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1900's  - 2000's

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 ONTARIO COUNTY TIMES     May 30, 1900     Pg 3, col 5            by:  Ron Hanley
Another Landmark Removed 
Isaac Trembley of Bristol Springs, N. Y., died at Detroit, Michigan, Saturday, the 19th inst. His age was 85 years, 5 months, and 26 days.
He left home April 30 to visit his youngest child, Mrs. Fred Esser, and at her home he sickened and died. He assured the physician and daughter that this was his last sickness, though the physician thought not. He took no nourishment for ten days, but was confined to his bed for four days. Everything was done to make him comfortable and promote his recovery. On Saturday the 19th a telegram was received by his son,  John, stating, "The doctor gives no hope of recovery. Come at once". John started at once, hoping to reach him while living, but Saturday night another message came announcing his death.  Since the death of his wife, nine months ago, Mr. Trembley had sought constant change. During that time he visited friends in Detroit, Buffalo, Rochester, Canandaigua, Naples, Academy, Cheshire, South Bristol, and Baldwinsville, and in some places more than once.
The deceased was the oldest child and only son of Rev. John and Henrietta Brown Trembley, of Academy, formerly of Farmington, and his father was the oldest son of William and Janette D. Trembley, of Bound Brook, N. J.  Isaac Trembley was born in Farmington, his father buying the Charles Freer farm of Judge N. W. Howell, and removing there 82 years ago. He lived and died on the place, improving it and building the present farm house more than fifty years ago. Being a boy of slender physique, he was not allowed to do heavy manual labor until his maturity. He received his education in the public schools, with one or two other terms at the Canandaigua Academy, after his marriage, and while Professor Robinson was the teacher of mathematics. He taught school until he was twenty, and continued teaching until his children took up the occupation. He was often sought after to take schools deemed difficult to manage. His interest in the sciences and questions of the day led him to burn the midnight oil while carrying on the work incidental to a farmer's life.
Mr. Trembley married Lysia Submit Green, of Academy, daughter of Henry and Elizabeth Kelly Green, April 28, 1836, Rev. Fisher Green officiating. They lived in the towns of Canandaigua and Gorham until their removal to the home farm here, in April 1840. This farm was then heavily timbered to the road, except a small piece surrounding the house. His life from 1840 was spent on this place, except a few years in the 80's when he made his home in Naples.  The late Rev. Stephen D. Trembley, who owned the B. T. Hawkins sawmill and adjacent property, in 1840, organized the first Sunday school in town, and persuaded his nephew, Isaac, to become superintendent, although the latter did so with much hesitancy, as he had made no profession of religion. Very soon he and his young wife were happily converted and immersed by Rev. Stephen D. Trembley, and united with the M. E. Church.  They maintained their home until the death of his wife, August 20, 1899, and morning devotional exercises was the custom all those years, the youngest one able to read having his part.

Ontario Co. Chronicle, Canandaigua, NY    October 30, 1901                  by:  Dianne Thomas

Daniel I. BOSWELL, a well known citizen of Canandaigua, died at his home in Bristol street early Friday morning, October 26, aged 68 years.  Death was due to an injury sustained several weeks ago.  In that accident his right ankle and foot were so seriously crushed that it was necessary to to perform an amputation, from which he never recovered.  The deceased was a veteran of the Civil War and a highly esteemed member of the Albert M. Murray Post, GAR, the members of which attended in a body, the funeral, which was held Sunday afternoon.  The deceased is survived by a wife and four sons, Ralph, Zachariah, John and Harold.

Ontario Co. Journal, Canandaigua, NY        Jan 3, 1902   Pg 3      by: Dianne Thomas

WEDDING - The marriage of Captain George STEMPLE, of Bristol Springs, and Miss Addie L. MOTHERSELL, of Vine Valley, took place at the home of the bride's parents in New Years' eve.  The ceremony was performed by Rev. MR. FRYE, of Middlesex.  Captain and Mrs. STEMPLE will spend the winter in Albany, where the groom has a position at the capital during the session of the legislature. 

Ontario Co. Journal, Canandaigua, NY       Friday,     Jan 31, 1902 pg 4                       by: Dianne Thomas

Bristol Center

+  Born to Mr. and Mrs. Frank CASE, Jan. 24, a daughter

Miss Clara REED arrived home on Saturday, after spending several weeks with friends at Cleveland.  Mrs. Albert H. FOSTER spent last week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey GARDNER.

Edward MURRAY barely escaped a serious accident on Friday while working in the woods.  The man who was chopping with him glanced his axe, striking Mr. MURRAY on the head, and cutting a gash about 3 inches in length.  

+  The Zealous Workers met yesterday with Mrs. KATMYER at Vincent.  Arrangements were made for their annual fair which will be held on Feb. 12.


Bristol Springs

Rev. H. L. HOWARD of Naples has returned from his trip to Missouri, and will preach at this place on Sunday.  It is also reported that he will begin a series of evangelistic meetings at the church here during February, and will be assisted by Rev. Mr. WILKINS of Bristol Center.  

G. E. HUGHSON has moved to his new home near Newark.  Mr. HUGHSON shipped one and one half barrels of Lady apples to a Philadelphia commission concern about a month ago, and received a check of $1868 for the lot. 

Miss Julia STEMPEL has gone to Newark, NJ for an extended visit with friends.  Jacob KORNBAU of East Bloomfield, is visiting his parents at this place.  Mr. George KIDMAN is suffering from a severe attack of rheumatism.  

+  A traveling agent for the McCormick Harvesting Co., has been canvassing this region in company with Frank R. STANDISH, the local agent, making numerous sales of machinery thus early in the season.

W. W. HOLCOMB, who recently purchased a portion of the Issac TREMBLEY homestead, will set out apples, grapes and berries on his new land.

Ontario Co. Journal, Canandaigua, NY     Fri,   Sept 26, 1902            by: Dianne Thomas   

Mr. and Mrs. D. G. FELLOWS are visiting friends at Canandaigua and Manchester.

Harry FOX, the 6 years old son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry FOX of Hicks point, died on Sunday of appendicitis, terminal peritonitis.  The boy was a great  ___er.  The funeral was held on Tuesday, Rev. C. J. CLAUSEN officiating.  

+  Some very fine crops of prunes are being shipped form this town.  S. BOPPEL's ___and producted the finest specimens of...

Union & Advertiser   Rochester, Monroe, NY    Sat       Jan 2, 1904             by: GSubyak@aol.com     


Aged South Bristol Charged With Forgery, Passes Away

Canandaigua, N. Y., Jan. 2 - Word was received in Canandaigua this morning of the death of Henry A. PENOYER of South Bristol, who last November was sentenced by Judge W. H. KNAPP in County Court to one year's imprisonment in the Monroe county penitentiary.
The charge against Mr. PENOYER was that of forgery in the second degree, it being alleged that he had forged his wife's name to a note for $126. Mr. PENOYER was an old man and received his sentence of imprisonment on his 71st birthday. At the time of his sentence he was in feeble health and a plea was made in his behalf by his attorney, George D. PECK of Canandaigua, to have his sentence modified, in order that he might be confined in the Ontario county jail, where he might have out of door employment. It was feared that the close confinement of the penitentiary would be injurious to his health. The plea was denied by Judge KNAPP. It is said that the remains will be brought to Canandaigua for interment.

