY, sister of Patrick RIELEY, aged 43 years. 

SCHELLENGER – In this village, May 7th, 1879, William SCHELLENGER, aged 57 years. 

SHEPARD – In West Bloomfield, Jan 21, 1879, of apoplexy, Lucy SHEPARD, relict of the late James F.  SHEPARD, in the 72nd year of her age. 

SMITH -  In South Bristol, Jan. 20th, 1879, Mary A., wife of Seymour SMITH, aged 37 years. 

SQUIER – In this village, May 13th, 1879, Addie, daughter of Henry S. & Jane E. SQUIER, aged 5 yrs, 7 months.  

STROUP – In Manchester, Jan 14, 1879, Charles C., infant son, of John M. and Alice A. STROUP, aged 4 months. 

THOMAS – In this village, Dec. 2nd, 1879, James H., infant son of Wm. O. and Mary M. THOMAS, aged 3 months and 12 days. 

TUBBS – In Vine Valley, Nov. 23rd, 1879, of typhoid fever, Mary, eldest child of James and Imogene TUBBS, aged 13 years.


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