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1998  DEATHS

BAILEY - Died July 2, 1998, Lawrence Keith BAILEY, aged 52 years, husb of Colette (Webb) BAILEY.   (Courier Gazette, July 1998)

BARRTUCCA - Of Phelps on May 7, 1998, Andrew BARRTUCCA, aged 81 years, husb of Angelia BARRTUCCA.   (Courier Gazette, May 1998)

BLAKE - Of Geneva on June 10, 1998, Helen E. BLAKE, aged 84 years, widow of Harold Alfred BLAKE.  (Courier Gazette, June 1998)

CAVES - At Phelps, Aug 28, 1998. Miss Gladys M. CAVES, aged 90 years, dau of Peter & Fanny (Goetman) CAVES.   (Courier Gazette, Aug  1998)

COURTNEY At Waterloo, on Sept 7 ,1998, Mary J. COURTNEY, aged 77 years, wife of Edward RUSH and Harry COURTNEY.   (Courier Gazette, Sept 1998)

EPSTEIN - At Rochester, Sept 24, 1998, Roy V. EPSTEIN, aged 48 years,  husb of Susan EPSTEIN.   (Courier Gazette, Sept 1998)

GOODMAN - At Newark on Nov 4, 1998, Phyllis M. GOODMAN, aged 90 years, widow of Robert M. GOODMAN.   (Courier Gazette, Dec  1998)

HEFFRON - Of Phelps on June 5, 1998, Edward S. HEFFRON, aged 69 years, son of Linus & Katherine HEFFRON.   (Courier Gazette, June 1998)

HOWARD - At Clifton Springs on Sept 5, 1998, Whitney Harrison HOWARD, aged 74 years, husb of Margaret (Cheeseman) HOWARD.   (Courier Gazette, Sept 1998)

JOHNSTON - Of Canandaigua on July 1, 1998, George F. "Boxer" JOHNSTON, aged 69 years, husb of Elizabeth (Townsend) JOHNSTON.   (Courier Gazette, July 1998)

LINEHAN - At Canandaigua on Oct 5, 1998, George Joseph LINEHAN, aged 75 years, husb of Jean (Long) Linehan and Frances (D'Amico) LINEHAN.   (Courier Gazette, Oct  1998)

MELENDEZ - Of Shortsville, on Sept 18 ,1998, Florence L. MELENDEZ, aged 83 years.  (Courier Gazette, Sept 1998)

O'NEAL -  At Florida on May 20, 1998, Josephine H.  (Norsen) O'NEAL, aged 78 years, wife of Jennings O'NEAL.  (Courier Gazette, May 1998)

ORBAKER - At Newark on Nov 4, 1998, Sarah E. ORBAKER, aged 81 years, widow of Lewis ORBAKER.  (Courier Gazette, Nov 1998)

QUINN - Of Newark, on May 20, 1998, Albert J. QUINN, aged 73 years, husband of Elizabeth (Slade)  QUINN.  (Courier Gazette, May 1998)

RUMSEY - At Sodus on Dec 7, 1998, Marion W. RUMSEY, aged 92 years, widow of Guy RUMSEY.   (Courier Gazette, Dec  1998)

SCHERMERHORN - Of Phelps on Dec 20, 1998, Edward H. SCHERMERHORN, aged 82 years, husb of Gertrude (Bremer) Nichols SCHERMERHORN.   (Courier Gazette, Dec  1998)

SCROOBY - Of Marion, on June 22, 1998, Joseph M. SCROOBY Sr., aged 81 years, husb of Lottie (Urbanik) SCROOBY.  (Courier Gazette, June 1998)

TAYLOR - At Rochester on Apr 13, 1998, Gordon L. TAYLOR, aged 80 years, husb of Grace (Thomas) TAYLOR.    (Courier Gazette, Apr 1998)

WHEELER - At Clifton Springs on Oct 19, 1998, Leon R. WHEELER, aged 63 years, husb of Esther (Lashway) WHEELER.   (Courier Gazette, Oct  1998)

YOST - Of Newark on Mar 31, 1998, Nelson "Toot" YOST, aged 81 years, son of Adam & Sarah YOST.   (Courier Gazette, Mar 1998)

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