Democrat & Chronicle.    Rochester, NY     May 6, 1904    Pg 8         by: Pat Mims

Dwelling House Burned
Bristol Center, May 5--The dwelling house on the Nodiah D. CASE farm, occupied by William STRONG, burned to the ground yesterday afternoon together with its contents.  The loss amounted to $1,2000 with no insurance.  The origin of the fire is unknown.

Democrat & Chronicle,    Rochester, Monroe, N. Y.      June 23, 1905           by: GSubyak@aol.com 


Bristol Center, June 22 - The War Department, at Washington, D. C., has notified George STRONG, of this place, of the death of his son, Kenneth STRONG, a soldier in the Philippines. Death was caused by drowning. He went out for three years and his time would have expired in September. His father, who is a veteran of the Civil war, and in very feeble health, was looking forward to his home coming when the sad message was received. The parents, one brother, William and two sisters, Mrs. Florence SANDERS, of Victor, and Mrs. Kelly BATES, of this place, survive.

 Ontario Co. Times, Canandaigua, NY       Feb 27, 1907           by: Dianne Thomas

+   Mrs. George SAWYER - Death in Kansas City of a former resident of Bristol

Bristol, Feb 23 - Died in Kansas City, Mo., Feb 17, 1907, Estella E., wife of the late George SAWYER, aged 54 years.  She was the daughter of Darius and Mary C. Simmons NEWTON, and was born in Bristol, June 6, 1852.  She married George SAWYER in April 1873, and he died Nov. 7, 1906.  She leaves three children, John, Altha and Anna SAWYER, all of Kansas City.  Of her own family, she leaves two brothers and two sisters, Isaac Newton of Cleveland, Oh., and John NEWTON of Holcomb.  The sisters are Mrs. Altha L. EMMON, of Portland Oregon and Mrs. Mary E. N. GREEN of Richmond. 

The people who read this will many of them remember the bright witty girl who passed her childhood here.  She possessed the rare gift of making friends, and wherever she lived, being called a good neighbor in the same sense that the Samaritan was to the man that "fell among thieves".  Her life was not an easy one, it had much of hardship and self-sacrifice; but the Master remembered it all and he said "come up higher." 


+  Miss Olive JONES died at her home in Bristol on Monday, Feb 18, aged nearly 92 years.  "Aunt Olive" as she was generally known, was born April 4, 1815.  Being a life long resident of the town and neighborhood where she died, she could relate many interesting circumstances of her early life, her parents being of the early pioneer settlers of the town of Bristol, from Connecticut. 

She possessed a splendid Christian character.  She was of a cheerful dispositions, always ready to lend a helping hand, and maintained her facilities to the last.  Her final illness was only 3 weeks duration, the general breaking down of old age.  She was of a family of 10 brothers and sisters, of which only one sister survives, Mrs. Nancy PHILLIPS in her 87th year.  The funeral service was held Wednesday, 11 o'clock at the house, Rev. L. D. BOYNTON officiating.  Interment in Evergreen cemetery at Bristol. 



Democrat & Chronicle,  Rochester, Monroe, NY    Thursday,   Feb. 21, 1907                by: GSubyak@aol.com

Canandaigua  -  Feb. 20 - Word came from Bristol today of the funeral in that place of Miss Olive JONES, aged about 92 years, who died at her home there, on Monday. She was a lifelong resident of the town, her parents being pioneers and she was widely known and beloved. The only survivor is one sister, Mrs. Nancy PHILLIPS. The funeral was conducted by Rev. L. D. BOYNTON, and the interment was at Evergreen cemetery.

Ontario Co. Times, Canandaigua, NY     Wednesday,   October 30, 1907           by: Dianne Thomas  

Mrs. James GELDER is visiting friends in Rochester. 

Mrs. F. C. HOLCOMB has a trained nurse from Geneva caring for her. 

Mrs. H. B. HOVEY spent part of last week at Rochester.

Mrs. Charles HALL and daughter, Ruby, visited her sister here, last week.

Mr. and Mrs. FARNSWORTH of Penn Yan are visiting at her mother's.  

Mr. and Mrs. B. HELFER visited her parents at Bristol Center, Sunday.

Nathan COYE, who has been seriously ill in Arizona, is convalescent.

Fred SMITH expects to soon enter Cornell University for the study of poultry. 

Mrs. Eliza HICKS visited John HAWKINS and family the past week.

ONTARIO COUNTY JOURNAL          April 24, 1914      Pg 5, col  6               by:  Ron Hanley
Died - TIFFANY - At Bristol, April 17, 1914, Oliver Tiffany, aged 88 years.
Married  PRATT - TALCOTT  - At Canandaigua, April 16, 1914, Rev. Belden E. Pratt of Clifton Springs, and Miss Eva Talcott, of Constantia.

Ontario Co. Journal, Canandaigua, NY        May 1, 1914           by Dianne Thomas

KILLIPS - The death of William KILLIPS, aged 78 years, occurred at the Canandaigua Hospital, Wednesday morning.  deceased had been a resident of Bristol for 45 years.  He leaves three daughters, Mrs. Bell MEHAN, Mrs. Jennie TAYLOR and Mrs. Myrtle HOLCOMB; also one son, Robert KILLIPS, all of Bristol.  The funeral services will be held at the home this afternoon.  Interment will be at Baptist Hill.

Ontario Co. Journal, Canandaigua, NY      Friday    Apr, 9, 1915                by Dianne Thomas

+ George CASE died at this home in the eastern part of the town on Monday.  He was the second son of James M. & Eliza Allen CASE and was born in Bristol on Nov 19, 1862.  He was married to Minnie DANIELS who survives him. He is also survived by his father, two own brothers, John and Fred, and two sisters, Sarah and Mary, and three half sisters, Anna, Florence and Josephine.  the funeral was held from his late home on Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock with burial in Evergreen Cemetery.

+ Ruth LA VELL is seriously ill with grip.

+ Mr. & Mrs. John LA VELL, who have had the grip, are better.

+ William CLOSHESEY, who broke a rib several weeks ago, is improving

+ Mrs. Maurice CLEMENT, who was quite ill last week, is better.

+ Lucy GREGG, who has been ill since the 18th of February, is again able to be about the house.

+ Pauline KENT is ill with chickenpox. 

+ Mrs. Demmerrel INGRAHAM, Isabel and Josephine and Mrs. Sarina WHEELER, all have grip.

+ A daughter was recently born to Mr. & Mrs. Peter CHRISTIANSEN.

+ William DANIELS has pie plant growing in his cellar, large enough to use, with stalks 9 inches long and over an inch thick.

+ Mr. & Mrs.. F. E. TONES, Mr. & Mrs. Daniel TAYLOR, Mr. & Mrs. William MURRAY and Mrs. Joseph BRITON, who have been ill with grip, are improved, but Mr. BRITTON is no better.  

+ Mr. & Mrs. Henry OLMSTEAD are ill.

+ Road Commissioner INGRAHAM, is receiving personal donations of money to be used to put in a stone road, east of the hill, beginning at Fishers Corners and working west.

+Louis SCHAFFER is building a porch on his house and otherwise improving it. 

+ Mr. & Mrs. Thomas CUSHING moved to Canandaigua last week.  Mrs. CUSHING will be much missed in the church work for she was a zealous worker.

+ Thomas BIRD and wife moved into Leon HOLCOMB'S house last week and will work for him.  Mr. BIRD gave good satisfaction on the cream route last year.

