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1999  DEATHS

CALHOON - Of Phelps on Aug 29, 1999, Shirley M. (Ridley) CALHOON, aged 84 years, wife of Horace Greeley SMITH & Vernon CALHOON. (Courier Gazette, Aug 1999)

CANNE - Of Newark on Apr 20, 1999,  Eleanor M. CANNE, aged 73 years, wife of Robert P. CANNE.  (Courier Gazette, Apr 1999)

CAPRON - At Canandaigua, on Jan 21, 1999, formerly of Shortsville, James G. CAPRON, aged 56 years. (Democrat & Chronicle, Sat, Jan 23, 1999)

CROLL - At Clifton Springs on July 24, 1999, Marjorie D. (De Pauw) CROLL, aged 71 years, widow of Donald CROLL.  (Courier Gazette, July 1999)

DAVIS - Died on Mar 14, 1999, Marjorie (Taylor) DAVIS, aged 72 years.  Burial in Phelps.  (Courier Gazette, Mar 1999)

FRANK - At Penn Yan on Oct 23, 1999, Albert FRANK, aged 85 years, husband of Loretta FRANK.  (Courier Gazette, Oct 1999)

GOLDSWORTHY - Of Marion, on Dec 29, 1999, Alice Evelyn GOLDSWORTHY, aged 97 years, wife of Leo GOLDSWORTHY.  (Courier Gazette, Dec 1999)

HURLEY - At Clifton Springs on June 8, 1999, John R. HURLEY, aged 83 years, husb of Gertrude (Van Deusen) HURLEY.  (Courier Gazette, June 1999)

JOHNSON - At Canandaigua on Dec 28, 1999, Edwin JOHNSON Sr., aged 79 years, husb of Ruth JOHNSON.  (Courier Gazette, Dec 1999)

JOSEPH - Of Clifton Springs, on Sept 7, 1999, Avard C. JOSEPH, aged 81 years, husband of Evelyn (Proper) JOSEPH.  (Courier Gazette, Sept 1999)

KOMMER - At Canandaigua on July 26, 1999, Barbara KOMMER, aged 59 years, wife of Walter KOMMER.  (Courier Gazette, July 1999)

MARTIN - In Florida on June 27, 1999, Vivian C. (Emerson) MARTIN, aged 88 years, widow of Albert J. MARTIN.  (Courier Gazette, June 1999)

MERKLEY - In Newark, on May 20, 1999, Dann H. MERKLEY, aged 51 years, husb of Barbara (Hess) MERKLEY.  (Courier Gazette, May 1999)

PALLADINO - At Geneva, on Sept 23, 1999, Jim PALLADINO, aged 49 years, husb of Susan M. PALLADINO.  (Courier Gazette, Sept 1999)

PAYNE - At Canandaigua, on May 20, 1999, Sharon (Err) PAYNE, aged 47 years, wife of George PAYNE and partner of Steve Pastore.  (Courier Gazette, May 1999)

POPECK - Died on July 16, 1999, Helen A. (Austin) POPECK, aged 82 years, wife of Paul D. POPECK.  (Courier Gazette, July 1999)

POTTER - In Canandaigua, on Nov 13, 1999, Maryann (Toye) POTTER, aged 80 years, widow of Frank K. POTTER.  (Courier Gazette, Nov 1999)

PROPER - At Canandaigua on Nov 15, 1999, Dorothy W. (Craig) PROPER, aged 72 years, wife of Richard PROPER.  (Courier Gazette, Nov 1999)

RUSH - Of Canandaigua, on Nov 18, 1999, Roy H., aged 93 years, husband of Elaine (Smith) RUSH.  (Democrat & Chronicle, Nov 20 ,1999)

SADLER - In Sodus, on Mar 19, 1999, Edith M. SADLER, aged 88 years, widow of Charles SADLER.   (Courier Gazette, Mar 1999)

SCHUTT - Of Clifton Springs on July 19, 1999, Harold L. SCHUTT, aged 74 years, husband of Beth (McFarlin) SCHUTT.  (Courier Gazette, July 1999)

SMITH - Of Newark on Jan 24, 1999, Laurence Joseph SMITH, aged 44 years, son of Laurence J. & Elizabeth (Ebinger) SMITH, stepson of Arthur JOSEPH.  (Courier Gazette, Jan 1999)

STEELE - At Canandaigua on Oct 24, 1999, Gloria J. STEELE, aged 48 years, wife of Stephen STEELE.   (Courier Gazette, Oct 1999)

STRYKER - Of Marion, on July 5, 1999, John H. STRYKER Jr., aged 78 years, husb of Phyllis (Ainsworth) STRYKER.  (Courier Gazette, July 1999)

VAN PARYS - In Florida on Mar 24, 1999, Marie E. VAN PARYS,  born in Belgium and widow of Jacob VAN PARYS.   (Courier Gazette, Mar 1999)

WALDORF - OF Newark on Mar 7, 1999, Lynn H. WALDORF, aged 91 years, husb of Irene (Lockner) WALDORF.  (Courier Gazette, Mar 1999)

WHITE - At Clifton Springs on Aug 20, 1999, Pauline V. WHITE, aged 79 years, wife of Mr. WHITE and companion of John Marsh.  (Courier Gazette, Aug 1999)


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