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ADAMS - Of Newark on Apr 5, 2001, Albert Sidney ADAMS, aged 84 years, husband of Edith (Davis) ADAMS.   (Courier Gazette,  Apr  2001)

AHRANS - Of Newark, on Dec 27, 2001, Donald AHRANS, aged 75 years, husband of Esther AHRANS.   (Courier Gazette, Dec  2001)

ALLEN - At Newark on Oct 22, 2001, Duane F. ALLEN, aged 64 years, husband of Shirley ALLEN.  (Courier Gazette, Oct  2001)

BANNATYNE - On Nov 9, 2001, Julia Elizabeth BANNATYNE, infant dau of James A. 3rd & Lisa BANNATYNE.   (Courier Gazette, Nov  2001)

BURGESS - Of Port Gibson on June 16, 2001, Howard BURGESS, aged 88 year, husb of Dorothy (Garlock) BURGESS.  (Courier Gazette, June  2001)

DALLOS - Of Newark on Sept 21, 2001, Ronald James DALLOS, aged 65 years, husb of Sarah (Smith) DALLOS.  (Courier Gazette,  Sept  2001)

DALRYMPLE - At Rochester on July 27, 2001, Angelo DALRYMPLE, aged 26 years, son of Joseph McCoy & Deborah (Dalrymple) Bostic.  (Courier Gazette,  July  2001)

DAVIS - At Rochester,  on Mar 31, 2001, Steven Robert DAVIS, aged 51 years, husb of Jacqueline (Taylor) DAVIS.   (Courier Gazette,  Mar  2001)

FISHER - Of Clifton Springs, on Dec 8, 2001, Gladys C. (Overslaugh) FISHER, aged 93 years, widow of Eugene FISHER.   (Courier Gazette, Dec  2001)

FULLER - Of Canandaigua, on Sept 29, 2001, Sarah Beth (Baker) FULLER, aged 29 years, wife of Robert C. FULLER II.   (Courier Gazette,  Sept  2001)

JUSTINO - At Canandaigua  on Mar 22, 2001, Robert J. JUSTINO, aged 64 years, husb of Nancy JUSTINO.   (Courier Gazette,  Mar  2001)

KLEMANN - Of Clifton Springs on June 17, 2001, Ruth (Lang) Prentice -KLEMANN, aged 81 years, widow of Frederick "Jack" KLEMANN.  (Courier Gazette, June  2001)

MARSHALL - At Clifton Springs on June 28, 2001, Mary Sarah MARSHALL, aged 79 years, a Nurse and wife of Elvey MARSHALL.  (Courier Gazette,  June  2001)

MC LAUGHLIN - Of Clifton Springs on Sept 8, 2001, Edith Ann (Costley) MC LAUGHLIN, aged 74 years, wife of Donald MC LAUGHLIN.  (Courier Gazette,  Sept  2001)

MYLACRAINE - Of Canandaigua, on May 22, 2001, Sandra (Sperry) MYLACRAINE, aged 61 years, wife of James MYLACRAINE.   (Courier Gazette,  May  2001)

NEWCOMBE - Of Newark on Apr 4, 2001, Richard A. NEWCOMBE, aged 54 years, husband of Patricia (Van Sickle) NEWCOMBE, son of Dayton NEWCOMBE.   (Courier Gazette,  Apr  2001)

NEWCOMBE - Of Newark on Dec 15, 2001, Dayton L. NEWCOMBE, aged 83 years, husb of Christine NEWCOMBE and friend of Sally Wiley.   (Courier Gazette, Dec  2001)

PEARSON - Of Clifton Springs, on Oct 12, 2001, Debora G. PEARSON, aged 45 years, dau of Leona (Barry) STRATTON.   (Courier Gazette, Oct  2001)

PRATT - Of Clifton Springs, on May 29, 2001, Jean A. (De Wind) PRATT, aged 64 years.  (Courier Gazette, May  2001)

PULVER - Formerly of Manchester, on May 7, 2001 in Colorado,  Richard L. PULVER, aged 59 years, son of Raymond G. & Arlene L. PULVER.  (Courier Gazette, May  2001) 

QUANCE - At Rome, NY, on Mar 30, 2001, Burton A. QUANCE, aged 79 years, husb of Agnes QUANCE.     (Courier Gazette,  Mar  2001)

RICCOTTI - Of Canandaigua on Jan 31, 2001, Mary E. (Le Grett) RICCOTTI, aged 98 years, widow of Frank RICCOTTI.   (Courier Gazette,  Feb  2001)

RUSSELL - At Clifton Springs, Nov 15, 2001, Frank T. RUSSELL Sr., aged 92 years, husb of Helen D. (Fordon) RUSSELL.   (Courier Gazette, Nov  2001)

SNYDER - At Newark on June 3, 2001, Robert B. SNYDER, aged 83 years, husb of Clair SNYDER.  (Courier Gazette, June  2001)

SPEAR - Of  Port Gibson on Nov 8, 2001 in Florida, Alice (Goellner) SPEAR, wife of Edwin SPEAR.   (Courier Gazette, Nov  2001)

VAN CAMP - Of Clifton Springs on Mar 10, 2001, Marie (Boerjan) VAN CAMP, aged 80 years, widow of Lawrence VAN CAMP.   (Courier Gazette,  Mar  2001)



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