+ Dr. B. T. MC DOWELL made 18 professional calls in Cheshire one day last week.

+ Oscar PHILLIPS, who died at Cheshire as as result of being run into with a motorcycle, was buried in Evergreen cemetery on Friday. 

+ J. B. GREGG had a horse kicked last week.  Dr. EMBLY sewed the gash.

+ Mrs. Morey TRICKEY spent last week with her mother, Mrs. Hiram. ISHAM at Cheshire, who is ill.

+ Mr. & Mrs. Harry ALLEN and daughter, Lena, spent Sunday with Mr. & Mrs. Charles WARD.

+ Boswell INSSE was at John GREGG'S on Sunday.

+ Hale JOHNSON, one of the 1915 graduates of East Bloomfield High school and Mrs. W. H. DOYLE went to Washington with the class and others from East Bloomfield, last Thursday.

+ Mrs. Ed. MURRAY is spending several days with her daughter; Mrs. Billings CASE, will stay with Mr. MURRAY during her absence. 

AUBURN  NY,  CITIZEN   Thursday  July 11, 1918   by  Ron Hanley        
Bristol Resident Lies In City Hospital  -  Car Ditched By Hitting A Dog
Husband, Son and Daughter In Motoring Party Escape Injury
Mrs. Catherine Bliss, aged 79, is lying in the city hospital suffering from two fractured ribs and shock as the result of an automobile accident which occurred this forenoon on the Clark Street Road near Free Bridge.
 She was one of a party made up of her husband, son and daughter, and her daughter's children. They were coming East in a Ford car when a
dog ran in front of the car. The wheel struck the dog and caused the driver to lose control. The car shot into the ditch and turned over. No
one but the aged mother was seriously injured. 
They were brought to the city here by a passing car and Mrs. Bliss received attention from Dr. Louis F. O'Neil. Her direct injuries were
not such as to cause serious developments in a younger person, but whether the woman with her advanced years will recover can only be
determined with time. The family was from Bristol, NY, and was on a short pleasure trip.

AUBURN  NY,  CITIZEN   Saturday    July 13, 1918      

Mrs. Bliss Improves -    Mrs. Catherine Bliss, of Bristol, NY, who was injured Thursday when an automobiles containing her family was upset in the ditch on the Clark Street Road, has recovered from the shock and her condition is now reported favorable. She sustained four broken ribs, but her other injuries were not as serious as feared.   [ The above is, Catherine Louise Totman Bliss.]

Victor Herald, Victor, NY    Thursday,     October  24, 1918                 by: Dianne Thomas 

BLISS - Harry W. BLISS, aged 53 years, of Bristol, died of tuberculosis at Canandaigua hospital, Wednesday morning, October 23rd.  He leaves his wife, six daughters and two sons, Mrs. Clarence PIERCE of Holcomb, Miss Florence BLISS of Martisco, NY, the Misses Dorothy, Leota, Edith and Madeline BLISS and Roland and Leslie BLISS, all of Bristol;  his parents, Mr. & Mrs. P. P. BLISS of Bristol; four sisters, Mrs. Irene ANDREWS of Bristol; Mrs. Winifred FLANDERS of White Plains; Mrs. Mabel HENISH of Bristol; Mrs. Alice WILDER of Cleveland, and two brothers, Lester BLISS of Canandaigua and Gooding H. BLISS of Shortsville.  Private funeral services will be held in Bristol, Saturday.  

Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester, NY   Tuesday,    Sept 11, 1923   pg 4                 by: Dianne Thomas 

+  Autos of Canandaigua and Bristol Men are Damaged at Crossings - Holcomb, Sept 10.

A touring car driven by Frank KENT of Bristol, was badly damaged at 7:30 o'clock this evening when it was pushed 50 feet along the track of the Batavia-Canandaigua branch of the New York Central railroad at the crossing here by an eastbound train.  Mr. KENT attempted to turn his car parallel with the tracks when he observed the approaching train, but the locomotive struck the rear of the automobile.  Mr. KENT was uninjured.  He had been towing a motorcycle ridden by Hiram WESLEY of Bristol, in Holcomb when the accident occurred.  WESLEY saw the train before KENT and applying his brakes, broke the tow rope.  

Ontario Co. Times, Canandaigua, NY    Wednesday,    December 5, 1923      by: Dianne Thomas 

Bristol Springs

+  Irene, the little daughter of Ross WRIGHT and wife, has been seriously ill. 

+  There were the usual number of family gatherings on Thanksgiving day.  Marshall T. LINCOLN and family, Warren E. TRICKEY and family and H. H. TOZER, were entertained at Arthur LINCOLN'S.

Mr. & Mrs. Frank HICKS, Mr. & Mrs. Amos BAGLEY and Edson SANDERS of Rushville, ate Thanksgiving dinner at Daniel SANDER'S.

Mrs. Margaret FOX had as guests on Thanksgiving Day, her children and their families.  she returned with her daughter, Mrs. BRINK to spend a few days at their home on Italy Hill.  

F. R. STANDISH and wife are entertaining their grandchildren, Master Charles, and little Miss Helen PENOYER, of Academy. 

+  Born to Mr. & Mrs. George JOHNSON on Nov.  24, a son.  Mrs. JOHNSON is staying for a time at the home of her parents, Mr. & Mrs. Henry WOOD


+ (a bit of humor of the time)      The Lord Taketh Away.  

"Surely Miranda, you're not going to marry again, when the Lord just took your fourth husband?", asked Mrs. Smith.

"Yes, I shuh am," replied Miranda.  "As long as de Lord takes 'em, so will I."

ONTARIO COUNTY TIMES    Wednesday    January 20, 1926           Pg 6, col 3    by:  Ron Hanley
 BRISTOL  SPRINGS  - Death of a Prominent Resident At his home near this place last Sunday evening, occurred the
sudden death of Daniel G. Fellows.
While visiting his daughter, Mrs. George W. Beeman, in Canandaigua last October, Mr. Fellows suffered a shock, but had so far recovered as to be able to walk about the house, and had just returned from a visit with his sister, Mrs. Peter DeGroote, in Manchester, when soon after retiring the end came.
Mr. Fellows was a son of Joseph E. and Esther Moss Fellows, and was born here in 1848. He had been a life long resident of the town, where he had been a successful farmer.
His first wife was Miss Emma Beeman, who died in 1872 leaving two little daughters, Nora, who died in 1891 and Emma who married George W. Beeman.
In 1877, Mr. Fellows married for his second wife, Miss Hattie R. Moss who survives. He was a member of Naples Presbyterian church and of the South Bristol Grange.
 BRISTOL SPRINGS - Folger Fellows of Buffalo was called here by the death of his uncle, D. G. Fellows.
 PAGE 5 , col  4
The Thompsons in Egypt - 
The editor of the Time has received this morning a card from Arthur E. Thompson, dated at Luxor, Egypt, December 30, reporting the safe arrival at that point of himself, Mrs. George T. Thompson, and the Misses Thompson.
The around the world party, of which these Canandaiguans are members, is evidently having a wonderful time. Mr. Thompson writes, "We were at the tombs of the Kings at Thebes today. The tomb of Seti I. of the Nineteenth dynasty, is 370 feet deep, with several chambers, the whole tomb about as large as the Webster House. The mummy of the King is still resting there. The Egyptian figures on the walls are in a wonderful state of preservation. 

Richfield Springs, NY   Mercury            Sept 19, 1929                  by: Dianne Thomas  

Monday, September 9th, Miss Marie TOTMAN and Mr. Herbert HEMENWAY, both of Bristol, were quietly married at the parsonage by Rev. Clyde TRUAX.   They are now living in G. B. RANDALL's house.   


The Otsego Farmer,   Cooperstown, NY     Friday, Sept 13, 1929  pg 7

HEMENWAY - TOTMAN - On Monday, September 9th, Miss Marie TOTMAN of Bristol and Herbert HEMENWAY of Bristol, were quietly married at the parsonage of Rev. Clyde TRUAX.  They had been married only a short time however, when not only someone, but everyone knew of it for some friends thought to make merry and gave them a rousing demonstration of  how noise is made.  Mr. and Mrs. HEMENWAY are living in G. B. RANDALL's house and he is working on the state road. 

Winchester Sun,   Kentucy                Friday,                    Feb 5, 1932                    by:   Wm. C. Furr

Amaziah J. Thurber, Veteran of the Civil War, Dies at Home of Grandson Here.

Amaziah J. Thurber, 91 years old, died suddenly Thursday noon at the home of his grandson, O. S. Hall, 126 South Maple street.
Mr. Thurber was a retired miner, and served with the Union Army in the War Between the States.  He was a private in Company G, 87th 

Infantry and Company A, 188th Infantry of New York, of which state he was a native.  The deceased is survived only by his grandson.

Funeral services will be held Saturday morning at 10:30 o'clock at the Morehead Church of God by the pastor, Rev. T. F. Lyons.  Burial will follow in the Pine Hill cemetery.


ONTARIO COUNTY TIMES JOURNAL   Wed,   May 25, 1932    Pg 5, col  3          by:  Ron Hanley

The marriage of Miss Josephine Elizabeth Ingraham of New York City, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Demerrill C. Ingraham of Bristol, to George Gilbert Howard of New York, son of Mrs. Kathryn Howard of Plattsburg, took place at the Little Church Around the Corner in NY City Saturday evening. 
The bride, who was attended by her sister, Miss Lois Isabelle Ingraham, of New York, wore a gown of turquoise blue triple sheer crepe, trimmed with pink petals, with modesty jacket to match. Her headdress was of turquoise blue maline with pink petals and her slippers matched her gown. She carried pink rosebuds and lilies of the valley. The maid of honor was in egg shell silk crepe with jacket and head dress of matching sheer crepe. She carried a bouquet of pink rosebuds and orchid sweet peas. Gordon Spencer, a classmate of the bridegroom in Columbia University, was best man. 
Mr. and Mrs. Howard will live in New York. He is a graduate of Plattsburg high school and Columbia university, and is studying in the Long Island College of Medicine.  His bride, who was born in Bristol, was graduated from Newark high school and took up retailing at the B. Forman store, Rochester. She took special courses in color, design and textiles in Mechanics' Institute and for three years has been with Lord and Taylor in New York.  The bride's mother, Mrs. D. C. Ingraham, was a guest at the wedding.

  CANANDAIGUA DAILY MESSENGER  Wednesday  January 24, 1934      by:  Ron Hanley
In the parsonage of the Bristol Valley Congregational Church this afternoon at 2 o'clock took place the marriage of Miss Lois Edna Reed,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Reuel J. Reed, and Glen Mark Case, son of Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Case of Bristol Valley. The Rev. Charles A. Paille
performed the ceremony.
The bride, who was attended by Mrs. James Reed, of Bristol Valley, wore a gown of brown chiffon velvet, with hat and shoes to match. She
carried a bouquet of bronze and yellow chrysanthemums.  Her matron of honor was in brown crepe, with matching hat and accessories, and also carried bronze and yellow chrysanthemums, James Reed, brother of the bride, was best man.
Following the ceremony a wedding dinner was served at Old Spain, in Rochester. After a short wedding trip to New York, Mr. and Mrs. Case
will live at 535 Hayward Avenue, Rochester, where Mr. Case will conduct a grocery.
The bride has been office secretary to Dr. H. M. Smith in this city for four years, and is an active member of the Canandaigua Business Girls' Club.
Prenuptial affairs included variety showers by her sisters, Mrs.Basil Watson, Miss Bertha Reed, of Rochester, and Mrs. James Reed, by Miss Elizabeth Ketchum and Mrs. Edward Bricco and by Mrs. Thurston Moranda, of Cheshire, kitchen showers by her three sisters, and the N.R.A. Club of Canandaigua in the home of Miss Elizabeth McKay, crystal shower by the Harmony Girls of Bristol Valley, at the home of Miss Alice Hayward, bedroom shower by the Bristol Center Methodist Sunday School, with Mrs. Earl Fletcher and Mrs. George Higley, as hostesses dinner at
the home of Mrs. George Urstadt in Canandaigua and a presentation of a lamp by the Business Girls' Club.

CANANDAIGUA DAILY MESSENGER  Monday  November 19, 1934   by:  Ron Hanley
VICINITY MARRIAGES      Corser - Metherell
BRISTOL CENTER - In the home of the Rev. and Mrs. Charles A. Paille at 8 o'clock Saturday took place the marriage of Miss G. Korleen Corser, daughter of Mrs. Grace Corser, and William Metherell, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Metherell, of Rochester. The ceremony was performed by Mr. Paille.
The bride wore moire taffetta with a shoulder bouquet of gardenias and lillies of the valley. She was attended by her mother. Charles Metherell of Rochester, brother of the bridegroom, was best man.
Following the ceremony a reception was held in the home of Mrs. Corser. Luncheon was served with a wedding cake decorated with a miniature bride and groom. Mr. and Mrs. Metherell left for Buffalo where they were guests yesterday. They will live with Mrs. Corser.
Mr. Metherell was a graduate of the University of Rochester and is employed in that city. His bride is a graduate of Canandaigua Academy, Class of 1927, and of Strong Memorial Hospital, Rochester.
Out of town guests included Mrs. William Metherell, Misses Katherine and Gertrude Metherell, Charles and Ralph Metherell, Miss Anne Morriss, Dr. John Connolly and Carol Tucker, all of Rochester.

Ontario Co. Times Journal, Canandaigua, NY     Friday, June 2_, 1935         by: Dianne Thomas  

Bristol Center:

Mr. and Mrs. Willard RANDORF of Cincinnati, Oh., and sons, Willard, Andrew, and James, are spending two weeks with Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin F. CASE.

Mrs. Frank HALLOCK, who went to Clifton Springs for X-rays, and observation last week, expects to return to her home Friday.

Mrs. Edith SPEAKER, who has been helping at Frank HALLOCK'S, returned to her home in Allen's Hill, Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Clinton HAYWARD and family are moving to the Fred TONES house, known as the POMEROY place.


Bristol Springs:


Miss Irma FREEMAN spent the weekend with her parents.

Mrs. Ralph TIBBETTS and son of Bluff  Point, were the weekend guests of her sister, Mrs. George STANDISH.

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene BARNUM have had their sister in law from Michigan with them for the past week.

Mrs. Ira RANDALL and little daughter, spent last week with her mother at Hunt's Hollow.

Claude BARNUM and mother have returned to their home in Michigan after spending a week with Mrs. Floyd ALFORD.

ONTARIO COUNTY TIMES JOURNAL    Friday     October 11, 1935      Pg  4, col 3      by:  Ron Hanley


James H. Pierce, 77, died suddenly, Monday evening, at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Frank Gilbert, in Bristol.

He leaves four daughters and two sons, Mrs. Gilbert, Mrs. George Clark, and Carl Pierce of Rochester, Mrs. Dorothy Keyes of Scottsville, Elmer Pierce and Mrs. V. R. Hurlbutt of Canandaigua, four brothers, George W., Leighton, and R. Melvin of Canandaigua, and Benton Pierce of Reed Corners, also 16 grandchildren and several great grandchildren. The funeral took place Thursday from the Gilbert home, the Rev. Harry M. Wright pastor of the Bristol Universalist church officiating. Interment made in Evergreen Cemetery in Bristol.

CANANDAIGUA DAILY MESSENGER  Saturday  April 11, 1936          by:  Ron Hanley
Mrs. Reuel J. Reed   -  BRISTOL
Mrs. Emma Hunn Reed, 71, wife of Reuel J. Reed of this town, died Friday afternoon at her home after a brief illness.  Mrs. Reed was a daughter of the late Thomas and Fannie Pratt Hunn, of Bristol.
Besides her husband she leaves three daughters and two sons, Mrs. Basil Watson, of Bristol Center, Miss Bertha Reed, Leslie Reed and Mrs. Glen Case, of Rochester, and James Reed of Bristol Center, one brother, Alexander Hunn of Bristol Center. and four grandchildren, Frederick Culver, of California, John, James Jr. and Janet Reed, of Bristol Center. Another daughter, Mrs. William Culver died several years ago.
Mrs. Reed was a member of the Bristol Universalist Church.  The funeral will take place from the home Tuesday at 2 o'clock, the Rev. J. Weslet Searles of Hornell Methodist district superintendent, officiating. Interment will be in Evergreen Cemetery.

 CANANDAIGUA DAILY MESSENGER      Wednesday          June 29, 1938           by:  Ron Hanley
MARRIAGES           Hinman - Ferguson
Miss May Vivian Hinman, daughter of Olin Hinman, of Bristol, and Elmer John Ferguson, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Ferguson, of Canandaigua,
were married this morning at 10 o'clock by Justice of the Peace, P. W. Case, at his home on the Seneca Point Road.  Both are employed at the Mrs. O. P. Letchworth farm in Bristol where they will live.


  CANANDAIGUA DAILY MESSENGER  Saturday  July 23, 1938            by:  Ron Hanley

 DEATHS -   Louis David Mayer
Information has been received of the death of Louis David Mayer, 60, which occurred at his home in Brooklyn Thursday after a long
illness. He was a well known commercial artist.
Besides his wife, who was Miss Florence Totman, of Bristol, he leaves one sister, Mrs. Molly Nathan, and one brother, Fred Mayer, of
New York.
Funeral services will be from the Kennedy funeral home here Sunday at 2:30 the Rev. Stephen S. Pratt of Chapin Methodist Church,
officiating. The bearers will be Gaylord Herendeen, Levi Corser, William Metherell and B. F. Case, of Bristol. Interment will be in Evergreen Cemetery, Bristol.

Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester, NY     Jan 19, 1940               by: GSubyak@aol.com 

NASH - Entered into rest, Wednesday evening, Jan. 17, 1940, Eunice NASH, in her 76th year. She is survived by two sons, Earl W. NASH of Spencerport, Harold  L. NASH of Rochester; two grandchildren, also nieces and nephews.
Friends may call at Walker Bros. Co., Spencerport, until Saturday a.m. Services at the Congregational Church, Bristol Springs, N. y., Saturday, Jan.  20,at 2 p.m. Interment in Bristol Springs

Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester, NY     November ___, 1942               by: Dianne Thomas  

Holcomb Girl Takes Vows - Miss Charlotte ROWLEY, daughter of Mrs. George H. ROWLEY, and the late Mr. ROWLEY of Holcomb, was married to Pvt. Verne P. SISSON, son of Mrs. A. B. PARMELE of Lima, Wednesday, Nov. 18th, at the Bristol Valley Congregational Manse, by the Rev. A. Claude POTTER, pastor of the church.   Mr. and Mrs. Harry C. DUDLEY of Holcomb were the attendants.  The bride was dressed in wine colored crepe with a black velvet feather trimmed hat and Mrs. DUDLEY wore navy blue with matching accessories.  Private and Mrs. SISSON left for a brief wedding trip and after that he will return to Chanute Filed, Rantoul, Ill., where he ahs been stationed for several weeks.  Mrs. SISSON will continue her duties as assistant postmaster at Holcomb.

ONTARIO COUNTY TIMES JOURNAL    Friday    June 1, 1945     Pg  8, col  4   by:  Ron Hanley
BRISTOL -  Misses Mary and Minnie Andrews of Huntington, L. I., have been at their home here, called by the death of their brother, Royal Pennington Andrews of Buffalo. He was brought here for interment in the Evergreen Cemetery, Sunday afternoon.   His early days were spent in this locality. Besides his two sisters, he leaves two sons, Kenneth and Reginald Andrews, of Buffalo, also a brother, Gifford Andrews of Michigan.

Victor Herald, Victor, NY    Friday,  July 27, 1945           by: Dianne Thomas

BRISTOL Business:

+  The July committee for the Association of Universalist Women is as follows: Mrs. Earl COMFORT, chairman, Mrs. John COOPER, Mrs. Carroll SIMMONS, Mrs. Jenny PARSONS

Sergeant George GILBERT, who is spending a furlough at his home here, was guest of honor at a tureen supper at Bristol Grange meeting, Friday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. Roy MILLER entertained at Sunday dinner in honor of Sergeant George H. GILBERT.  The guests were his father, John R. GILBERT, and Mr. and Mrs. Carl JOHNSON of this place, Mr. and Mrs. Frank CLAPP and Miss Mary Ann PRYER of Arkport and Mr. and Mrs. Ernest GOVE of Henrietta.

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence VOLPE and daughters, Sandra and Sharon, of Rochester, are guests of her father, Floyd FERRIN and Mrs. FERRIN.

Mr. and Mrs. Floyd HOLCOMB and daughter, June Ann, were Sunday guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert YULE, in Rochester.  

Jay RUDAT of Syracuse was a Sunday guest of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred RUDAT, Sr.

Ontario County Times Journal, Canandaigua, NY    Friday   August 24, 1945      by: Dianne Thomas  

Town of Bristol Dedicates War Roll of Honor - The town of Bristol dedicated its Roll of Honor for men and women in the service from the town on Sunday, August 19th.  On the committee were Levi S. CORSER, chairman; E. M. TILT, James G. REED, Elmer SIMMONS, Frank GILBERT, Wilfred WARD, Mrs. Harry MARBLE and Harold FLETCHER.  The committee planned the program as follows:  Invocation, the Rev. Harry M. WRIGHT, read by Mrs. Harry MARBLE; presentation address by Rev. E. M. TILT, pastor of the Methodist church.  The Roll of Honor was unveiled by Boy Scout David HIGLEY, while the assembled crowd sang "The Star Spangled Banner."  The acceptance speech was made by Assemblyman Harry R. MARBLE.  The pastor of the Congregational church of Bristol Valley, Rev. Richard BEISHLINE, gave the benediction after which followed singing one verse of "America."

Levi CORSER was master of ceremonies of the dedication of the Roll of Honor, on which are the names of 66 men and women who are:

Harold E. BALLARD, Robert N. BARNER, Harry W. BLISS (deceased), George J. BUCKALEW, William CONNELY, Bert F. CERMAK, Elton G. CLOHECY, Edward F. COOPER, Frances E. DANIELS, James E. DANIELS, Arnold DILLMAN, Ammon ERB, Robert C. ERB, Warren ESTEY, Charles FERGUSON, Elmer FERGUSON, Gerald E. FLETCHER, Harold M. FLETCHER, Kenneth P. FLETCHER, Leland H. FLETCHER, William K. FLETCHER, George H. GILBERT, Harold GLADDING, Lynn S. GLADDING, Elwin GOODMAN, Kenneth H. GOODMAN, Burton L. HAGEN, Alvin J. HAYES, Harold E. HATCH, Manley HEEG, Serrino HEEG, Edison L. HENISH, Thomas G. HERENDEEN, Phillip A. HEVENOR, Frank W. HIGLEY, Edwin F. HINMAN, Leroy C. JONES (deceased), Alfred L. KELLY (deceased), Samuel J. MC KEE, Robert MC KINNEY, Donald MILES, Newton F. MILES, W. Lawrence MILLARD, Albert E. MILLER, Donald K. MILLER, Frances C. MOSHER, Marion A. MOSHER, F. Keith PIERCE, Leon A. REED Jr., Fred S. ROBERTS, Elizabeth ROGERS, Donald ROWLEY, Benjamin SHARP, Robert SHARP, Harold T. SLEIGHT, Gordon STAHL, Roger STEADMAN, James H. THOMPSON, Dean TIFFANY, Elwood TYSON, John A. VAN DUESEN, Raymond VAN ORMAN, Leon T. WARD, Wesley C. WARD.

THE VICTOR HERALD    Friday     June 4, 1948    Pg 6                  by:  Ron Hanley   
Reuel J. Reed, 85, Back On Home Farm for Season
Bristol  Center -  Reuel J. Reed, who was 85 Saturday, returned last weekend to spend the summer months on the home farm. Mr. Reed, although in excellent health, has spent two winters at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Glen Case of Rochester. On Memorial day he returns to Bristol and lives alone in the century old frame house in which he was born. 
The Reed family is one of the best known in this town. Mr. Reed's son, James R. Reed, is supervisor. His grandfather, George J.
Reed, was a pioneer settler, coming into the area by ox team from Massachusetts in the late 1790's. Upon his arrival he cleared a 200 acre farm, the property owned today by Frank Pestle in the western section of the town. He died when he was 36 years of age of what would be known today as a case of appendicitis. 
Mr. Reed's father was James Reed who in younger years lived on a farm adjoining the pioneer George  J. Reed place. In March, 1863, he and his young wife, the former Lucinda Beach came to the present Reed farm. In May of this same Civil War year Reuel Reed was born.  It was about this time in the 60s, that the family scattered somewhat and moved Westward. 
But James Reed  and his family settled down continuing a family strain which has come down to present times.  Besides Reuel Reed there were three other children, George W. Reed, Martha Reed who married Herman VanVechten and resided in Canandaigua, and Belle Reed who married Warner Simons of Bristol. Mr. Reed is the sole survivor of this family. There was also a half sister who became Mrs. Horace Case, mother of Benjamin Case, well known town of Canandaigua resident. 
Mr. Reed has been a farmer all of his mature life. The 100 acre farm on which he lives has not changed much with the years. Mrs.
Reed was the former Miss Emma Hunn, daughter of Thomas Hunn, who resided for many years across from the Bristol Center store. She died in April 1936. 
And so Mr. Reed comes back for the summer months. He will work a part of his farm which stretches across the valley and onto the towering, wooded hills. His children will visit him frequently, James R. Reed, who lives a mile away at Bristol Center, Mrs. Case and Miss Bertha Reed in Rochester, Mrs. Basil Watson, Niagara Falls, and his son, Leslie Reed, in Fairport.

The Victor Herald, Victor, NY    Friday   June 4, 1948          by:  Dianne Thomas  

Bristol Center:

Mr. and Mrs. Frank MATTICE and Donald MATTICE of Rochester, called on Mrs. Robert MC KINNEY, Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Corel WELLS of Honeoye were guests Monday of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert ROGERS and family. 

Mr. and Mrs. Harold JOHNSON and daughters, Elaine and Carol, and Mrs. Seldon BURLINGHAM were recent guests of Mr. and Mrs. Harold GLADDING of Centerfield.

Mrs. Robert GREEN and son, Phillip and daughter, Betty, and Richard TOOMEY, were Sunday guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer STANDISH of Academy.  Betty remained for the holiday. 

+  Mr. and Mrs. Leon A. REED Jr., and family and Miss Carolyn REED of Rochester, were weekend guests of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Leon REED.

Mr. and Mrs. William DREESEN and daughter, Carol, Canandaigua, were Sunday callers of Mr. and Mrs. Robert MC KINNEY.

Dr. Marcia M. COOPER of John Hopkins University, Baltimore, Md., and Mrs. John BURCHARD, Ithaca, spent the holiday weekend with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Horace COOPER.  

Miss Mary COMERFORD and Miss Virginia BIGNETS and her mother, of Rochester, were guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. James COMERFORD.

Mr. and Mrs. John D. LYNN and daughter, Marcia, Palmyra, were Monday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Maurice LYNN on Dugway road. 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward STOCKMEISTER and their niece, Miss Joyce STOCKMEISTER, Rochester, spent the weekend at their home here. 

E. F. BROUGH, Rochester, was a guest Saturday of Mr. and Mrs. Alvin BROUGH and family. 

The Victor Herald, Victor, NY        Friday       October 21,  1949          by:  Dianne Thomas  

Bristol Center:

Mr. and Mrs. Hilary MEEHAN of Bristol Center and Mr. and Mrs. Charles WADE of Canandaigua, recently were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde BRIGNALL, Scottsville. 

Mrs. Elmer STANDISH, Academy, spent the weekend with her daughter, Mrs. Robert GREEN, who has been ill.  

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert ROGERS and family called on her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Corel WELLS, Honeoye, Sunday. 


Bristol Springs:

Mr. and Mrs. Charles STANDISH and son, William and Pvt. John STANDISH, Ft. Monmouth, NJ, were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Charles PENOYER, Cheshire.  

Mrs. Howard WILSON, Elmira, spent Thursday with Mr. and Mrs. H. E. COYE.

Mrs. Emma MILLER has been in Rochester for a few days, visiting her son, Rudolph MILLER and wife. 

Mr. and Mrs. Dana STANDISH and children attended the Shrine circus in Rochester on Saturday.


George BILLS Rites Held - Bristol Springs - George BILLS, 75, died Sunday morning in F F Thompson hospital, Canandaigua, after a long illness.  Born in Bergen, he had lived nearly all his life in South Bristol until his illness when he stayed with Mr. and Mrs. Fred BILLS, Canandaigua.  Survivors are a sister in law, Mrs. Alice BILLS; several nephews, Byron and Lloyd BILLS, South Bristol; Fred, Canandaigua and Lyle BILLS, Flint; also a niece, Mrs. Burton EARL, Rochester.  Funeral services were held on Tuesday from the Kennedy funeral chapel, Rev. S. S. PRATT officiating.  Burial was in Coy Cemetery.  Bearers were Stuart FOX, Julius ROSE, Austin LEE, South Bristol, and Henry SANDERS, Canandaigua. 

CANANDAIGUA DAILY MESSENGER         Friday          December 2, 1949          by:  Ron Hanley
DEATHS -  Victor R. Hurlbutt, 68, retired Pennsylvania Railroad car inspector, died this morning at his home at 135 Granger Street,
following a long period of ill health.   Born in Arkansas, January 4, 1881, he had been a resident of Canandaigua for 40 years.
Survivors are his wife, Mrs. Rowena Pierce Hurlbutt, two sons and three daughters, Martin, of Hilton, Ernest Hurlbutt, Misses Phyllis and
Elizabeth Hurlbutt, Canandaigua, and Mrs. F. Donald Magary, Pasadena, Calif., two brothers and a sister, Bryant Hurlbutt, Gorham, Leon
Hurlbutt and Mrs. Anita Swartz, Newark, and six grandchildren.    Private funeral services will be held from the home Sunday, the
Rev. Richard H. Bowen, pastor of the Congregational church, officiating. Interment will be in Evergreen Cemetery, Baptist Hill,  Bristol.

CANANDAIGUA DAILY MESSENGER  Thursday  March 23, 1950         by:  Ron Hanley
 DEATHS -   Mrs. Rowena Pierce Hurlbutt, 59, of 135 Granger Street, widow of Victor R. Hurlbutt, died last evening in Thompson Hospital following a long illness.   She was born in Bristol, April 18, 1891, daughter of James and Helen Albro Pierce, and had spent most of her married life in Canandaigua. Mr. Hurlbutt, a retired Pennsylvania Railroad car inspector, died December 2 last.
Surviving are three daughters and two sons, Mrs. F. Donald Magary,  Pasadena, Cal., Misses Phyllis A. and M. Elizabeth Hurlbutt and F.
Ernest Hurlbutt, Canandaigua, Merton C. Hurlbutt, Hilton, three sisters and one brother, Mrs. Frank Gilbert, Holcomb, Mrs. George Parke and Mrs.
Dorothy Keys, Rochester, and Elmer Pierce, Canandaigua, and six grandchildren.
Private funeral services will be held Saturday at 2:30 from the Curtice Funeral Home, north Main Street, where friends may call this evening and Friday afternoon and evening. The Rev. Richard H. Bowen, pastor of the Congregational church will conduct the services and interment will be in Evergreen Cemetery, Bristol.

The Victor Herald, Victor, NY    Friday    August 18, 1950             by: Dianne Thomas  

Bristol Springs:

Mrs. Emma MILLER spent last week with Mr. and Mrs. Emory GROW on Keuka Lake. 

Mr. and Mrs. Dana STANDISH and Mr. and Mrs. Jack BRAHM attend a picnic given by the Welch Grape Juice Co. at Penn Yan, Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. William FOX were Sunday guests of Mrs. Louisa MASON in Holcomb.

+  The community was sorry to learn of the serious injuries suffered by Mr. and Mrs. Albert ROBINSON in an automobile accident near Potter, Saturday.  They are former residents of this area and have many relatives here.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles STANDISH and family are occupying their cottage at Walton Point for the remainder of the summer.

Robert WIXOM of Penn Yan is spending a few days with his uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar FOX

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur HAWKINS and family are at their cottage, Seneca Point for the summer.

Mrs. Larry HEATH and Mrs. Bryon BILLS were in charge of the Bristol Springs Home Bureau exhibit at the county fair.  They were assisted by Mrs. Warren MOORE, Mrs. William FOX, Mrs. Willis CASTLE, Mrs. Jack BRAHM and Mrs. Randall PECK.


Bristol Center:

Mrs. and Mrs. Henry CODDING and son, Henry and daughter, Sandra, of New York city are guests of his parents, Mr. and Ms. B. H. CODDING and his brother and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Albert CODDING.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert GREEN and family were Saturday evening callers of their aunt, Mrs. John R. GREEN of Allen's Hill.

Mrs. Roy LONG, Mrs. Francis HATCH, Mrs. Harold HATCH, Mrs. Kenneth MORSE and Mrs. Tracy SMITH attend the Home Bureau at Camp Letchworth last week. 

Mr. and Mrs. Francis HATCH, Mr. and Mrs. Roy CRONKRIGHT and family attended a family gathering at Roseland Park, Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Francis HATCH entertained at dinner Sunday evening in honor of their guests, Mr. and Mrs. Roy CRONKRIGHT, guests were Mr. and Mrs. Marion HATCH of Naples, Mr. and Mrs. Harold HATCH of Ionia.  

Mr. and Mrs. Roy CRONKRIGHT and daughters, Shirley and Carol of Pontiac, Mich, have returned home after spending a week with Mr. and Mrs. Francis HATCH and other relatives here. 

Mr. and Mrs. George DECKER of Rochester were recent callers of her sister, Mrs. Francis HATCH and Mr. HATCH.

John H. BRAHAM III of Academy, is spending a few days with his cousins, Philip and Betty GREEN

Mr. and Mrs. Floyd MORGAN and daughters, Sandra and Judy Lee, were Sunday evening callers of Mr. and Mrs. Robert BREEN and family. 

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert ROGERS and family were Friday evening callers of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Corel WELLS of Honeoye. 

CANANDAIGUA DAILY MESSENGER  Friday  March 30, 1951     by:  Ron Hanley
Word has been received here of the death of John T. Hamilton, 73, brother of Mrs. Elizabeth Watts and the late Mrs. William E. Hanley, of
this city, which occurred Friday March 23, 1951, at his home in Philadelphia, Pa., following a heart attack.
Born in Littleville,  Mr. Hamilton went to Philadelphia as a young man and was affiliated with the Western Union Telegraph company there
for many years. He was a retired chief operator. He had frequently visited his relatives here.
Besides the sister, Mrs. Watts, he leaves one daughter, Mrs. Irene Hamilton Pennybacker, and a grandson, Jack Pennybacker, in Philadelphia.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward T. Hanley and Mrs. Clara Hartman, Greig Terrace, and William Hartman, Jamestown, returned Thursday evening after
attending the funeral in Ardmore, Pa., Tuesday.

Ontario Co. Times Journal   Sept 2?, 1952                      by: Dianne Thomas  

Services Held For Reuel REED, 89, Bristol Resident

Bristol Center -  Reuel J. REED, lifelong resident of this area, was laid to rest in Evergreen cemetery, Wednesday afternoon, following services in the Bristol Center Methodist church.  Mr. REED, who was 89 and one of Bristol's oldest residents, died Sunday evening at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Glen CASE in Rochester.  Mr. REED had been in failing health for a considerable period.  He has always lived in Bristol Center. His father, James REED, was one of Bristol's strong early settlers and the family as a whole has been identified with the valley section for four generations.  Mr. REED was a farmer by profession.  He joined the Bristol Valley Methodist church when nine years of age and had been a member since.  He was secretary of the church for 60 years and was painstaking in his records of church life.  

Survivors besides Mrs. CASE, are two other daughters, Mrs. Bertha REED of Rochester and Mrs. Basil WATSON of Niagara Falls; two sons, James and Leslie REED of Bath and Fairport, respectively; six grandchildren and six great grandchildren.


also written in  CANANDAIGUA DAILY MESSENGER  Monday  September 22, 1952

Ruel J. Reed, 89, a lifelong Bristol Center farmer, died Sunday September 21, 1952, at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Glen Case, Rochester.
Born on a farm in Bristol Center, he was the son of Lucinda and James Reed. His wife, the former Emma Hunn, died in 1936. He was secretary of Bristol Center Methodist Church for 60 years
Survivors besides Mrs. Case, are two other daughters, Mrs. Bertha Reed of Rochester, Mrs. Basil Watson, of Niagara Falls, two sons, James and Leslie Reed, of Bath and Fairport, respectively, six grandchildren, and six great grandchildren.   Funeral services in the Bristol Center Methodist Church. Burial will be in Evergreen Cemetery, Bristol.


Unknown Paper                           July 1953                           by:  Ron Hanley

Police Chief's Father Dies  Bristol Native

Roy C. Pierce, 73, father of Police Chief Leland W. Pierce, died Friday night, July 17, 1953. 
Mr. Pierce was born in Bristol Aug. 20, 1879, the son of Daniel and Madeline Carpenter Pierce.  He was a life long resident of this area and for the past two years had served as gardener and caretaker at the Tuttle estate, Howell St.  He and his wife, Mrs. Julia Farnum Pierce, had made their home at 116 Howell St.  Mr. Pierce was a former member of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows.
Survivors include his wife, two other sons, Stuart J. Pierce, Canandaigua, and Alvin H. Pierce, Mexico, N. Y., two sisters, Miss Lena Pierce and Mrs. Lulu Farsworth, both of Canandaigua, one brother, William Pierce, Canandaigua, 10 grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.  Friends may call at the Kennedy Funeral Chapel Sunday from 3 to 5 and 7 to 9 p.m.  Funeral services will be held from the funeral chapel Monday at 2 p.m.  The Rev. Stephen S. Pratt, retired Methodist minister, will officiate.  Burial will be in Woodlawn Cemetery. [in Canandaigua]

Victor Herald, Victor, NY    Wednesday    June 13, 1956                         by:  Dianne Thomas 

+  Shirley DE SMITH and Mrs. J. Duncan HARLEY, spent Tuesday in Rochester where they attended a program and viewed the lilacs in Highland Park. 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard NERBY and daughters, Kathleen, Valerie and Elizabeth, of Churchville, were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Robert GREEN and family.  

CANANDAIGUA DAILY MESSENGER  Thursday  July 5, 1962    by:  Ron Hanley
Obituary  -  Mrs. Henry Fox
Mrs. Laura Thomas Fox, of 5 Lisk Ave., died Wednesday in the Hatch home on Bristol where she had been ill for a week.  A native of Bristol, she was born July 1, 1888, a daughter of James and Ida Parker Thomas. She had always lived in this vicinity. Her husband Henry Fox died in 1952.
She is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Irving Marcia Brahm of Canandaigua and Mrs. Richard Norma Ryan of Manchester, two sons, Bernard
H. of Canandaigua and Merle E. Fox, of Hilton, 13 grandchildren and a brother, George Thomas, of Clarkson.
Friends may call tonight at the Kennedy and Son Funeral Home where funeral services will be held Saturday at 11 a.m., the Rev. David Ayers,
pastor of the United Church, officiating. Interment will be in Evergreen Cemetery.

CANANDAIGUA DAILY MESSENGER  Tuesday  September 14, 1965      by:  Ron Hanley
   BRISTOL   Obituary   Roland B. Tiffany
Roland B. Tiffany Sr., 62, a former member of the Canandaigua Police Department for eight years, died Monday in Thompson Hospital in
Canandaigua where he had been a patient for two weeks.
Mr. Tiffany was born in Canandaigua, August 3, 1903, the son of Wilbur and Ina Briggs Tiffany. He attended Canandaigua schools. He was
employed at the Lisk Corp. in Canandaigua and Hartmand Metal Fabricator Company, Waterloo, and later was engaged in farming in Bristol.
Survivors are his wife, Mrs. Leah Supplee Tiffany, two sons, George W., a patrolman on the Canandaigua city force, and Roland B. Tiffany
Jr., both of Bristol, a daughter, Mrs. Donald Steblik, Cleveland, Ohio, 13 grandchildren, and four sisters, Mrs. Mildred Ryan, Mrs. Fred Cramer
and Mrs. Frank Andrews, all of Canandaigua, and Mrs. Clement Donahue of Rochester.
Friends may call today and Wednesday at Kennedy and Son Funeral Home in Canandaigua. Funeral services will be held Thursday at 2 P.M.
The Rev. David W. Ayers, pastor of the United Church in Canandaigua will officiate. Burial will be in Evergreen Cemetery, Bristol.

Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester, NY    Feb 23, 2007

GOODRICH, Walker R. Sr.

S. Bristol - Walker R. GOOODRICH Sr., aged 96, February 18, 2007. Walker was born on April 1, 1910 in Portsmouth, NH a son of John and Grace Raitt Goodrich. He is predeceased by his wife, Alice in 1994. Walker was a veteran of WWII and the Korean Conflict serving in the US Army as a 0-6 Colonel. He is survived by a son, Walker (Josette) Goodrich Jr.  A graveside service will be held on Monday February 26th at 11:00 am at the Rose Ridge Cemetery in Naples. Contributions to Naples Ambulance Box 671, Naples, NY 14512. Arrangements by the Baird-Moore Funeral Home in Naples.

Democrat & Chronicle      Monday                              November 3, 2014                by:  Dianne Thomas 

Fox, Helen C. -  Bristol  - Age 83, on 10/31/14, at her home. A former Rochester resident and the Town of Bristol Historian. She is the widow of Merle "Bud" Fox, and is survived by three sons, a grandson, 2 great-grandchildren and her sister.  Funeral services are private. To share a memory or to express condolences on-line, please visit www.fullerfh.com .   

from  Fuller Funeral Home, Canandaigua, NY                  November 2, 2014    


BRISTOL:  Helen Fox, 83, of Route 64, died Friday, Oct. 31, at her home.

Helen was born in Canandaigua on Apr. 4, 1931 to the late Levi and Eloise Corser.  She had been the historian for the town of Bristol for many years and was also a member of the Ontario County Historical Society.  She was a member of the Col. William Prescott Chapter of the DAR and the Naples DAR.  She had been a member of the Bristol Harmony Circle, the Centerfield Homemakers and the United Church of Bristol.

The widow of Merle "Bud" Fox, she is survived by her sons, Jim, Florida; Keith, Bristol; and Fred, Depew, NY; her grandson, Peter (Leah) Fox, Geneva; great grandchildren: Spencer and Avery and her sister, Jane (Robert) Culver, Palmyra.  She was also predeceased by her sister, Dorothy Livingston.

At Helen's request, there will be no calling hours or funeral service.  To share a memory or to express condolences on line, please visit www.fullerfh.com.  


A PERSONAL NOTE about Helen Fox - Bristol Town Historian  -   I wish I had known her years before we met ! 

Helen, had followed in her father's footsteps, as far as being a town historian for the town of Bristol. She was always very helpful and polite  to those doing any family research and would guide visitors into the area to do their own family research.   

Helen, was a Godly, loving and caring person, and would help those that did not know how to begin their own research.  But Helen was much more that just the Town Historian.   She was a true, good friend, she helped out others, that she did not even know.   There was not a 'negative bone', in her body!   She CARED about ALL THINGS !    

So, please, remember Helen Fox, in your thoughts and prayers, and know that many of us saw Helen, as an Angel here on earth, with us.  


Dianne Thomas

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